50 Amazing and Easy Christmas Nail Designs and Nail Arts

christmas-nail-designsChristmas is the most wonderful time of the year not just because there are gifts to receive and loads of flavorful food to eat. It is also the best time to year to show off what you got and enjoy the festivities in return.

You start the celebration with decorating your home to complement the season and take part in the fun and happiness of the season. It is more than just the time to put those last year’s décor back to their old place.

Make the season more memorable and artistic with this wonderful Christmas nail art ideas that will surely lighten up your day as you geared towards the coming year ahead. They are colorful and there will surely be one that suits you perfectly. There should be no room for gloomy days or any sour mood, cheer to your heart’s delight and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

This nail art design greatly encapsulates all the colors of Christmas. Red, green and white in alternating patterns would definitely be a hit in those Christmas parties. It is simple yet amusing. It is also fun and delightful at the same time – just like what Christmas is all about.


Image source: pinterest.com

A deep hue of red polish as the base color makes this nail art design endearing. The different designs done in white polish are elegant in each of their own way. It is light and bubbly. It is also elegant and connotes high-end fashion at the same time.

Cute Christmas Nail Designs


Image source: pinterest.com

This nail art piece is just the right combination of soft and bold. The soft pink color of the base polish gives it that feminine touch. The snowflakes painted in deep black aims for boldness. The whole piece is just a work of art of its own.

Nail Designs for Christmas


Image source: pinterest.com

Santa Claus on your nails is definitely cute and bubbly. The sole Santa design on the middle finger is definitely just the right balance. The rest are just the perfect combination of color and glitz. It’s like French tip especially made for Christmas.

Acrylic Christmas Nail Designs


Image source: dressedupnails.com

Poinsettias are truly for Christmas as seen on this nail art design. These holiday flowers make one elegant and artistic piece on your hands. The colors of red and green are in perfect contrast with the silver base polish. An addition of crystal as the flower’s centerpiece makes it more astounding.

Easy Christmas Nail Designs

What’s cool about this nail art piece is the fact that it does not overkill. It provides just the right amount of design to go for high class fashions. Rudolph the red nose reindeer looking nonchalantly on the middle is cute and definition. The red velvet color of the base polish and the white spots also made the catch.

Simple Christmas Nail Designs


Image source: rina-alcantara.com

This nail art piece is the perfect combination of comic and feminine. The neon green Christmas trees looks like they are stitched on your nails. The pink base makes sure to highlight the greens. It’s clever and witty both at the same time.


Image source: pinterest.com

Plain old red nails are just too boring this time of the year. Add some glitz and style to your nails by turning it into cure Santa belts. You could also add more glamour by adding some glitters on the tip. It’s your favorite style but with a Christmas twist.

Christmas Nail art Designs Pictures


Image source: polishpedia.com

How could Christmas be Christmas without good old Santa? Put him on your couture and enjoy the festivities with this unique and elegant design. The red polish makes up for his hat. The white tip can go for his beard.


Image source: nailysnews.com

Deep red polish has always been a staple color for many women. Make it more apt with the season with this simple yet captivating nail art design. Placing some white stripes on the red base gives it more color and style. On your middle finger, draw a ribbon to match the whole theme.

Nail Arts for Christmas


Image source: beautytipsmart.com

This piece is not just attractive – it’s sparkly. The shimmering blue base paint provides the perfect base for the theme. The perfectly pressed snowflakes works well with the blue background as it is perfectly highlighted. This nail art design makes you want to go outside and feel the snow.


Image source: pinterest.com

The soft pink hue of the base polish aims for balance. The red and green glitters on the bottom part of your nails give it color. It is minimalist in design yet still elegant. It works like those Christmas balls hanging on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Nail Designs for Beginners


Image source: sunshinecitizen.com

A piece that reminds you of your childhood and how wonderful Christmas was during those days, this nail art theme is truly nostalgic. The white polish makes the perfect background for the design. The candies stamped on each nail is just plain awesome. The colors are vibrant and sway with life.

Cute Christmas Nail Arts


Image source: pinterest.com

This colorful nail art design is the perfect definition of colorful. Each of your nails would surely be filled with life as they are individually designed. The overall blue motif of this piece gives off that cool effect. It is light and filled with passion all at once.


Image source: indulgy.com

Your nail would sure light up wonderfully with this nail art piece. The Santa hats on each nail is perfectly drawn and fitted. It gives just the right amount of color and style. It is not overbearing and gives the impression of too much.

Acrylic Christmas Nail Art Designs


Image source: weddbook.com

Christmas means glitz and the right amount of glamour. The glittering red base polish makes it absolutely stunning. Santa’s costume as the center piece makes it more lovable. Your nails would sure mean Christmas upon wearing this.


Image source: pinterest.com

Glitters never fail to show up during the holidays. Now, show the true spirit of the holidays with this glistening nail art theme. The snowmen are just the right size. The snowflakes add more meaning to the whole piece.

Nail Art Designs for Christmas


Image source: pinterest.com

The trend in nail art these days is variation and creativity. The hollies and berries drawn on each of your fingers are delightfully sweet. The light base polish allows it to be perfectly highlighted. It is chic, trendy yet still stylish.

Reindeers on your nails say nothing more but “Happy Holidays” to everyone! The sparkling red base lacquer makes each reindeer stand out. The red nose on each one surely makes it more interesting. It’s colorful and definitely apt for the holidays.

Lovely Christmas Nail Designs


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Nothing shouts elegance and high taste more than gold. The swirls on the base and the patterned tip make it alluring and fashionable. It is what you call classy in its fullest extent. Gold on red makes this one striking theme.


Image source: pinterest.com

Variations on each of one of your nails are the trending theme for nail arts. Make yourself not just trendy but also fit for the season with this Christmas nail art design. The whole ensemble is vibrantly filled with colors. The snowflake design on the white base polish is cute.

Cute Nail Designs for Christmas


Image source: pinterest.com

Put some Christmas spirit on those French tips with this unique and creative Christmas nail art design. Santa hats give those white tips livelier. Red dots on the side of the other nails are just the right balance. It glistens with style and richness.


Image source: nailartsdesign.com

This is Christmas nail art design in the perfect embodiment of cute. The Christmas tree on each nails are subtle yet beautiful. The white base polish gives the trees the perfect background. It is just right and fun at the same time.


Image source: pinterest.com

An easy-to-do Christmas nail art, this theme is just right for the festivities. The alternating color of red and green ribbons shows one subtle design. The white tips complements with ribbons well. It’s classic with a twist.


Image source: pinterest.com

White on blue makes the perfect contrast of colors. The blue base aims for the perfect backdraft. The white spots resemble snow falling from the sky. The formed snowman is cute and at the same time stylish. It’s literally Christmas right at your fingertips.

More Christmas Nail Designs Pictures


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