Are you looking for luxury Christmas hampers to give to your loved ones this coming holiday season? Whether it would be a Christmas gift for a friend or significant other, a set of luxury gifts wrapped in a decorative hamper basket or container can make any receiver a happy camper.

You can have almost limitless options when it comes to luxury Christmas gift basket. Choosing deluxe Christmas items that your recipient loves the most is the key to a perfect Christmas hamper. Here are some suggestions for luxury gift basket for Christmas. Please find some of Christmas Hamper Basket Ideas below

Special Christmas Hamper Ideas

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Gift baskets filled with special chocolates are popular gift options especially for women. Your recipient would surely savor the taste of gourmet chocolate over the holiday season. Include different expensive brands of chocolates, or better yet, know what brand your recipient love the most. Partner your gourmet chocolates with fine champagne for more romantic touch. In this gift option, your money will surely be well spent.

Cheese and Wine Hamper

Who wouldn’t want to receive a basket packed with high-class cheese products and fine, expensive wine? This luxury gift basket could make a nice Christmas present. Choose high quality brands of cheese like Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester or Stilton. You may also include special cookie chips and biscuits to your hamper. Winery supplies like tall glass can be included as well. Every recipient would surely love this.

Organic Gift Basket

If your recipient is health conscious or into organic foods, this Christmas Gift Basket Ideas could be your option. There are many luxury organic items that you can buy in supermarkets or online. You may include organic products like biscuits, alcoholic drinks, teas, and goodies. This will surely put a sweet smile on every recipient’s face this coming Christmas.

Gourmet Christmas Hamper

Gift basket with special food items like homemade goodies, cakes, fine champagne, fine-dining Christmas cuisines can make a luxury Christmas hamper. Prepare special homemade recipes and Christmas treats and wrap them individually. Put them together in an ornamental cookie jar or container and decorate with ribbons.

Gadget Christmas Gifts

Make your own luxury gift basket filled with expensive gadgets. You may include iPods, mp3s, PC and cellphone accessories, computer devices, tablets, iPads, PSP’s, game cards or gift certificates to a reputable gadget stores. A techie recipient would surely love this.

Corporate Christmas Hamper

These luxury Christmas gift baskets are perfect to give to your boss or co-workers. Today, more and more shopping establishments are offering Christmas holiday deals features gift baskets and hampers for Christmas. You may want to browse some for your colleagues and boss.

Photo Credit: IMG_2457-web Gift basket from Alice. Cheese & chocolate theme by Birdie100 CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic.