Christmas around the World


Isn’t it that we wait 365 long days for Christmas day each year and it is just so right to make the celebration the best as it can be. I’m not talking about making it grand or luxuries, but instead something memorable. Christmas is the biggest and most popular festival in the world. Countries and territories celebrate Christmas in their traditions and customs. Some countries celebrate it in glamorous style where as some country celebrate it the traditional and religious way.  This holiday called Christmas is the season for shopping, celebration, giving, gatherings and especially for warming up of relationships among family and friends. Though Christmas is celebrated all over the world , the way of celebration differs from country to country and church to church. Indians may be celebrating the Indian way of Christmas, while Australian Christmas is followed by the Boxing Day Cricket Test and Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated musically and religiously. This cheerful occasion is sometimes spent on bars and street parties, but the best would be spending it with the family. No matter how each household would take part in the Yuletide season, you would sure agree with me that it will always be family-centered, love bounded and always full of goodness and joy.

Christmas Cards

printable-christmas-cardWhile the adults are obliged (sorry for using that term but somehow yes-obliged!) to buy gifts and goodies for the young ones, the kids are then taught and encourage to make Christmas greeting cards as return of favor and love towards the grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, godparents and teachers. They’d even make fancy kiddie Christmas greeting cards for an exchange of wishes and prayers among classmates and friends. You may not be a kid anymore, but don’t you think giving Christmas cards is the most thoughtful way of greeting that just plain SMS text. Technology invites us to send our Christmas message through the email, Facebook tag and wall posts or Twitter tweets, but the effort of making your own Christmas card with some handwritten dedications would surely be pleasurable to whoever you are planning to reach out to. They have all the chance to keep it and reminisce of your thoughtfulness and love all the years that would pass.

Printable Christmas Cards

Printable Christmas Card


Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card


Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Card

Since Christmas greeting cards are believed to be costly nowadays, people have been sending greetings online. It reduced the cost of the cards a bit of cents. You may be thankful these kinds of site exist but may be annoyed with the popping advertisements. You can actually find excellent greeting card sites and some are with amazing animations. The technology is finally advanced  in providing tons of printable Christmas so you could customize and print your own Christmas cards according to your style and personality. There are paid printable Christmas card sites and let’s be very happy that there also free printable cards sites so making a holiday greeting card in large numbers would be. Mass production!  What would you need? You could just shop for a pack of hard bound invitation cards that would suit well for a Christmas Card. You can grab some Christmas messages all over the net and would be perfect if some part of your wishes are personally written- from the heart! Make sure your printer is working with enough ink or toner. Also, consider to shop for some card embellishments and decorations like glitters, colored pens, buttons, ribbons and more. Now, you are all set but ooopppps! I’ve missed the most important detail. Of course, list down names of your beloved relatives and friends. If you think you could still make more, think of people near or far that you  have not come across for a while. It’s a good way to let them know you are still thinking of them in this special season.

Top Printable Christmas Card Sites

Printable Christmas Cards from

Frosty the Snowman Printable Christmas Card

Frosty is the snowman who came to life and had been cheerfully playing with the kids in the snow. He was loved by the kids and they were all worried if he’d melt when the weather gets warmer. Cool Christmas card to give.


 Santa Claus Printable Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Cards

That big man with the big heart who is responsible for giving gifts to all the nice kids all over the world. Whether he really exists or just a mythical, historical or legendary character – the lesson to teach  to the kids which is to be nice than naughty is a living moral instruction.


 Christmas Tree Printable Christmas Card

Looking at the photo below, the effects of the glitter and Christmas lights are very realistic. Really a beautiful card!


 Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus Printable Christmas Card


Seeing two significant Christmas figures would be awesome! You might wanna try using this are your card’s front image.


 Merry Christmas Printable Card with Snowman and tons of gifts!

Another wonderful Christmas card but let’s remember, gifts are good- really good! We should be thankful FOR the gifts, but most of all let’s be thankful TO the giver which is God. Praise Him on Christmas day!



Free Printable Christmas Cards form Gotfree Cards

Rocking Frosty the Snowman Printable Christmas Card

Yayyyy.. This snowman looks hot!!!! I mean, trendy not referring to the hot temperature.  Looking at this card, it’s really cool. Lol confused between hot and cool? Overall it’s awesome!



Merry Christmas Printable Christmas Cards with Reindeer

These 2 Santa reindeer are maybe having their they off so they are making music together. I’m sure Rudolph is not one of them since I’m not seeing a bright red nose.



 Santa Claus Printable Christmas Card

The Merry Christmas greeting accompanies well with the photo of Santa and his gift bag. The nice kids will be all merry to know their gifts will be delivered pretty soon. Yehey!


 Snowman Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

As what I’ve said earlier, this Christmas figure became adorable to the kids so this would be perfect for a greeting card you could give to your children, nieces, nephews or students. Cute Frosty!free-printable-christmas-card-4

 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Printable Christmas Card

I finally found you Rudolph! I was looking for you and your red bright nose. This reindeer is one of Santa’s sleigh pullers. He was very aloof at first because he’s the only different having the red nose while the other 7 got black. Then on a foggy evening, Santa needed for a light to guide their way so he was assigned at the front-most position and the other reindeer began to liked him.

More  Printable Christmas Cards Free From Greetingsisland

Whats good about this site is that you can actually customize text, pictures and stamps. Yehey that would make your personalized Christmas card easier to do. Be very grateful these online Christmas card sites are free for use!

Christmas Tree Printable Christmas Card

Again, the Christmas lights in this card template is very realistic and astounding. Perfect for a religious greeting card since there’s an angel Christmas topper there.


Angel Printable Christmas Card

Here’s another religious printable Christmas card with the angel image. Bible verse and godly greetings would suit well for this lovely card.


Puppy Christmas Card, Dog Santa Printable Christmas Card

Adding up some humor into the holiday season. According to the Christmas card Wikipedia, at some point of time animal images for this holiday season greetings became a hit and sure it still is.


Printable Photo Christmas Card

Since editing or customizing is enable on GreetingIsland, you’d be delighted to easily add your family pictures on the card samples and patterns available for use, for free!


Rudolph Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

Still can’t get enough of useful Rudolph! lol. This photo again is best for kids since it’s very attractive and a bit funny. free-printable-christmas-card-7

Some printable Christmas Card templates courtesy of Hallmark Studio 2011

I so love this software. It actually has it’s latest Hallmark Studio 2014 version for sale but I don’t have it yet. The 2011 version is still very much satisfactory. It’s very easy to use, lots of holiday and occasion templates, customizing is fast and there are tons of available holiday greeting cards intended for family members, relatives and friends. Try it yourself and I’m sure you’d have a good time! Looking at the Christmas pictures below, there are more unique options available in this program and I’ve included them here in case you’re interested to use them as your Christmas card picture.

Christmas Tree Printable Christmas Card

That smiling star is really cute. Again, I’d love this as a Christmas card for kids.



Jolly Santa Printable Christmas Card

Partying Santa. Yayy!



Hanging Santa Printable Christmas Card


Long Distance Christmas Card, Miles Away Printable Christmas Card


Christmas Village Christmas Card


Angel Christmas Card, Christmas Eve Christmas Card


Snowman Christmas Card

If you noticed, few of these Hallmark Studio 2011 projects have this canvass painting effects. Still no doubt these are beautiful cards that anyone would love.


More Printable Christmas Card sites

Christmas is not just a time for celebration but most of all it’s been the best occasion for warming up the relations through Christmas gifts,  Christmas hampers and please do send Christmas cards too. These Christmas gifts and sentiments are available all over the shopping marts and plazas throughout the season but the best and cheap option would be creating your own card using the printable Christmas wallpapers and templates all over the internet. We are happy to be able to suggest to you the possible sources of the best printable Christmas cards online. If we’ve missed a site you really like, please don’t hesitate to let us know on the comment section so we could take a look at it. All the best to you this season and warm Christmas greetings everyone!