There’s a certain magical feeling when we give gifts to the people we love. We love receiving gifts, no doubt about it, but there’s more fun and excitement in braving the holiday crowds to get that perfect Christmas present for that special someone. How much thought do you put in when shopping for gifts for your in-laws? Are you the safe type who prefers to give traditional gifts? Or do you like to make your own gifts for that more personalized touch? We want to give the best gifts to our in-laws, something that will delight and impress. But most of the time, we’re stumped on what to give them. What exactly do you give someone that speaks volumes without looking like you’re trying too hard? What’s the best gift to give the people who raised your husband or your wife that will express your immense gratitude? We have a few ideas to help you pick out something for the in-laws. From the simplest tastes to the most discriminating, we’ve got you covered.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Mother-in-law


Jewelry gifts are always a great idea, especially if they are as beautiful as this round solitaire necklace made of cubic zirconia. It’s got an adjustable 14k gold chain that your mother-in-law can wear high or low, depending on the occasion. What we love about this dainty beauty is that it’s elegant and charming and can be worn for every day, too. It comes in a pretty box with a sweet personalized message that’s sure to warm the heart of the second mother in your life. $31.491 at


This practical but very elegant gift is sure to be your mother-in-law’s favorite. She will enjoy bath time more with this 100% Turkish cotton terry robe that’s designed to pamper. It comes in two colors, white and light blue, and in different sizes, from small to extra large. You can personalize with your mother-in-law’s name or initials, too. $79.00 at


Your very busy and workaholic mother-in-law will look forward to using the Nap Luxe Vibrating Foot Warmer everyday before retiring to bed. It’s a foot massager and foot warmer that will soothe tired feet and keep them feeling warm and cozy. It’s the perfect way to decompress while watching her favorite Netflix shows, reading the latest bestseller, or having a sip of red. It’s made of soft, plush material guaranteed to keep her relaxed every night. $59.99 at


Impress your mother-in-law with fine flavors and delectabledelights with this Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket. The sweet tooth in her won’t be able to resist the delicious mix of chocolates, pretzels, cookies, peanuts, popcorn and many more! You can personalize your message up to 45 characters. It even comes in a beautiful black leather basket and a pair of scissors for when she decides to tear through the wrapper with her bare hands. $59.95 at


Your cocktail-loving mother-in-law will be inviting you more frequently for drinks at her house when you gift her with this fabulous Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker. Mixing drinks has never been easier and quicker. Its ice shaver and blender can do up to 32 ounces, with easy to operate access controls. Clean up is a breeze, too. Cheers to ladies night every night! $400.97 at

Christmas Gift Ideas For Father-in-law


Your history buff father-in-law can now impress friends and family with pieces of history trivia when you give him this incredible New York Times Custom Birthday Book. It’s a beautiful personalized gift with your father-in-law’s name and date of birth on the cover. Inside are collections of New York Times front pages from each year since he was born. Now, how cool is that? $ 100.00 at


Why settle for ice cubes when you can have ice balls? Have drinks in style with your father-in-law and up the cool factor with these super cool Rox Ice Ball Maker. Each ice ball mold makes 4 ice balls, larger than your regular ice cube. Get him several of these so the ice ball fun never stops! $9.97 at


Your bacon-loving father-in-law will fall in love J&D’s Bacon Salt Samplers without packing up the guilt. It’s all natural and contains low sodium. It’s got zero calories and zero fat. Even vegetarians can enjoy them. For that man who thinks everything should taste just like bacon, he will delight in their Original, Natural Bacon Salt, Peppered, and Hickory flavors. $23.95 at


Indulge the rock star in your father-in-law and give him this awesome Kenwood car stereo. It’s a car stereo that’s also an MP3 player and a CD player. It’s also Pandora internet radio-ready, and it’s got a USB port for his iPhone or iPod. Now there’s no reason for him not to belt out during red lights! $179.99 at


Now your father-in-law can mourn the death of Walter White anytime he pleases, in privacy, with this awesome Breaking Bad Complete DVD Set. It comes in this badass black barrel DVD case in true Walter White fashion. Each disc is designed with special illustration of significant story elements from the show. No true Breaking Bad fan should live without this, oh yes. $253.89 at

Christmas Gift Ideas For Sister-in-law


Your sister-in-law will babysit your kids for the whole year for free when you give her this beautiful pair of lavender heated slippers. It’s the perfect thing to combat tired, achy, and cold feet. The pads can be heated in the microwave, and you can just slip them back in for that instant heat. Scents available are lavender, cinnamon, and clove. $52.00 at


This gorgeous handmade sari bag is the perfect gift for women on the go. The intricate design and the colorful combinations of fabrics make this an eye-catching accessory. Your sister-in-law will love mixing and matching this bag with different tops and dresses. It’s just the right combination of casual and dressy! $35.00 at


There’s something special and romantic about jewelry gifts. And this one is no exception, either. Surprise your sister-in-law with this charming birthstone necklace. It comes in a 17-inch chain, and you can choose between gold and sterling silver. It’s a precious little gift for that precious sister. $48.00 at


For the more active and athletic sister-in-law, the Nike Fuel + Band is the perfect Christmas gift. It’s the excellent accessory to monitor all her movements and physical activities. It’s designed to give her motivation and insights on her physical activities. Even the not so active sister-in-law will be motivated to use this cool bracelet and get into the healthier lifestyle. $169.99 – $322.71 at


Take your sister-in-law back in time when acid wash jeans and neon colors were all the rage with this adorable personalized mix tape pillow. Have her name printed on it. If you’ve got a one-word private joke or anecdote that will surely crack her up, you can also print it on here. You can also put your brother and sister-in-law’s pet names for each other for that cheesy, romantic touch. $58.00 at

Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother-in-law


Your brother-in-law need not dread reading spoilers on the internet ever again. Give him the gift of knowledge (knowledge of Westeros, that is)this Christmas. The complete Game of Thrones 5-book box set will instantly turn him into a bookworm and Game of Thrones pundit. This is also the perfect thing to tide him over until the new season airs next year. $29.81 at


Because nose hairs ought to be trimmed, too. This is not to hint that your brother-in-law needs to trim his nose bush. It’s a practical and no-nonsense gift that every grown man will appreciate. He’s probably too busy to change the one he’s using now, so this gift will come in handy. $19.95 at


The True Clean Towel saves men the embarrassment of wiping their faces with the side of the towel they just used to wipe their, uh, privates. It comes with a unique design to tell you which side goes where. This towel is super soft and large enough for teenagers and grown men. The design is not screen printed but woven, so no fade 100% guaranteed. $20.00 at


For men who practically live inside their cars, things can get real messy. And I mean that in a literal way. Save your brother-in-law the hassle of digging through the clutter with the Smittybilt 5661024 Gear Front Seat Cover. It keeps everything organized, all within arm’s reach. You can easily install and remove it for a quick wash in the washer. $99.99 at


Your film buff for a brother-in-law will have loads of fun playing this special edition The Godfather Monopoly board game. It comes with 6 collectible tokens that will surely delight movie fans. The game board also features iconic locations all featured in the movies. So surprise him with this gift, leave the gun, and take the cannoli. $54.99 at