Christmas Food Hamper Ideas

Christmas is a festival which is celebrated all over the world and gifts are the major part of the celebration. Giving thoughtful gifts to your family and friends is a very common activity during Christmas. Many stores, shops and markets hold proper Christmas sales, where you can buy many wonderful gifts at good prices. Exchanging Christmas gifts between the people is an easy method to show love between friends and the family members. It is a fact that the essence of the Christmas is half lost without the exchange of the gifts. There is lot of effort, which goes behind the celebration of Christmas like making the Christmas foods, doing the Christmas decorations, and buying or making the Christmas gifts. Every family member helps you to prepare for the Christmas and take some responsibilities to make it a success.

Christmas Food Hampers

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One of the great Christmas gift for any person can be the Christmas food hampers. Normally, they are enclosed in the Christmas basket with a lid. The Christmas food hampers are generally, the collection of gourmet items or specialty foods which are packed in a nice gift basket. First, you have to choose your theme to be able to make a good Christmas gift basket. The theme can help you to include different cohesive food items. Your Christmas gift basket can be the homemade Christmas basket, personalized Christmas hampers, corporate Christmas hamper etc. You can also choose whether you will choose the different themes like the festive goods, baked goods, alcoholic, chocolaty or sweet etc.

Instead of giving any wrong gift and hurt the feeling of the another person, most of the people prefer to give Christmas hampers, which contain various goodies like chocolates, baked goods, fruits, or various mixed foods to their friends and colleagues. It is also good way to show love and care.

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Christmas-Themed Hampers


There are many gift shops and markets who prepare Christmas gift hampers like the goodies which are associated with the Christmas like snow globes, hot chocolate mixtures, wine bottles, stripped candies and so on. You can buy these Christmas themed gift hampers and gift them to your friends and colleagues.

Baked Goodies


The Xmas hamper include the various food items associated with the Christmas, like baked goods like the pies, chip cookies, brownies, cakes, gingerbreads and cupcakes. You can purchase them from market or prepare these baked goods at home and they do not require any refrigeration. You just have to wrap them individually before you put them together in a Christmas basket, so that you can avoid smearing their individual flavors.


There are lots of people who love baked food, specially the freshly baked foods. You can purchase the baked goods from the bakery or bake the fresh items at your home like muffins, croissants, bread, brownies etc. After that, you can make up your own baking goods hamper. This makes for a cheap food hampers, which will be loved by anybody who loves to eat.


Italian Gourmet Hampers


If you would like to do something different, you can choose a theme for your Christmas food hamper like Italian, so you can include bread sticks, olive oil, amerretti biscuits, a bottle of Italian wine, parmesan cheese grater and dried paste. You can include the Tequila, Mexican spices, jalapeno peppers, refried beans and tacos for Mexican theme.

Homemade Christmas Food Hampers

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You have lot of choices, when you are making up the homemade food hampers. You can look up online for different types of recipes like cupcakes, cakes, muffins, candies, brownies etc. and bake them at home. You can also decorate them in simple or elaborate manner in the Christmas theme. After that, you can wrap them separately and put them in a Christmas hamper. It will make for a fantastic gift for anyone.

Grocery Items


If you lead a hectic lifestyle, you don’t have to worry. There are lot of shops and stores in the market, who offer Christmas food hampers. All you have to do is to visit the shops and choose the Christmas food hampers you would like to buy for gifting it to your family members and friends. This shopping expedition can become a fun job for you.

Fruits and Vegetables


There are many people who give baked goods and chocolate hampers as the Christmas gifts. If you want to do something different, you can give fruit hampers as the Christmas gifts. These hampers include different types of fruits and vegetables, and are the perfect gift for the friends and the family members who love to eat fruits and vegetables. Just make sure, that the fruits and vegetables which are included in the hamper are not allergic to the person, who has received the gift.

Breakfast Christmas Hampers


Online Christmas Food Hampers

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If you do not have time to visit market or stores to do the Christmas shopping, you can go online and do your shopping at various shopping website. Now, most of the stores and shops also have websites, where you can make choices, do the payment and ask them to deliver the items at your doorsteps.

Chocolate Christmas Hampers

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Almost all people love to eat chocolates. So, if you cannot think of any suitable gifts, you can always buy a chocolate hamper for your family members and your friends. You can also give chocolate hamper to your partner or the special someone. If you can make your own chocolate, you can arrange them in a basket, wrap it with Christmas paper and present it your loved one.

Luxury Wine and Cheese Hamper


The wine gift basket is very costly and luxury gift item. You should gift it to the person who loves the alcoholic drinks. You can pick up various kinds of wine, red and white as per your choice and set it up in a basket. You can also include the winery items such as tall glasses and bottle opener. You can also include the specialty cheese with your wines. The possibilities and the ideas are endless. Then you can wrap it up with the clear plastic and place a bow on top of it.

Organic Food Hampers


You can also purchase an organic food hamper for the friends and the family members, who are health conscious in their lifestyle. There are many departmental stores and shops, which offer organic food hampers due to great demand. Apart from that, you can also visit online to get the organic food hampers.

Candy Gift Basket for Christmas


A Christmas hamper filled with candies and sweet goodies can also make a nice gift basket for Christmas. Kids and friends with sweet tooth would surely love the combination of varieties of sweets and candies. You may include homemade Christmas candies like candy canes, rum balls, potato candies and more. And just like baked goodies, make sure that they are wrapped individually before setting it up in a nice hamper.

Christmas Gourmet Hamper


It can also be a good option for Christmas gift. You may choose from different gourmet recipes to include to your basket. For example, if your food hamper theme is Italian, include olive oil, bread sticks, Italian wine, amaretti biscuits, dried paste and parmesan cheese grater to your hamper. For Mexican theme, include tacos, Tequila, refried beans, Mexican spices and jalapeno peppers.

A Hamper of Spices


Christmas Food Hamper Shopping

If any of your friends and family members are unavoidably detained in another country during Christmas and you are afraid that he won’t able to join you. Don’t worry. You can still show him your love and care by sending him food hampers. There are many stores, which will happily take the order for the international delivery.

As the Christmas season come near, the crowd in the streets and the store continues to increase. If, you are not comfortable with shopping in the crowd, you can do your Christmas shopping from the comforts of the home. You can visit different shopping websites online, do your selection for the Christmas food hampers and other items and purchase them by doing the payment.


One of the best Christmas gifts is making your own Christmas hamper for your family members. The best thing about it is the freedom you have to choose various items to place in it. You can also personalize and customize as per your choice. But, you just have to keep your budget in mind as you are just not keeping one item, but several items in it. So, make your own Christmas gift hamper for every members in the family as per their taste and savor the spread smiles on the faces of your family members and friends.

With the start of winter, you start anticipating the arrival of Christmas season. For that, you and your family members start preparing for Christmas in a variety of ways, like making or purchasing Christmas decorations, cleaning your home from basement to attic, shopping for the Christmas gifts. The Christmas food, that is the delicious and mouthwatering feasts for all family is prepared and eaten together. Some people also invite relatives and friends to have more fun.

Some amount of money is spent for decorating Christmas tree with the beautiful decoration pieces; other people put the small twinkling lights all the trees in gardens and all over their houses for giving it a festive look. But, the thing which sets out of all the preparations is the amount of the efforts, which are made by you to select the perfect Christmas gift for your family members and the friends.