Christmas without some awesome Christmas Jumpers is simply unimaginable! Jumpers help you beat the chill and adds to your style statement and thus, they are a “Must wear”! We list you some really amazing and stunning jumpers you definitely should have in your wardrobes this Christmas!


  1. The Happy Birthday Jesus Jumper:

This one is the most common of all the Christmas Jumpers, yet it is also the most wearable jumpers of all times! It definitely showcases a loving birthday wish to Christ and surely pulls off the festive season! Almost every company knits these with their own innovative designs! Easily found in the stores, this jumper gives out an embracing message and love for the festivities!


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  1. The Vintage Styled Jumper:

What is Christmas without a red, loud festive wooly to wear? Yes, this red colored sweater is THE sweater which has been around during Christmas since a long time. This jumper is always in the “must – have” list and is just perfect for the holiday season!


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  1. The Cozy Christmas Tree Jumper:

Suitable for men and women alike, this cozy jumper with the beautifully knitted Christmas tree in the middle is another stunning wear! This one perfectly captures the spirit of the festival and gives a very comforting look and feel! Definitely a must have!


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  1. The Funny Rudolph Face Jumper:

Jumpers that provide you with the Christmas story in the most creative manner are a treat! Adorn yourselves with this amazing Rudolph Face Jumper with the huge red nose shining this glorious winter! A great wear for children and teen and also a stunning style statement for the “adults”!


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  1. The Elf Designed Jumper:

Santa would be in a tough situation without the elves, especially during Christmas time! Don’t forget the elves and wear the Elf Printed Jumpers this Christmas! They look extremely cute and you can carry them off really well! Easy and stylish!


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  1. The Original Snowy Jumper:

Yes! It’s winter time with the feel of snow covered places around! Christmas would be incomplete without this original, subtle printed white wooly that keeps you warm and gives you an elegant wear. Sober and classic, this jumper gives a sophisticated look!

snowy jumper

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  1. The Quotable Jumper:

Adorn yourselves with custom wear Christmas messages designed on your jumpers and flaunt them thoroughly this festive season! You may find some warm greeting messages, too!

quotable (2)

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  1. The Snowman Pop Pom Jumper:

Get ready for the snow this Christmas with the Snowman Pom Pom Jumper! Bring out the playful you as you head for the snow ball games! Cute and funny, these sweaters are definitely for a look out!


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  1. The Santa Claus Jumper:

Stitched and designed as the Santa’s wear, this Jumper is just too perfect for the holiday season! Dwell into the mood with this Jumper and enjoy the festivities and parties alike! Bring out the generous Santa in you!


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  1. The ‘Hanging’ Jumper:

Yes, you guessed it right. The mantel piece is not the only place to hang the socks; you can even wear it, literally! And this is what it would look like. A totally stylish and cool way to carry this unique idea!


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  1. The Embroidered Jumpers:

Get nostalgic with the memories of your hand knitted Christmas jumper by your grannies! This jumper is specially embroidered keeping the tradition in mind and making a proper depiction of the love and warmth of hand knitted ones!


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  1. The Snowflake Jumper:

The Snowflake Jumper is slightly more subtle with the beautiful designed snowflakes all over. You can choose from various shapes and sizes and also choose bigger snowflakes distanced all over or simply go for the small all over design.


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  1. The Pudding Jumper:

Opt for a subtle Christmas knit this season with this pastel Christmas pudding design. With this one, you can almost smell the brandy butter! Go ahead, grab this sweater for good!


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  1. The Little Penguins Jumper:

Loved by kids and adults, get a couple of these jumpers to look cute and adorable. These adorable penguin jumpers are never going out of fashion!


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  1. The Glittery Jumper :

This one is a favorite pick for women. Covered with shining sequin all over, this scintillating jumper makes a perfect wear for the ladies! A cozy sweater with a great style statement; what would be better than that?


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  1. The Gingerbread Man Jumper:

Another of the cute jumpers! Gingerbread Man jumpers are highly worn for their cute and funny gingerbread man depictions and mainly for the extra cozy feel that comes with large sized sweaters! Comfortable and warm, these are another ball of wool knitted to last many Christmas to come!


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  1. The Hoody Jumper:

Beat the chill with this hoody jumper! This jumper comes with the added advantage of covering your ears and head when it is too chilly and windy at the same time. Mufflers would not come that handy as these hoody, non troublesome jumpers! Enjoy the winters with no worries of getting sick!


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  1. The December 25th Jumper:

The most obvious quote to wear around! Yes, the December 25th Jumpers are very much in demand due to the unique typography maintained by different companies! They are also available in many attractive colors with various innovative designs!


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  1. The Fair Isle Patterned Jumper:

A unique traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors is mainly of Scottish origin. Tradition and innovation comes handy when you go out to get some of these jumpers as they look unique yet really attractive. Grab some for these Christmas to flaunt that amazing style sense with tradition!


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  1. The “I Heart Christmas” Jumper:

Showcase your love and enthusiasm for Christmas with this “I heart Christmas” jumper. Available in different designs, this jumper is suitable for everybody, man and women alike. Go ahead; show some real love with this trendy sweater!

i heart

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  1. The High Neck Jumper:

For those who catch cold easily and want to avoid feeling uncomfortable wearing mufflers and scarves, a great advice would be to go for high neck jumpers! Easily available and always a fashion fit, these jumpers make you feel warm and also prevents you from getting sick!


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  1. The “Bah Humbug” Jumper:

Charles Dickens never though his only single dialogue in A Christmas Carol would make the rounds of Christmas so much that people would knit them on their sweaters! Yes, “Bah Humbug” is nothing but a very unique expression of showcasing the feel of Christmas! Mostly taken in a funny manner, this expression is a chief reason for many sales in the sweater industry during the holiday season!


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Hopefully, your list of awesome and cool jumpers would have some of these various woolies mentioned above! If you have any suggestions or some cool DIY ideas, please mention them in the comments section below! Merry Christmas!