Gift giving is an art. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to pick out an item that the recipient will love every time. Why else will there be a return and exchange counter at department stores, right? There are so many things to consider when picking out a gift for that special person. So before you pay for that colorful tie, or that festive scarf, try to browse through this list that we prepared for you.

We’ve got gift ideas that will suit any budget, personality, hobby, or lifestyle. We’ve scoured the internet and asked some friends around, too. If you don’t want your gift to be tossed in an unused pile in one corner, or worse, returned to the store, have a look at our cool and unique gift suggestions. We love everything in this list, and that pretty much says a lot about how your loved ones will feel about them, too.

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Her


Scented Champagne Candle

This luxurious scented champagne candle by Jonathan Adler will be a perfect Christmas gift for your lady love. It’s infused with all the things we love: pink grapefruit, raspberry, violet and grape leaves, rose petals, and yes, sparkling champagne! Gift your woman with a couple of these babies for those days when all she just wants to do is soak in the tub, or curl up on the sofa with a book, or lie in bed listening to soothing piano music. If you can get her one whole box of this, you’ll definitely be in her good books for a long, long time. $42.016 at


Geometric Gold Ring Set

She probably already has tons of accessories waiting to be worn for the right occasion. But one thing all men must know about their women is that women can never have too many accessories. Delight her with this set of geometric gold rings that she can mix and match with other pieces. They’re fun and fashionable,and they go perfectly with any style. She’ll love wearing these for every day. $25.007 at


Polaroid Z2300 Camera

In every relationship, there’s got to be that someone who loves documenting your love story more. And more often than not, it’s the ladies who make sure that precious moment is captured, whether by phone camera or SLR. The Polaroid Z2300 camera will drive your woman crazy with happiness, we promise. The Z2300 keeps the classic charm of the Polaroid we love, printing your photos instantly, but with the enhanced technology of digital cameras so you can connect them to the computer and post the photos online. It’s got a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and an SD slot for extra memory. Yes, this one is definitely a keeper. $179.99 at


Kindle Paperwhite

If your woman is a passionate reader, for her, nothing beats the smell of fresh book pages and the satisfaction of holding the actual book in her hands. We used to feel that way, too, until we saw the Kindle Paperwhite. It will impress even the most loyal paperback fans. She will love its clean and lightweight design, and the glare-free screen. It’s perfect for reading outdoors and for long periods of time. This device can also last her up to eight weeks before she needs to charge it again! $107.10 at


KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If your woman loves to bake goodies for you, expect to have more delicious home-baked treats when you give her this spanking new KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It’s sleek and sexy, made of tough stainless steel. What’s awesome about it is that it comes in all kinds of pretty colors. It will easily match any color kitchen! $399.99 at

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Him


Jensen JTA-460 Player

Listening to music never looked and sounded so good. The Jensen JTA-460 is sleek, sexy, and stylish. Your guy will love the stereo turntable for when he wants to play his vinyl collection, and the built-in MP3 player with USB port for when he wants to plug in his iPod. This neat player even has an AM/FM stereo radio, and can convert vinyl to MP3 format without having the need to connect to your laptop. Yep, it’s cool in so many levels. $84.95 at


Record Clock

Give that special someone the gift of time. The gift of a cool and stylish vinyl wall clock, that is. This will be perfect for his bachelor’s pad, or even his dorm room, as it works both as a functional timepiece and a decorative wall art. Music fan or not, this is a unique and thoughtful gift he will truly love to receive. $38.00 at


Guy Gourmet: Great Chef’s Best Meals Recipe Book

We love it when our boyfriends or husbands cook for us. It beats eating at a fancy restaurant anytime. Give your man this awesome recipe book so he can cook new healthier and yummier new dishes. From celebration meals to fast and easy dinners, this book has got something to satisfy that craving. $21.41 at


Backpack Telescope

Indulge the inner geek in him and give him this ultra-cool backpack telescope for Christmas. This telescope is specifically designed for people on the go. It’s very light, portable, and easy to assemble. Bring this on your next camping trip, or even on a clear night for stargazing. $59.99 at


GoPro Hero4 Black Camera

Now your guy can capture all his death-defying pursuits on camera with the awesome GoPro Hero4 Black. It’s equipped with all the awesome features required for that ultimate action shot. It’s waterproof, with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, too. He will love you forever for this. $499.99 at

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad


Cloud 9 Escapade

Turn your dad’s dream of flying a plane into reality with this super cool flying experience from Cloud 9. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that he will remember forever, that’s for sure. When he’s done being pilot for a day, he can also try other action and adventure experience packages offered. He can be a race car driver, or he can try zip-lining and white water rafting. Way to go, Dad! more info at


Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt

Whenever we host a barbecue at home, Dad’s always in charge. In between making sure the steak’s not burnt to a crisp and sharing jokes with the guests, tongs and marinades tend to go missing. That’s why the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt is an essential item for all dads out there. All he will ever need to make barbecuing a smooth and mess-free affair can be put inside this tool belt’s many pockets. Brilliant stuff! $109.97 at


Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit

A practical gift to give our dads is this Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit. It comes equipped with 53 pieces of the most commonly used tools around the house. All the tools are durable and will last for a long, long time. It’s also light and portable for ease of use. $27.21 at


AGPtek USB Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter

Your dad will probably cry tears of joy when he finds out that his old mix tapes can still be salvaged. The AGPtek USB Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter does exactly that. It converts cassette tapes to MP3 with the help of the built-in audio editing software. Tunes can be played on an iPod or any MP3 player, or you can also burn in a CD. How cool is that? $17.99 at


Percussion Action Handheld Massage

Your dad will love the Percussion Action Handheld Massage. Why is it the perfect Christmas gift? It’s massage anytime, anywhere. You can choose from firm, gentle, or soothing massage with just one click. And its ergonomic design allows you to massage even hard to reach spots! $79.99 at

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom


Mother Acrostic Print

This handmade wall frame is adorable in so many levels. Mom will surely love a sweet and thoughtful gift like this that truly describes how all mothers are. This gift is simple but speaks volumes. This can be personalized with your names underneath for that truly unique touch. $19.913 at


Garden of Wishes Seed Kit

Give your mom her own Garden of Wishes! The Garden of Wishes Seed Kit comes with different seeds, each one with its own special meaning. You plant them in your garden, give plenty of water and sunshine and wait for your wishes to come into full bloom! $20.00 at


Pampering Kit

Busy, hardworking moms deserve pampering all year round. Now they can, with this luxurious spa relaxation gift set from Verbena. These products contain only natural ingredients and essential oils. Your mom will definitely enjoy the rich and fragrant soap bar, bubble bath, organic lotion, oatmeal milk bath, and lavender bath salts! $90.00 at


Special Green Tea Herbal Kit

Share more stories with your mom over a cup of tea. Give her this special green tea herbal kit. This is a thoughtfully made gift that all tea lovers will enjoy. Taste the rich organic teas from different parts of the world like Sri Lanka, India, and Japan, and enrich your mind and body. $40.00 at


Year of Wishes Candles

Give your mom this beautiful set of candles for Christmas. They’re called Year of Wishes Candles. You light a candle and focus on that particular word of encouragement while it burns brightly against the glass. What a lovely, lovely idea. $17.61 at

Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas


Cool Instagram Coasters

Instagram coasters, anyone? Make good use of your beautiful Instagram photos and turn them into this unique gift idea! They’re easy to make, inexpensive, but fantastic personalized Christmas gifts. I know I’d love to get these for Christmas. How to Make Instagram Coaster


Tea Cup Candles

These tea cup candles will be a great homemade gift for your friends and loved ones this Christmas. You can personalize and use different colors and sizes. You can give it as a set, or even per piece. It’s the perfect unique gift that everyone will appreciate. How to Make Tea Cup Candles