With many Christmas Gift Basket Ideas on mind, some of you are probably confused which one could be the perfect present for Christmas Day. If “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” doesn’t help you choose the best one, then you may consider choosing “all of the above” option. Gather all possible Christmas present and wrap it all up in a Christmas hamper basket! Read on to learn the guide to best Christmas gift basket

Things to Consider:

There are few things you should consider when setting up a Christmas hamper gifts.

1. The number of gifts

2. The Christmas hampers themes

3. The budget

4. The wrapping style

5. The Christmas hampers deliveries

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Your Christmas present don’t have to expensive. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. It would be nice if the gift you choose will give them the impression that you really think about their likes and interests.

There are many gift ideas you could come up for your loved ones like Christmas Food Hampers, Christmas Wine hampers etc. You just need to know their recent interest, hobbies or likes.

Unique Christmas Hamper Ideas

For Relaxation Aficionados, have a Christmas hamper filled with:

  • Health and beauty magazine
  • Fluffy socks
  • Tea and sweet treats

For Movie Buffs, collect and wrap these in a christmas gift basket:

  • Collection of his/her favorite movies
  • DVD collections
  • Special pop corn
  • Soda or drinks

For Coffee Freak, include Christmas gifts like:

  • Different blend of coffee
  • Gourmet coffee beans
  • Novelty mugs
  • Chocolate chips
  • Decaffeinated coffees

For beauty conscious, wrap up beauty and spa gift basket items like:

  • Facial creams
  • Cosmetics
  • Lotions
  • Bathsoaps
  • Body wash

For a Cook, Christmas hamper basket filled with:

  • Recipe books
  • Cooking utensils
  • Homemade goodies
  • Spices and herbs

For Music lovers, fill your christmas hamper and christmas gift basket with a collection of:

  • Music CD’s
  • iPod gift certificate
  • Funky MP3 skins or cases
  • Cool earphones

For Car Enthusiasts, you may consider including below items for christmas hamper basket:

  • Cool car stickers
  • Chamois
  • Car accessories
  • Car wash supplies

For Dog lovers, I suggest these christmas gift basket supplies

  • Feeding bowls
  • Leash or Collars
  • Dog Care supplies
  • Biscuits
  • Special Dog food
  • Squeaky toys

Christmas  Hampers and Christmas Gift Baskets

Once you come up with the collection of special gifts, setting it up in a Christmas hamper is the next step. Now, you can have many options to choose when it comes to the container. Depending on the Christmas hamper theme you choose, you may considering using:

  • Large Cookie Jars
  • Pasta Pots
  • Wicker Baskets
  • Ornamental Boxes
  • Large Vases
  • Wrought Iron Basket

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

In wrapping gift baskets, you can use different kinds of wrappers including clear plastic covers and cellophane in various colors. You may also use scarves, colorful towels, mantles or linens as additional wrapping material.

You may spice it up with different decorations like ribbons and tulle. You may also include candles, colorful Christmas ornaments and small gift items as your basket fillers.

Be creative! Don’t be afraid to try different things. Give your creativity a boost and think outside the box.

May all of you have a Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: BY Mothernaturebeauty under CC BY Attribution