After marriage, your brother or sister gets busy in their life and they cannot devote much time to spend as earlier. With the daily chores of life the distance keeps on increasing. So God made an invention to protect the brother-sister bond forever and that is your niece!  Your niece has a very special space in your heart. She is just like your own child and in most cases she is the first and the closest kid to you so you tend to adore and love her the most. You usually devote most of the time listening to her mischief’s on call. You want to record her every action and play with her the whole day. So this Christmas how can you forget gifting her most special gift?

Christmas brings in more closeness between your family and friends. Your niece being one of the most important part of your family needs to get more attention than all. So, if you are looking up for suggestions as to what can be gifted this Christmas then here is the list that can help.

christmas gift
Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas For Niece

  1. Stuff toy

If you have a newly born princess in your house then gifting the (best quality) stuff toy is the best. Usually kids like to cuddle with these toys and enjoy the softness of the product. The vibrant colours of the toy will attract your niece more towards it. You can easily buy (good quality and baby friendly)stuff toys from amazon or any other website online with reasonable price. You can even make a basket out of 2-3 stuff toys and gift it like a hamper.

  1. Purse

If your little niece has hit the adolescence stage and is all set to be a fashion diva of the year then gifting a sling bag or a cool purse that she can carry along is a great idea. Gift a bright colour purse so that she can show off nicely, also it will attract her eyes the most that she is carrying something valuable. Make sure it does not look ladylike and prefer cartoon prints that she likes the most. You can buy the purse in any nearby market or at any kid’s store. Make sure the material is kids friendly.

  1. Clothes

Kids of any age would love to wear trendy clothes. Usually for kids, one does not have to hustle much for the sizes as; the sizes don’t vary much (till 15 years) unless the kid is exceptionally different in weight. So according to the age of the child you can buy cartoon printed shirts or princess gowns! Girls love pink, yellow, red the most so try the combination. As it is a Christmas season you can gift a trio of green, red and silver as well. You can easily purchase it online as well any nearby clothing store.

  1. Grooming products

As your niece is growing she must be really keen as to what her mother applies every morning. So, you can gift a grooming kit (cream, shampoo, body wash, lip balm, deodorant). There are many types of kits available in the markets that are especially designed for kids, princess collection (for girls), different cartoon character collection, teen collection. These products are especially made for kids i.e. don’t harm their subtle skin. You can buy these kits online as well as at any departmental store. You can also gift a kit of herbal products with 0% use of chemicals.

  1. Stationary

Every child is an artist by birth! 😉 So why not gift a pack of crayons to the next Leonardo-da-Vinci! And not only crayons, you can make a pack of cool stationary which your niece can flaunt in her school after Christmas. Gifting stationary is not only usable for her but also pocket friendly to gift. You can buy Faber castle kit that is available online. Also, you must check that the crayons are chemical free (if bought from any other company).

  1. Pair of shoes

There is a saying “shoes are a girl’s best friend”. And yes, it is right. Your young pretty lady will surely love pair of beautiful shoes/heals. Try matching it with her favourite dress and buy her the same. Or there are various Christmas themed footwear’s available in market during Christmas season that are cosy and comfortable to wear at home. Also, you can take her shopping with you and ask her choice.

  1. Matching t-shirt

Matching shirts depicts the closeness of the relationship and are always the best, and with cute sayings written on them it depicts the love between the two. These shirts are great, because you can easily choose between aonesie, toddler, or youth shirt (as whatsoever age is of your niece), and choose your size, colour and style as well. These are the new trending styles going in market. If your desired quote is not available then you can customise the shirts by your own as well. You just need to buy 2 plain shirts of respective sizes and then give it for printing to any customising store nearby and you can get it done instantly.

  1. A mug with a cute saying

The mug will fill your niece love and butterflies when she would know how much she means to you. Also this would also mean that she can have a cosy hot chocolate on evenings with you. It’s a pretty simple and sober gift, but the designing depends on you. To make it adorable and visually pleasing you can use soft colours with white background on it while not being tacky.You can choose and size as to how much love you want to pour in daily. The mugs are easily available on Archie’s store as well.

  1. Accessories

Girls have numerous hairclips, hairbands, bangles, necklaces etc. but they still want more! J So, fill in a bit more to their wardrobe this Christmas. You can buy cool accessories for your niece online and offline as well. Buy hairclips, hairbands of their favourite cartoon or princess, buy wristbands or bangles of bright colours and a necklace with a diamond cut pendant. You can buy all these online at amazon.