We all know that one of the best part about holiday season is that we get to decide and wear a new dress. Holiday season is just the perfect time to make an excuse to splurge on a gorgeous party dress that we just saw online or on the cover of a fashion magazine and will just wow your friends and family. While it may sound fun and exciting to treat yourself with a new dress but sometimes finding that one perfect dress for yourself can be a problem. As there are tons of options to choose from and you may be confused and in addition to that you also have to keep in mind the theme , occasion and venue of the holiday party. If you don’t take care of these points then you will over dress or under dress yourself. To pull of the right look for you this holiday season we have mentioned some helpful tips that will surely help you.

  1. Dress for Christmas Party: we purly believe that this is the time fo the year where dresses should not be chessy. You should definitely go for the christmas party dress that comes in traditional colours such as red and green. Also we highly suggest that do take the venue of the party into consideration if you are going to spend the night outdoors then you should buy something that will cover you. Its obvious that you will be moving around in the dress therefore make sure that you wear something that is comfortable.
  2. Dress for New Years Eve: it is the time of the year when you celebrate the past and look forward to the future, therefore the New Year dress you are going to pick should be fun. If you don’t wear the heals on regular basis then choose this time of the year to against the regular, if you don’t like to go all sparkly normally then guess what you have got the reason to be. Don’t hold yourself back from adoring yourself with funky jewels and heavy sparkles. New year is the perfect time to put your shame away and wear those skin tight dress that perfectly show case our figure.

These were few points that will surely help in picking up the perfect holiday party dress, you should not stress over the dress thing, the most important thing is to have fun.

After going through these tips on how you can choose the pefect outfit for yourself we have mentioned few designer brands that make perfect christmas outfits , we have coverd something for everyone whether you want to look cozy or glam, just look at our list down.


One of the best fashion designers of America, Ralph Lauren has established a global multi billion dolar enterprise. This is one of his designed dress and can we just take a moment out and appreciate this beautiful black dress. This dress is perfect for any holiday party and is casual to carry, if you have a party at your office we must say this is the one you must go for.



This brand was established in 2004 by Georgina Chapman who does unique print and embroidery and Keren Carig’s who does draping and embroidery. They both are known for there beadwork, iconic embroideries and vintage influence on there dress. This dress is the perfect red dress anyone could ever look for. You can perfectly pair it with right pair of heels and girl you are ready to rock the show.



do you want to wear a fairy tale dress at a holiday party then you must go for dresses by Monique Lhuillier as they create high-courture dresses that are loved and adorned by women from around the world. The brand is known to use contemporary cuts and distinct style.


if you want to become the fashion diva at the party then you must try this dress. We assure you, every head will turn to look around you. This is one of the perfect dress that could be used even after the holiday season. So this is one time investment thing.

Anna Sui:

whenever you think about bohemian fashion, Anna Sui should be the first name that should come into your mind. She does some amazing stuff when it comes to bohemian fashion. She is known for her luxury, imaginative and dynamic pieces. She is considered as an inspiration for many people to express themselves regardless of what they are, isnt this great. You can definetly wear her outfits to any of the holiday party and stand out as an daunting lady.


this dress of her is perfect for anyone who wants to wear minimual but wants it to look maximum.


Tory Burch started as a small shop on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan and grew itself as a global brand and now is one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands.


who says one should only wear dresses to the holiday parties, you can probably go with a funky jumpsuit, this jumpsuit from Tory Burch inspires us to wear a jumpsuit for a holiday party. Dont be fooled in its simplicity, this is one of the best outfit anyone could have. This is casual but gorgeous you can pair it up with a fur blazer and you are ready to look iconic.


Have you ever wondered who is that one brand that bought bright colours into fashion? Without any doubt they are Betsey Johnson, As you go deep down in the world of luxury fashion you will be surprised to know that how they dance with the femininty and whimsical embellishments. This sequin short black dress is the one you can pair with long boots and long coats. If you are a party person then you must try this, this will perfectly showcase your partyside to everyone.



Mark Badgley and James Mischika attract the praises from all around the world through their fashion luxury brand. They are widely known for their sensual and chic wear. The brand perfectly ensures that everyone who wear Badgley Mischika creation looks and feels gorgeous and confident. They were included in Vogue’s top 10 brands ! therefore, this is brand is something you should not miss.


this perfect red blazzer will not only make you look classy but will impart boss girl vibes. Red is also a must have colour for christmas and will not only make you look super stylish but will also make you a classy lady. An outfit like this would look beautiful for any occasion ranginf from work party dinner to dinner with family additionally it will save you from the cold.


Carolina Herrara pieces are structured to create its own kind of sexy dresses. They are constructed effortlessly with softness and reflect modern femininity. If you are the one who doesn’t likes to wear body – fitting dresses and love to wear flowy and princess like cut dresses then we have got the perfect brand for you. There dresses will make you feel royal , since the day this luxury brand  has started the brand has been on the top of the mind of people whenever they thought of refined, timeless and elegant dresses.


this pink dress from this luxury brand will make you feel like a princess and will make you feel confident. We bet everyone will ask you about the dress and dresses like this can also be used to wear during any famliy functin or at your friends wedding. You can put up this dress with a high bun and long white ear rings with a pair of high heels.


this luxury brand was founded by Oslen twins and promise to deliver a different kind of elegance. If you miss out on this brand then this would mean that definitely you are missing out on something whole different. As a women we are taught to have a perfect waist because it is one of the feature that makes you look femine but this brand challenges that. In their collection you will probably find minimalist coloured drapes and relaxed overall outfits, this is one of the iconic addition to your closet and effortlessly put you together and style you whenever you want.


Loose, ballooning sleeves lend The Row’s beige Vara blouse a sophisticated air, you can style it with black skirt. This season if you want to wear something feminine and girly then you must go for this and surprise everyone with this gorgeous outfit.


this luxury brand is famous for dressing Michelle Obama on many ocassions. Jason Wu is known for her signature feminie flavour. They create excellent and timeless courture that has quality.


this white dress is simple and graceful, it is also easy to style and wear. You can probably wow everyone around with your simple dress.

These were the best designer brands that you must check while doing your holiday dress shopping


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