Every Christmas, we are given the chance to show our loved ones how much we love them through the Christmas gifts we get them. So this Christmas, grab the chance to show your number 1 girl how much you care for her. She is the one girl that makes your heart skip a beat and makes your lips curl up into a smile for no reason. Don’t just go for the cliché girly gifts of stuffed toys, flowers or chocolates.

Your girlfriend is not just any other girl. She’s your princess and the girl you’ve been dreaming of. Make your Christmas gift for your girlfriend a gift that she can really call her own. It doesn’t matter if it is just a simple Christmas gift, as long as there is a sentimental value attached to it that shows you actually thought about what to give her. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that may help you figure out what to give your girlfriend:

Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

  • Christmas Dinner – It is usually the girls who slave in the kitchen to prepare something wonderful for their boys. This Christmas, surprise your girl by learning how to cook and preparing her a lovely Christmas dinner. Ask for help from friends who cook, read cookbooks, take lessons or consult Google. Do whatever it takes so you can perfect your dinner and make her proud of you.
  • A Video Recording of Yourself – An easy Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend is to give her a message about how much you are thankful for her and how much you love her. But give this message a twist—record it. Record a video of you dedicating to her a heartfelt and romantic Christmas message. This Christmas gift idea will surely last for a long time and she can always go back to it whenever she misses you. For sure, she will fall head over heels for you again and again.
  • Couple T-shirt – Want something different and romantic? This can be one of the nice Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend. Buy a T-Shirt with different size and have some printed text on it. You can even customize images on it that symbolize your relationship like half heart on the other shirt and another half on the other.
  • Couple Jewelries – Want to show the world that you and your girlfriend are in a relationship. Get her and yourself a couple jewelries. It can be ring or pendant. Same as the t-shirt, it can have the same style and engraved names on it. Does it sound like a romantic Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend?
  • Romantic Date – Take her out for a nice evening, but don’t do the usual. Take her to that fancy restaurant she adores for a romantic candle-lit dinner. Make it special by asking the restaurant to help you out with the ambiance of the place, like decorations and the music (maybe her favorite songs). Order the best wine and meal to accompany the pleasant evening.
  • Write your Love Story – If your girlfriend is a bookworm, go the extra mile—don’t get her any book, write it on your own! Create a short story, maybe your love story, or anything related to her, and dedicate the story to her. She will definitely love the effort you made and it will become one of her favorite reads since you are the author! You can make it special and personalized by adding photos of the two of you or moments in her life and insert those photos into the story.
  • Christmas Chocolate Hamper – You will never go wrong with chocolates when it comes to girls. Buy her a box of her favorite chocolates and you can add a sweet and funny message along with it like “Sweets for my sweet!”
  • Customized Blanket – Since Christmas is a very cold holiday, keep her warm by giving her a customized blanket. You can have a message embroidered on it like, “Keeping you warm always even when I’m not around!” or even your initials together would be a sweet and personal gift.
  • Pet Dog – Girls love anything fuzzy and cute. If your girlfriend loves pooches, get her a puppy this Christmas. Not only is it a cute gift, but it is also something that she will always have and cherish because you are giving her a new friend.
  • Flower and Love Letter – although outdated, the power and effect of a romantic love letter can give a special feeling to your girlfriend. A romantic love letter, with matching flowers, can be one of the most special Christmas gifts you can give to your love. Write down what you feel for her, why you love her, why you fall for her every day in a form of love letter and she would surely cry – tears of joy – and will love you more.

All in all, girlfriends are not really hard to give gifts to. Just make sure that the gift you are presenting to her has more than just material value. Make sure it has a huge sentimental value and that the gift will be a keepsake for her to remember you by. Girls may be cheesy this way, but that’s how they are. Make this Christmas the best ever yet for her by giving her all the cheese.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is going into a Christmas shopping frenzy for gifts. This season, if you chance upon having to give a Christmas gift to a girl but don’t know exactly what to give her, below are some Christmas gift ideas for her on what you should buy. These amazing Christmas gift ideas for women will give you a hint of what are the appropriate presents that should be bought for girls.

Christmas Gifts for Her

  • Flowers and Chocolates – This pair is forever the staple gift for girls. They squeal in glee when this is given to them because it is a sweet and romantic gesture. The sweet fragrance of the flowers and the chocolates just sweeten the relationship between the giver and the receiver so this is definitely a great gift idea.
  • Cellphone Accessories – Girls today love to customize their stuff. One of the most important is their cellphone. This Christmas, you can buy new accessories for their cellphone brand. It can be a set of screen protector, jelly case, silicon case, new housing, etc.
  • Vanity Kit – When the holidays come around, people reunite with loved ones and friends that they have not seen for a long time. People try to look their very best. The girls, being vain, love to dress themselves up and update their looks, and so, it would be a good idea to give her a vanity kit for her nails so she can glam up her nails anytime she wants and save herself the trouble from paying professionals to do it.
  • Treat her on a Spa – There is no doubt that girls love to be pampered, so this Christmas, why not treat your friend to a spa day? It can be a great Christmas gift for her. Book her a day of massages, makeovers, haircut or other hair treatments, as well as aromatherapy sessions. You could roll these into one relaxation package as your Christmas gift. This Christmas, give her the gift of rejuvenation and relaxation.
  • Make-up Kit – You can also choose to put make-up or other cosmetics inside the vanity kit Christmas gift idea. Girls will absolutely adore the beauty products she can play with and make herself more gorgeous than usual. It will also be useful for the holiday season where there are a lot of parties and reunions to go to.
  • Scented Candles – When the holiday season comes around, people try to beautify and redecorate their homes to match the joyous occasion. To add to the decorations, give her scented candles that have Christmas themes so she can match it in her room or house décor. The scent will also add to the mood of the festivities inside the house, plus it is believed to bring food luck! You’ll never run out of options because these candles come in a lot of varieties and she’ll definitely appreciate them.
  • Designer’s Handbags – Another good Christmas gift idea for girls is designer’s handbag. Girls love fashion and gifting her trendy handbag will definitely make her Christmas. This Christmas gift doesn’t have a specific age limit and will stay classy for a long time. Just make sure it matches the girl’s taste.
  • Her Favorite Book – If your friend loves books, grab her book you think she might like or you know she has wanted to read for the longest time. She will appreciate your effort to add up to her book collection and you will help her lighten the mood by making her immerse herself in the story and forget all her problems this Christmas.
  • Gift Certificates – If you really have no clue on the tastes of the girl you are giving a gift to, stay on the safe side and buy her gift certificates to a mall or a restaurant so she can be free to choose what she wants. This gift is the least effort but it will definitely be well received as a gift.

After all the Christmas shopping craze, do not forget that it still boils down to the meaning you attach to the Christmas gift you give and the effort and thought you placed into it. Girls are really sentimental so give her something you know she will appreciate in the end. By considering above Christmas gift ideas for her, you should probably choose the best Christmas present for your girl.