Christmas, the festive season is just about to arrive. Christmas is an annual festival celebrated as the mark of birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25 every year. It is believed that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. When Joseph and Mary arrived in the city, the inn had no room and so they were offered a stable where the Christ was born and angels proclaimed this news to shepherds who then further spread the information. Christmas is also known by various other names like Midwinter, Nativity, Yule.It is considered to be a religious and cultural celebration which is celebrated throughout the world by billions of people; be it Christians or non-Christians. It is celebrated combining customs which were used in earlier pre-Christian winter celebrations. People decorate their homes, visit family and friends and exchange gifts during this festival season. Decoration of homes and gardens is done using Lights, Christmas Trees, Garlands, Christmas Ornaments and other decorative items. An important reason due to which we have the custom of giving and receiving presents at time of Christmas, is to remind us about the presents which were given to Jesus by the Wise Men such as Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Christmas tree forms an important part of Christmas celebration and so we have many ways to decorate the tree. Use of Christmas tree has a history behind it. People in earlier times used to believe that anything which remains green in winters is a sign of everlasting life with the God. Due to this reason people while celebrating winter festivals used branches of fir or pine tree for decorating their homes. The branches of these evergreen trees were hanged on the doors and windows as a means of decoration and it was also believed that the use of these branches keeps the home away from evil spirits and ghosts. Christmas decorations generally start in late November or early December. There is a list of unlimited amount of items which can be used to decorate the tree, hereby are items which are commonly used:







Small gift wraps.



Santa Claus.

Unicorn items etc.

Garlands are wreath of flowers and leaves hung as a means of decoration. Originally garlands were made of flowers or leaves. Flowers, in the form of a garland were utilized since old times for the adoration of Gods. Flowers form an important part in religious rituals. Garlands are served as offerings to the Gods in temples, mosques, church or any place of worship, and that is why in domestic rituals and in public ceremonies of devotion garlands are always used. We all love flowers and are drawn to their attractive colors and wonderful fragrances. Flower garlands are used as a symbol of respect and are used to adorn the statues of deities. Although any flower can be used for worshiping any God, but it is often believed that each God has His or Her own favorite flower and thus using their favorite flower garland for worship will bestow favor more easily on the devotee. Garlands can be made using natural flowers or artificial flowers. But these days garlands are not only limited to only simple flowers usage. We can make garlands in today’s time using various ideas.


Some of the ideas which we can use easily to prepare garlands especially for Christmas decoration are as follows:

Classic Garland- This garland can be made using pine branches which may be real or artificial and then the branches can be draped using red or any other color ribbon which can further be decorated using lights. You can make it more appealing by using some more creative touches like through use of clusters of pearls, sparkly bows etc. The use of lights is done to add warmth and beauty to the garland. Classic Garland is a simple and elegant decoration way for any kind of setting.

Charming Rustic Garland- This type of garland is just right for you and can be used if you like rustic and natural style. This garland is made by gathering long strips of burlap fabric into ruffles. It makes use of rough course fabric that turns it into lovely ruffles that drape wonderfully. The decent colors i.e. light brown or tan color of the burlap stands looks wonderful on the green pine without appearing unnatural. This rustic garland is perfect for cozy country or rustic decoration theme based places.

Crocheting Garland- A chain made of brightly colored woven yarn bows tied together with colorful pompoms is a beautiful way to Christmas decoration idea. For making this type of Christmas garland you require some skill in crocheting, but it is an easy task for those who know the basics of crocheting. It can be made in various color combo like blue and red, red and white, black and white, pink and purple etc, but you have the option to use any of the colors that fit in with your home or office interiors .This type of decoration is not only restricted to only Christmas but it can be used for any occasion.

Baker’s Delight Décor- This Christmas garland decorating idea is a delightful tasty treat. In this type of decoration method, the gingerbread man or anyone at home can bake for fun and create unique DIY decorating idea. Letter cookie cutters can be used to cut the personalized holiday messages out of gingerbread dough. Once the cut out messages are baked they can be strung on festive twine or cording to create garland. In this type of décor idea the whole family can enjoy creating together lovely messages and different shapes. Parents can involve themselves in the mixing and baking process and on the other hand children can do cutting out and the stringing work which they would love to do.

Pearl Garland- This type of garland can be made using brightly colored sets of ornament bulbs which you can purchase easily from the stores.  All stunning ornament bulbs and strings tied on a ribbon looks like a string of brightly colored pearls. This garland can be used for wrapping around a tree for giving it a breathtaking look or draped over the mantel to add lots of color and give it a colorful appearance. Each string can be crafted in a customized length and color to create a unique look that looks gorgeous. This décor using balls can be used as per the need of person creating the garland to match interiors.

Paper Holly Garland- Christmas garland decorations can be created in charming and simple way by making holly made out of paper. The things you need are colored papers, some small items, yarn or string, glue and scissors. You can create any kind of the shapes by cutting papers into the shape you want. Here I am taking an example i.e. suppose you have paper of red and green color then you can use them in an innovative way by cutting leaf shapes out of the green paper and berries out of the red paper. After that, using glue you can paste them to the yarn to create garland. This paper garland can also be prepared by children who would love to help doing it. This type of garland looks beautiful and can be decorated on a stair railing, around a bulletin board or picture or wrapped around the Christmas tree.

Golden Decoration Garlands- This type of garland having golden twist on the classic pine is an elegantly gorgeous Christmas decoration way. The base which is used for such garland is the classic pine boughs with pine cones that are laced throughout with twinkling white fairly lights over which then rich over sized red and gold ribbon bows are added to give them a décor look. Clusters of gold Christmas bulbs are to reflect the light from the fairly lights multiplying the twinkling and deep red bows covered with glitter are to tie the things together. In case it is not enough for you to give a rich effect, a string of elegant red and gold beads can also be draped among the splendor creating a stunning richly golden holiday decor.

Orange Peels Garland- This Christmas garland decorating method is deliciously fragrant. What we require here to make this lovely décor thing is orange peels, cloves and string. Orange peels can be cut with cookie cutters of any shape. Also the designs are not only limited by available cookie cutters but you can create different shapes using your imagination. Accenting the orange peel cutouts in different shapes with cloves fills the room with a delicious spicy smell. You can also use other citrus fruit peels to add more delicious accents to the fragrance. Combining this spice garland with fairy lights can also be done.

Snowman Garland- This garland Christmas decor idea is kids friendly and is good to keep the children occupied on their winter breaks and help them feel involved in decorating the house. This paper plate snowman garland is simple and easy to make. You just need to make a face on the paper plate using different colors. Once the faces are done you can fix the snowmen heads on string or twine using glue and your garland is ready to be hung. Be careful that you do not hang them near the fire as they will melt due to heat.

Sea Shell Garland- For making this garland sea shells are the most important thing you need to have. You can tie the sea shells on the string by making holes in the shell. This decoration type gives a nice look to the place where the garland is hung. You can also put other small items of white color between the shells to make it more attractive.

Pom Pom Garland- For making pompom garland you need to have some pom poms. You can make many garlands of one color or one garland of one color or one garland with different colors depending on your own choice. This type of decoration can be done by using pompom of the color which matches the interiors of the place. Pompom garlands can either be wrapped around your Christmas tree or can be hang on doors, walls or around bulletin boards or photos.

Wooden Garland- The wooden garland can be made using different wooden items. You can get small wooden items easily from the store. Now just take a string and stick the wooden item using glue. In case you do not find wooden items in the market, then you can make some small stars, alphabets or cut the wood in other different shapes as per your wish.

Angel Garland- You can make this pretty garland using angels which is loved by kids a lot specially girls because girls like angels. To make this type of garland you need angels. Angels which you can use can be all in same dress or different dresses. You just need to stick the angels on the string and your garland is ready to be decorated anywhere; may it be Christmas tree, doors, walls or any other place.

Alphabetical Garland- You can purchase alphabets from market to make wooden garlands. Alphabets can be wooden or plastic. You can use these alphabets to create a lovely message and design the garland.

Bow Garland- You can make bow garland using ribbons. You just need to fold the ribbon in the form of bow and then stick on the string using glue. You can use ribbons of any color of your wish or which matches the interiors of the place you are making the bow garland to decorate.

Clay Garland- For making clay garland you need clay of different colors or may be same color. For making clay garland you can make different shapes using clay. After making different clay shapes you can bake them in oven to make them stiff. Once the clay items are baked you can stick them on the string using glue to make your garland. Different shapes you can make using clay are stars, bells, unicorn shape etc.

Natural Garland- Garland using natural beauty i.e. flowers and leaves. To make this type of garland you can use different flowers like rose, lily, marigold etc. Using natural garlands add natural smell to the place where they are used.



FOLKS! Garlands look wonderful being hanged and they can be used for many types of decoration. They can be wrapped around the Christmas tree to give it a nice look. These are the latest and the most trending Christmas décor ideas for the season. Go ahead and use these ideas to make lovely garlands which you can use for Christmas decoration and yes, do not forget to experiment by mixing other ideas and other decorative items and ornaments because possibilities are never ending in Christmas decorations.


“Merry Christmas”.