Big fancy gifts are what everybody wants for Christmas. A diamond watch, a new iPhone, a new pair of running shoes — does this wish list look familiar to you? It’s a different story altogether when people actually give you gifts they made themselves. It’s incredible to see the amount of work and the level of creativity that these friends put in to their gifts, and we can’t help but feel truly touched. They love us that much to do this labor of love and give us something that we will really love for Christmas.

This year, why not make your own Christmas gifts and surprise your loved ones? We have some great personalized and do-it-yourself Christmas gift ideas for the special people in your life. We have fun and functional gifts for your honey and for the kids, too. All are easy and inexpensive to make, but definitely thoughtful and unique gifts.

Inexpensive and Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas


Teacup lights as holiday presents? Yes, I’d definitely love to receive one! These teacup lights pack a lot of beauty and elegance but are actually very inexpensive to make. All you need are candle making materials and really beautiful teacups, and you’re all set. See Tutorial at


Fabric scraps go a long way when you’re really creative and crafty. Make your own fabric scrap key chains and give them to friends for Christmas. Key chains are common gifts, and you see them everywhere in the house. But where is one when you need one? They all seem to magically disappear. Problem solved with these bright and colorful designs that make them very easy to find. See Tutorial at


Would you believe these gorgeous luminaries are made using a water balloon? Looks complicated but they’re really quite easy to make. Just prepare some high-melt paraffin wax, party balloons, a double boiler and a cookie sheet. This is the perfect gift to give friends and family which they can really use or put on display. See Tutorial at


Nothing beats having a cuppausing your own personalized mug just like this one. Give your caffeine junkie friends and relatives their own mugs using a light colored ceramic mug and some Sharpies. Yes, Sharpies! Put your drawing or calligraphy talents to good use and start designing! See Tutorial at


Another creative and personalized gift you can give this Christmas are these cute monogram coasters. You’ll be needing cork coasters, adhesive tape, vinyl letters, stencil brush, craft paint, and some ribbons. For a gift that looks right out of some fancy craft store, this gift is so inexpensive and so easy to make. Give these as a set, as a pair, it’s totally up to you. See Tutorial at

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For kids


Your kids will be totally psyched to see their initials on this adorable monogram corkboard. Adorn it with colorful photos of their favorite things. Make them big or small, no problem. These are so easy and inexpensive to make, and it’s something that your kids can use for a really long time. See Tutorial at


For a truly unique and personalized gift for little girls, try making these cute magnetic paper doll tins. They’re so cute and fun I won’t mind receiving one for Christmas, too! Head down to the nearest craft store and buy some scrapbooking paper, magnetic canvas, tin, Sarah Jane Children paper dolls, scissors and adhesives. Paper dolls may be old school, but they definitely still hold that classic charm for girls both young and old. See Tutorial at


Who doesn’t love a cute bookmark? And if it’s as cute as this, we’d definitely want a lot of them. Give these darling yarn ball bookmarks to your little bookworms and they will love reading a whole lot more. All you need for this crafty little project are yarn and scissors! See Tutorial at


Indulge your cute little caped crusader and give him this superhero mask for Christmas. He will probably refuse to take it off for weeks after, but that’s okay. The delight in his face will be totally worth it. Bring out your sewing machine and get sewing. See Tutorial at


Meal time just got cooler in superhero proportions with these awesome etched super hero glasses. They’re so easy and fun to do, and they look really, really cool! I’m definitely going to be making this myself. Possibly with logos of my favorite shows or Harry Potter characters. But superhero logos are totally cool, too. See Tutorial at

Homemade Food/Edible Christmas Gift Ideas


Cheesecakes make the world so much better. We love cheesecakes and we love giving them out as gifts. More people should be able to enjoy these delightful creations. You can do that this Christmas by making your own mini cheesecakes with sugared pecans. See Recipe Tutorial at


Bacon fans, rejoice! We have the perfect Christmas food gift idea that will be eaten faster than you can say ‘happy holidays’. Make your own bacon jam and wow your friends with its yumminess. Be prepared to be bombarded with questions about it and make sure to share the recipe! See Recipe Tutorial at


These candy cane marshmallows are beautiful as they are delicious. How can you go wrong with candy canes and marshmallows? They will make perfect holiday gifts and we’ve got the recipe to help you get started. Give these to friends and family and they will have nothing but sweet words for you. See Recipe Tutorial at


Do you know anyone who loves to bake? This chocolate nut cookie in a jar will surely delight the most passionate bakers. Inside this jar are the ingredients for chocolate nut cookies, already measured and ready for baking. Don’t you just love the colorful presentation? See Recipe Tutorial at


Looking for an easy and inexpensive gift idea for Christmas? Why not make this really festive and quick to prepare Snowflake Mix? Just stock up on cereals, pretzel sticks, honey-roasted peanuts, and mint-flavored milk chocolate pieces. Get some really cute takeout boxes as packaging, too, while you’re at it. See Recipe Tutorial at

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Her


These do-it-yourself geode rings are the perfect gifts to give to your best girlfriends. They’re so simple and so easy to do it’s a wonder why women still buy them online when they can make their own. You need geode or pyrite for this project, plus some ring blanks. Just glue them together, leave to dry, and voila! Instant gorgeous fashion rings for your ladies. See Tutorial at


Yes we have smartphones and tablets to keep us organized. Still nothing beats the old pen and paper and actually writing everything down. Glam up the note-taking and list-making with this do-it-yourself mini gold leaf notebook. How gorgeous is this pink and gold combo? See Tutorial at


I never realized that adding a strip of color on a plain white candle can completely transform its look from plain to elegant! They’re simple but really classy gifts. Everybody likes to light candles every now and then, right? Your friends will be delighted to receive these, and they’ll be able to use them all year round. See Tutorial at


How about some do-it-yourself tassel charm bracelets? Tassels are fun and perky, and they can really work as great accessories to your everyday outfits. Just get yourself some embroidery thread, chains, jump rings, clasps, earring wires, and fold over crimp ends, and you’re on your way to making these darling bracelets. You can also add more charms if you want, and they will look even prettier. See Tutorial at


The cuteness is strong with this one. Colorful fabric scraps put the charm in these do-it-yourself charm necklaces. Surprise the women in your life with these super cute accessories which you can make at home. Make sure to pick out the best-looking fabrics for that pop of color! See Tutorial at

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Him


Turn an ordinary notebook into this stunning and elegant leather journal. Make it yourself for that extra personal touch and give them as Christmas gifts to the special men in your life. This project will only take a movie and a cup of coffee to finish. Easy, inexpensive and elegant gift you got there! See Tutorial at


This next do-it-yourself Christmas gift idea is sure to bring out the craftswoman in you.Turn a piece of nice-looking wood into a rustic pencil holder. This is the perfect gift to give the artist or the outdoorsman in your life. It’s functional yet edgy, and shabby and chic. See Tutorial at


These do-it-yourself personalized paperweights will look great on top of his desk at home and at the office. It’s a labor of love but the finished product looks fantastic. Print out his name, his dog’s name, your secret pet name for him. Transfer onto beveled glass. See Tutorial at


Transform a boring coffee mug into these hipster-looking chalkboard ones.All you need are porcelain mugs, painter’s tape, PebeoPorcelaine chalkboard paint, and a soft bristle paint brush. Now you can leave sweet notes to your man right on his cup when he takes his morning cuppa! So cool! See Tutorial at


This do-it-yourself license plate key hanger is both cute and practical. Busy dads and moms sometimes leave their keys lying anywhere, and when it’s time to get going, nobody can remember where they put the keys. With this personalized key hanger, you can also hang important trinkets like IDs and notepads etc. Now that’s a thoughtful Christmas gift! See Tutorial at