Christmas Time is a time to celebrate and it is one of the most awaited celebrations throughout the world. It is also true that it is celebrated in many ways and through many varied traditions and practices. In modern times the main parts of this celebrations include many things like setting up Christmas Decorations and preparing Christmas Recipes and buying Christmas Presents to exchange with Friends and Family. But when you say Christmas gifts, the first thing to come in mind is those of you can find in shopping malls and wrapped in a fancy paper. Today, Christmas gifts come in different forms – gift basket, gourmet hamper, Christmas hampers, free tickets to a Holiday cruise, monetary gifts, etc. Although gift-givers put some thoughts on them, making something special for someone makes all the difference. Taking time out to prepare something for a loved one surely sends them some special love.

DIY Christmas Gifts Main

DIY Christmas gifts or homemade gifts hold extra sentimental value. They not only make the recipient happy but even you are happy making these small gifts with love on the festive occasion . There are many kinds of DIY Christmas gifts that you can choose and make for someone special. Depending on their likes and interests, you should be able to make something that will put a smile on their face this Christmas. here we have some simple and unique gifts to consider while you make those DIY gifts for Christmas.

DIY Christmas Gifts :

DIY Christmas Gifts are really easy to make and here are some easy DIY Christmas Gifts for this year.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas :

There are so many options for DIY Christmas Gifts . You can make many things from inexpensive ingredients and get the best looking gift. As there are many different people who you may want to pass on the gifts we have chosen the best options for any gifting needs you might have. Here are some DIY Christmas Gift ideas .

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Printed Candles :

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Candles make for a boring gift; but if they are printed they can look beautiful;l and can be a great gift . Here’s a great option to make your own customised candles . Use Vellum paper to print your favorite image or write a few lines and use the paper to wrap around the candle and hold it tight with an oven paper and use a hair dryer to melt the picture onto the candle.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Mason Jar Sewing Kit


There’s always that on person in your life that loves sewing and making things so why not gift them something useful ? Here’s a cute DIY idea for a Mason jar Sewing kit which makes for a perfect gift for Christmas. Make a small Mason Jar sewing kit with a bit of fabric, hot glue, batting and fill in with all of the necessary sewing items like thread in various colors, scissors, embroidery thread, zippers, buttons etc.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas :Knitted Purse

Knitted gifts have been a constant choice for gifting since ages and it’s really easy and versatile. If you know how to knit and you want to give something special to a girl, you can make this simple handmade Christmas gift. There are many tutorials and guides online that can teach you how to make a nice knitted purse or pouches. If these look tough to you then try some simple designs like a beanie hat, a shawl or scarf. You will need to put in a bit of effort but once you learn how to you can make many beautiful knitted items.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Colorful Candles

Candle making s very easy and there are numerous candle making kits available . You can make a candle set with different colors. All you have to do is to buy all-white wax, melt them, put some dyes or coloring agent and put in candle molds of different sizes. Make it even more special by putting some essential oils in it and make it scented candles.

DIY Christmas Gift ideas  : Hot Cocoa and marshmallow Mix in A Jar


Jar DIY gifts are really popular now and they are very easy to make at the comfort of your home. You can easily make a Hot Cocoa and marshmallows in a jar using Hot Cocoa Mix, marshmallows, peppermint chocolate candies and put the ingredients in layers in a sealed jar . Add some creative wrapping or attach some beautiful labels and decorative elements like paper or twine.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Knitted Scarf

Perfect for winter season, a scarf especially knitted by you can be a nice handmade Christmas gift idea for mom, grandma and girlfriend. They will surely like that thought of having something to cover them on cold days, at the same time, the thought that you exert the effort for making them.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Spa and Bath Set


There are many options for gifting a bath and Spa set. Most women love receiving spa and bath sets as presents and if you make these by hand they are even more special. It’s easy to make homemade bath bombs, foot and body scrub, lip scrub, lip balm and gloss, Body butter and lotions using natural supplies and household ingredients. make your own flavored or scented body scrub, foot scrub using sugar, olive oil, your favorite scented aroma oils and foot colors .

Also you can make an alternative spa and bath set by buying luxury bath soaps and cutting them into cubes and putting them in a transparent jar. Decorate the jar with ribbons. You can add some spa items like relaxing oils and more soaps.

DIY Christmas Gift ideas : Personalized Shirt

If you’re confident about painting T shirts then you can easily make some personalized shirts to give to your best friends or colleagues. Couples love the concept of couple t-shirts and you can make them easily with fabric paint, some stencils and designs, some paintbrush and a little bit of patience. Add lots of colors or some hilarious jokes or one liners to add a funny touch.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas: Crafting Kit


Crafting is a really great way to build creative new things and if your intended recipient loves crafting then you can gift them a DIY assembled Crafting kit. You can assemble them in a jar like above or in a small box too. In this kit you may add chalk liners, ink pad, washi tape, glitter tape, clips, envelopes and cards, letter stamps, gift tags and embellishments. Decorate and add a simple yet attractive tag along with a bit o Christmas themed twine.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Personalized Calendar

For busy individuals who have no time for themselves a Personalized Calender or Small personalized Table is a really well choice. You can Personalize the Calender using photos and texts and can make your own photo frames and calendars too. Use colorful glitter, paint and colored pens to write and add a colorful touch to the calendar.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas : Chocolate Cookies


One of the most popular DIY Christmas gift ideas are homemade Christmas treats. If your recipient is a choco-lover, this can be a nice option. That’s especially if you know how to bake. You can make a couple of chocolate cookies and set them in a nice plate, or Christmas basket. Adorn it with ribbons and some other Choco treats like chocolates, coffee mixes, chocolate bars and mixes and add some attractive packaging.

We hope these DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Have helped you to make some attractive yet affordable presents for Christmas. DO Leave a few lines below if you loved these ideas.