Hello readers out there we all know that Christmas is a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus. But very few of us would be aware about the origin of this word.

Christmas (“mass on Christ’s day”) is a recent origin. The earlier term Yule was derived from German language meaning feast of the winter solstice. Since early 20th century, Christmas is meant to be a secular family holiday, observed by not only Christians but also other religions. During Christmas celebration, a mythical figure which we all call Santa Claus plays a vital role. Christmas observance combines many stories and traditions. From the ancient pagan festivals of Saturnalia and New Year came the merrymaking and exchange of gifts while Germanic midwinter customs contributed to lighting and decorations with evergreens. The trend of Christmas tree came from medieval German mystery plays which were centered in representations of the Tree of Paradise .Another important trend of Santa Claus came from St. Nicholas feast where the saint was believed to visit children with gifts. The sending of greeting cards at Christmas began in 1840’s in Britain and in 1870s in US.

Christmas tree forms an important part of Christmas celebration. It is usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir or it can also be an artificial tree of similar appearance, The tree was traditionally decorated using apples, wafers, sweetmeats roses made of colored paper and tinsel. Later in 18th century, decoration using candles started, which later was replaced by Christmas lights after electrification. In today’s time we have a wide variety of traditional ornaments, such as garlands, baubles, tinsel, and candy canes. Along with all these an angel or star can also be placed on top of the tree to represent Angel Gabriel or Star of Bethlehem, Edible items like gingerbread, chocolate and other sweets are also tied to or hung from the tree’s branches now a days.

So in all we know that placing only Christmas tree is not sufficient, its decoration is very important and that too in an attractive and appealing way to gain other’s attention. Christmas ornaments, Christmas balls are decorations that are usually made of glass, metal, wood, or ceramics. Ornaments can be in any forms starting from simple round ball to highly artistic designs. Ornaments are also reused year after year rather than purchasing annually, and so family collections contain a combination of both commercially produced and created by family members. And the collections are passing on from generation to generation.

These days decoration can be done using below mentioned ideas:

Christmas Ornament Snowman.

Red and Gold Ornamented Christmas Bauble.

Christmas Angel Decoration.

A Handcrafted Christmas Ornament.

Christmas Bear.

Hand-Crafted Xmas Baubles and Ornaments in Crochet.

Free Blown Glass Large Hand Painted Christmas Bauble.

Christmas Bauble or Ball Ornament.

Unicorn Ornaments.

These days unicorn decoration is very much in trend. Unicorn means innocence, feminine energy, and magic. The word’s etymology can be traced to the Latin unicorn, which means single horn. Simply a unicorn is defined as an animal with one horn. Unicorns are considered mythical animals and are typically represented as a white horse with a single straight and often spiraled horn projecting from its forehead and is reputed to live for a thousand years as the noblest of animals.

You can take the magic of Christmas to a whole new level this year with these unique unicorn ornaments. And these will add some sparkle and shine to your holiday decor. So, here are some unicorn ornaments:

3D Paper Unicorn Ornaments–

The materials required are :

Sheet of White A4 Paper.

Colored Pens or Paper Scraps.

Glue stick.

Golden Paper or you can also use Silver Paper or Silver Foil to make Unicorn Horn shiny.

Glitter Pens.

Bakers Twine for Hanging.


Once you have all the items that start with below procedure.

Draw a sketch in the form of unicorn head and then place one paper below it and cut it so that you can get two horns at a time .Two horns are required facing in opposite direction so one can be flipped while using.

Now cut some rainbow colored paper strips. Now add a little quantity of glue to your paper head and stick it to the main .try to do it as neatly as possible.

Now stick the horns on the head and don’t forget to add extra main to other sides of the horn so that it matches both sides.

Cut strips of paper in length to make unicorn legs and then fold them into half.

Next comes the turn of unicorn bauble body. Cut 9-10 circles on sheet and then fold them in half. Add glue to one half of the circle and lay second circle on its top and keep doing until all circles stuck together. Now cut longish piece of bakers twine, then measure it against the bauble and see that it is long enough for hanging. Double it and then make a knot on the one end.

Put a lot of glue on the spine of the bauble and also one side of it, now stick strips of rainbow colored paper on that side pointing up to give it a tail look and add bakers twine to spine’s center .

Now connect first paper piece to last paper piece and now you have paper bauble with rainbow color tail hanging from baker’s twine.

Finally stick the unicorn head to the side opposite to the tail and then stick legs at the place where there is tail and other where there is head.

Unicorn DIY Ornaments –


Take a clear ornament and swirl a small amount of floor cleaner inside that ornament. After that sprinkle any color or glitter paint. Keep swirling and adding paint until full ornament is covered with it. It can also be made multi colored by using different colors. Then you can close the lid of the ornament and make its eyes using colored sketch pen or sticking colored paper. Then the horn for it can be made using polymer clay which you can get easily in market. For making the horn first of all roll the dough into form of thick snakes and then roll them together to give it a horn look. You can also make ears by molding the clay in the form of ears when it is soft and then baking it in oven to make it stiff. For making the ornament look colorful and attractive you can color the clay and then decorate it with pearls or flowers. Once done, tie a ribbon on the lid of the ornament so that it can be hanged.

Unicorn Christmas Tree-

You can decorate your Christmas tree in the form of unicorn to add it to a unicorn theme. This can be done in many ways as given below:

Single Horn Decoration- You can decorate your tree in the unicorn form by placing an easy to make unicorn ornament, and that is a horn. You can decorate your tree in such a way that it gives a white look and then on the top of the tree you can place a paper cutting in the form “O” a long pointed horn which can be decorated using glitter pens.

Unicorn Head Decoration- In this type of decoration style you can decorate the tree in the form and then to give it a look of unicorn you can prepare the head of unicorn with single horn on its top. To prepare this you need to cut the sheet in the form of a face of a unicorn and then stick that properly on the tree’s top using some very nice sticky material so that the head does not comes out. Once the head sticks on the top of the tree you can also stick the horn on that face. Both the face and horn should be decorated nicely using shiny glitter colors or using beads, flowers, heart shape crystals etc. To make the tree look original unicorn shaped you can cover the part of the tree from where you pasted the face through icy spray or using garlands.

Unicorn Pom Pom– You can also use pom pom and create unicorn ornament using it. What needs to be done is you just have to make a horn either using clay or some hard material and stick it on one side of the pom pom and then sticking some colored paper in the round shape. Once it is done, you can then make eyes on the colored paper using colored pens. For making it more eye – catchy you can decorate the horn using various decorative items. In case of pom pom also you can make the shape of head and then stick it on the top of it and then place the horn on top.

Unicorn Shape Cardboard Painting– You can also make a unicorn shaped painting as an ornament for unicorn decoration. In this method you can first of all draw the sketch of a unicorn face along with horn on a sheet and then cut it properly. After cutting the sheet you can place it on the cardboard and start cutting the cardboard. Once both the things are ready you can stick them nicely together using a glue and then decorate it either by using colored pens, glitter colors or decorating them using flowers, garlands, beads, stones or even cotton can also be used. You can use water colors for that. Take the cotton and dip it in water color and leave it as such for some time. After some time take the cotton out of the colored water and you will find that the cotton is also colored and then leave the cotton as such for an hour so that cotton dries up completely and no water drops are left in it. This is necessary that cotton dries properly otherwise it will not give fluffy effect. Once it dries perfectly you can paste it on the cardboard and then decorate. This ornament then can be hanged anywhere at home or even on the tree.

Balloon Unicorn– In this type of unicorn ornament your requirements will include: a balloon, glue, clay and glitters. It would be nice if you have white color balloon. Inflate air in the balloon and then stick the horn and ears which is to be prepared using clay. Once all this is done make eyes on the balloon and your unicorn ornament is ready. The only thing you have to take care is that the balloon is kept safely so that it does not burst out and making all your efforts a waste.

Unicorn shaped Cards- The unicorn shaped cards can also be used as an ornament on the Christmas tree. You can cut the paper in the form of a face of unicorn and then stick horn on its top and your card in a new form is ready. On this card you can write personalized messages to anyone you wish may be your parents, brother, sister, friends or relatives and can make them feel special and happy and make their Christmas a little more special.

Handbags – You can also make unicorn hand bags in case you know bit of stitching. This can be done by cutting the cloth in the form of unicorn with single horn on its top and then stitching it. You can also gift it with some small presents inside it.

Above here are some of the methods which are easy to make for your Unicorn Ornaments. These ornaments can be used to either decorate the tree or even house and that completely depends on the size of the ornament prepared by you. What are you still waiting for? The work is more but the time is less. Go ahead and start your decoration with this unicorn theme and decorate the tree and your house in a very different way this season. There are so many decoration items in the form of unicorn which can be purchased from market to decorate but the feeling which you will get in making things by your own hands and efforts will really be amazing.



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