Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

Amidst the craze of Christmas shopping, how can you ever forget to grab a special something for your most special someone—your husband? It can be nerve-wracking to try and find the perfect Christmas gift for him because whatever you get him will be the expression of your love for him. Out of Christmas gift ideas? Below are some great Christmas gift suggestions to make this Christmas more special for your husband!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

  • Personal Calendar – Since Christmas is one of the year-ender holidays, why not give your husband a jumpstart on the New Year by getting him a calendar? Prepare a personalized calendar just for him. It could contain photos that depict special memories in your husband’s life like birthdays or anniversaries and place them on their respective dates. Notes on certain days will be a good idea too, to make it more personalized.
  • New Shaving Kit Set – This can be a nice Christmas gift idea for him especially for men who are hairy and spend most of their morning in front of the mirror and shaving. Giving him what he need everyday is kinda thoughtful.
  • Spice up your Love Nest – Men are usually the ones in charge of home improvements. This Christmas, surprise your man by renovating your room or his favorite room (like his TV room) and redecorate it with things he likes or photos of the two of you. You can even use colors he likes as the room’s palette. Try to redecorate the room secretly so you can enjoy the look in his face when you present him with a room where you can spend time together in.
  • Chess Set – You can also buy a Christmas gift that you think your husband will enjoy. If he’s the brainy kind of guy, get him a special chess set like those traditional grand sets. Get one that looks luxurious and elegant, with ornate chess pieces.
  • Personalized Jewelries – Celebrate your love this Christmas by getting your husband a classy Jewelry. It can be watch, bracelet, pendants, chain, etc. You can even have your names engraved on it as to symbolize your eternal love for each other.
  • Book Collection – If your husband is a bookworm, try finding a rare edition or first edition of one of his favorite books or a book he has wanted to read for some time now. He will definitely swoon at the effort of getting your hands on such a rare find!
  • Bouquet of Flowers with Chocolates – Even if this seems like an unusual gift for a man, guys tend to love getting pampered with flowers or even chocolates as well. You can create a bouquet on your own containing flowers you’re sure your husband would love to smell and look at. You can partner it with a box of his favorite chocolates. This will surely be a gift that will take him by surprise and appreciate as well.
  • Romantic Escape – What else can be more special and romantic than booking a getaway vacation just for you to enjoy together? Find dream destinations like romantic Paris or relaxing Hawaii to spend your Christmas vacation in. Vacation deal packages are available online or through reputable travel agencies, so booking a romantic Christmas getaway is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Camera – If your husband is the artsy type and is fond of snapping photos, get him a special digital camera that he can play with. He will surely love you for it.
  • Scrapbook or Photo Album – If you want a thoughtful present for your husband this Christmas season, get him something personal like a compilation of special photos between the two of you. You can make the album more fun by adding snippets of comments or quotes on each photo. He will certainly realize how much you love him because of the effort you have put in the creation of the Christmas gift.

Whatever it is that you choose to give your husband this Christmas, just make sure it comes from the bottom of your heart and you put a lot of thought and effort into it. It will definitely be a Christmas gift your husband will truly remember.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Christmas is one of the best times when people give their loved ones some one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts as expressing their love and affection. Aside from the traditional wrapped Christmas gifts, some shop for Christmas gift baskets and Christmas hampers for family and friends. And one of the most special people in that one would wish to give a special Christmas gift to is their wife.

Your wife is not just like any other woman in your life. She is the one you promised to have and to hold—through thick and thin and for richer or poorer. You cannot just get her a gift that is thoughtless or tasteless. This Christmas, make sure you show her she is the world to you by getting her an amazing Christmas gift. Below are some Christmas gift ideas for wife that will surely put a lovely smile on her face.

Christmas Gifts for Wife

  • Jewelries – They say that jewelry is a girl’s best friend and that is quite a fact. No matter what age, girls adore jewelry, although they never purchase them on their own. Usually, they wait out for their special someone to buy them fancy jewelries, so this Christmas, give her the king of all jewelries—a diamond. And not just a diamond but a diamond ring, which will signify your never-ending love and commitment to your wife, because as we all know, diamonds are forever and rings signify infinity. You can opt to engrave a message on the ring for a more personal touch.
  • Spa Gift Basket – Your wife needs pampering once in a while. Hence, a Christmas gift idea that means pampering is a nice choice. Indulge her to pampering by giving her a luxury spa gift basket. Items that will make her feel relaxed and pampered even for just a few days will give her delight on Christmas Day.
  • Bouquet of Flowers – Nothing beats the power of flowers when speaking of being romantic. Surprise your better half with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can also partner it with a box of chocolate. This can be a nice Christmas gift idea for your wife.
  • New Cellphone – Yes, wives can be techy as well. Why not surprise her with a new cellphone. If your budget can afford it, a latest model of her favorite cellphone brand will be a great Christmas gift for her.
  • Movie Entertainment Set – Women are fond of watching movies, especially chick flicks. Make her movie-watching habit a better experience by bringing the theater to your home. Set up a home theater system that can give her a high definition and surround sound experience that will surely make her appreciate the movie more, as well as you as her loving husband!
  • Car – Women are stereotyped as bad drivers, which is actually not true (for most of the time). The truth is, women enjoy driving. It gives them a sense of empowerment as well as independence. It is also useful when their loving husbands do not want to accompany them to that big mall sale or to that girls’ night out. A car would definitely be a great gift as it is practical, as well as sentimental, because it means you trust and love her enough to give something as huge and expensive as a car.
  • Camera – Women are easily attached to things and they always keep mementos of special events in their lives, like a movie ticket or a candy wrapper from your first date. Make her memento collecting easier by giving her a digital camera that can allow her to keep memories and make them last a lifetime.
  • Romantic Getaway – One special Christmas gift idea for wife is by not giving her something concrete, but by showing it with your actions through a grand getaway vacation for the two of you. Sweep your wife off to a place where she always wanted to visit. Arrange everything from your lodging, travel plans and tour itinerary to make the trip hassle-free and enjoyable. This will definitely make for a memorable Christmas present.
  • Digital Clock – As a wife, she has many responsibilities and sometimes, it is just impossible to cut in the very busy morning schedule of the two of you. Make time for your wife by buying her time that speaks with love. So, a digital clock can be a nice Christmas gift idea. Buy a special digital clock with alarm and voice recorder where you can record your own voice and leave a morning note for her to wake her up. Not only is this a sweet gesture, but it can also give her motivation to jumpstart her day right. This will also make her remember how much you love her.

But after all is said and done, no matter what Christmas gift you get your wife, the gift of time is still the best. Make sure you shower her with your attention and you will definitely make every day feel like it’s Christmas. And we’re hoping the above mentioned Christmas gift ideas for wife help you come up with the right choice of Christmas gift for her.