Is there anything better than being known as the coolest aunt or uncle? We really don’t think there could be. You’re the one who loves to be around kids, to keep all their secrets and help in achieving their dreams to, and generally have fun all the time. The bond between you and your nephew or niece will last a lifetime. This is a true love and affection that you share with them. Your nephew becomes one of the closest kids to your heart to whom you care like your own kid.

Being the coolest relative does come with many demands. After all, that level of coolness and fun means you’re sure to give the coolest and best gifts, right? We’ve assembled a selection of gift ideas for your nephew or niece. By necessity, these ideas are a little gendered so if you see something in the gift 00ideas for your niece that your nephew would love, go for it. That’s why you’re the cool one, after all.

This Christmas there are a number of gifts that you decide and at the end get confusing what to choose. Below we have designed a very trendy  list of items that you can gift to your dearest nephew.

Christmas gift Ideas for Nephew

A rider’s helmet



If your nephew is crazy for bikes and drives really fast, then gifting a safety and trendy solution to his bad habit is a good idea. You can purchase a cool helmet for him online or you may personalise it with his favourite rider’s picture or logo.  Helmet will not only protect him from further injury but will also give him a real style statement. A basic bike-helmet may not cost much on your pocket and also, further personalisation will join together as a good Christmas present.




Regardless of the occasion, a wrist watch makes a very thoughtful, stylish and practical gift. Gifting a wrist watch has become increasingly popular in these years amongst both men and women. It is the easiest gift to pick in market. With so many styles, brands, features and designs, you are surely guaranteed to find something that would suit your loved one’s taste. Also, Boys are crazy for wrist watches. They can never be satisfied with their ever growing collection. Gifting a Christmas themed wristwatch is yet another idea that may surprise your little one. If not a Christmas theme then you may gift any cool rubber strapped wrist watch.



A perfume is a gift for all occasions. There is a big myth that prevails “gifting a perfume causes disputes in the relation”. Mind you it is just a false statement and nothing else. So go on and gift a strong fragrance to your nephew this Christmas.Trendy and designer perfumes those are endorsed by celebrities are perfect for younger men, while older men might prefer classic fragrances. If you know he has a favourite scent or style, then find out what the main elements of that fragrance are. From there you can easily select something matching to his choice and taste which is also new.

Super hero’s shirt


It is not possible that your nephew does not have any favorite cartoon character or a superhero. You may browse through t-shirts by theme and find a birthday, Christmas, spoof and funny/humour collections. Make your own collage of his favorite characters and give for printing. He will for sure love this gift. Moreover this idea is not at all heavy on pocket.



Gifting a soothing pastime is a deed of God. LOL. You may browse through a number of headphones available online and choose the most appropriate one. Also, if you know the headphone that your nephew is longing for then you must gift that one. These days Bluetooth headphones are in fashion as the headphone jacks are a big time issue across the board, likely the result of phone manufacturers dropping headphone jacks. Through innovations from Apple’s ios and Google’s android on the connectivity front.

grooming kit


It is not only girls that need beauty products! Men require grooming products as well and it is not a surprise that they are more cautious about their skin than girls. You can yourself combine different products that you know your nephew uses or likes and make a kit. You may include a face wash, face cream, hair gel, shaving cream, razor, hairdryer, body lotion and a lot more.

Funny slippers


If you are in a mood to tickle some fun around then a pair of funny slippers is not a bad idea. This Christmas try out something different out of the regular chain of gifts. There are many funky and funny slippers available in market. These are soft and cosy for winters. Wrap it in a Christmas theme paper.

Travel bag


Your nephew who is always on his toes definitely needs a companion to carry on. A bag is not only for leisure traveling you may gift a regular bag pack that he can take it to his office or school. If he has specific preference or need, go for that one. If you know his preferences buy a multipurpose one which he can use in various locations. There are various companies that are making very cool and trendy bag packs (sky bags) choose wisely and gift.

Travel pillow


Tell your nephew to hop on to that next bus, train, plane or bullock cart ride without any problem. There are so many cute and cosy pillows available. There are couple of great designs with heavenly comfort in them. Usually these pillows are available on airports easily but gifting a comfort shows caring. These are made from Short Plush and comfortable Polyester Filling. Also, you can gift a matching eye mask to ensure an uninterrupted sleep on all those experience full journeys of his life. These pillows area gift that no one can ever hate. One can even use them in office as well. Usually sitting on a same place for hourscreates severe neck pain. So this pillow is a remedy.