Defining the relation with brother in law is the most interesting part. As he is a person who is not related by blood, but he’s the one who brings smile on your face whenever you feel homesick (usually in case of women) on the other hand in case of men he is the one who will always respect you as a father as his sister is married with you. Usually he is that member of the family who makes us feel comfortable in the new family and keeps on entertaining the new wedded member. For the groom he is ‘that’ drinking partner and for the bride he is that ‘mischievous’ kid. So, for such a special person of our life who loves you and your spouse equally and takes care of your children as his own! Therefore, gifting a special gift this Christmas season is mandate!

Christmas brings happiness and joy in every family and is celebrated worldwide. Every person gifts something to their family and friends. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to gift specifically to the closest person to you. So, below is the list of few things that you may gift to your brother- in law this Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother In Law

Christmas Gift Ideas For brother in law


Gifting a cool pair of sunglasses is never a bad idea! Boys hardly have any accessories options but these few items, they buy really selectively, so try finding out an exclusive pair of sunglasses in the market and gift as the Christmas gift. Usually branded ones hit hard on the pocket, so why not choose from the local brands or one can also go for A+ copy (wink). At the end of the day who knows? LOL.

Bag pack

If the person is into traveling then what can be a better gift than a trek bag? There are various bag companies online as well as in stores that provide customised trek bags. Also, if the person is not a traveling dude then one can gift a smart and durable bag pack for daily use. If not even that! You may buy an office sling (for men) or a wallet instead. Make sure you check one year warranty for the same as usually the cheap bags in the market doesn’t have much durability.


Boys don’t prefer bathing much! And it’s true, so go on and gift an alternate option instead. Yes you guessed it right, a perfume! 😉  The perfumes are available in all ranges, brands and fragrances. You may go for a pair of fragrances (Like one in spicy and other one in lemon tone). These type one can have a variety. Figure out your budget and gift the best.


Tell me a man who doesn’t like beer? Well, there’s hardly any! If you don’t get any in the list of gifts then you can any day choose a crate of beer as a good gifting option. Now here is a twist to the usual gifting option, instead of gifting say, 10 beer cans of one brand (like Beera) one can combine 2 or 3 brands and gift the crate (like 5beera and 5 simba). This way your brother in law can enjoy various varieties and different flavours.


Scullcandy, Harman KardonSoho Wireless, BeoPlay H6, Beats, Bose are few headphone brands that are on top charts. Whenever one buys an electronic gadget one must always try and buy from the company who self-manufactures and has a lead in that gadget line. Usually companies who outsource the main equipment fail to provide the actual functionality of the product. Therefore choosing the headphone from the above listed brands or any other company is always a good option.

Laptop/I-pad sleeve

Men are usually very attached to their gadgets and take care of the same very nicely (which is a good habit anyway). So, gifting a cool sleeve for a laptop or an I-pad is yet another a very good option for this Christmas. You can gift a Christmas themed,superhero character, favourite cartoon character (like Goku), or a plain formal laptop/ i-pad sleeve. These are easily available on amazon plus they don’t cost you much.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are in trend from quite a time and are equally usable for small parties and while travelling. These are portable and compact. You just need a basic Bluetooth-enabled device it doesn’t matter whether it is Android, iOS, or any other software. They come in a various shapes and sizes and suit varying needs and tastes depending upon the person’s choice and pocket. There is a super-small portable one that is usually compatible for the student’s room, like the JBL Go2 that also includes a re-Chargeable port, or a bigger-sized Bluetooth portable device for playing tunes at a bigger space (say for a hall), like the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio. Soif your brother in law is crazy party freak or a music lover this will suit best to him.

Wrist watch

Watches are second best friend of any man. They are like their true companion who defines and give silver lining to their attire. Basically there are 2 types of watches one is analog and another one is digital. Usually analog one is classier but these days digital one’s like apple I-watch is giving a tough competition to the analog ones. Now it all depends on the preference and the personality of the man you are gifting to, if he is an office going then analog would suit him more but if he is a young college going person then digital might suit him better.

Customised passport cover

If your brother in law is travel freak then you can gift a cool passport cover that relates his travelling enthusiasm. You can follow any instagram page that deals in customised products or specifically in passport covers or any online customised gifting websites, (usually every good rated website has these available). They are available in glitter, leather and plain covers. Usually costs less than 1000/- bucks.

Hope you can now finally decide what you can gift to your brother in law. Thank you for reading.