The month of December comes with lots of fun and excitement. It gives you so many reasons to watch hallmark movies, spend some time with family and friends and enjoy nights by fire. Holiday season or Christmas times also comes with many reasons to do holiday baking.

This Christmas get ready for some holiday baking! This Christmas dazzle your holiday table and surprise everyone with these super simple easy to make sweet Christmas cakes, candies, and cookies that will give you and your kids a very merry time while whipping up these festive desserts.

Down below we have mentioned sweet treats that are easy to make and will be a nice treat for your taste buds.


believe us or not but Christmas menu without a fruit cake is not complete. Whether you are a chocolate fan or red velvet fan fruit cake is a must. You can make it a hit by adding two key ingredients that are rum and butter. The recipe for a fruit cake includes dried fruits, ground cinnamon, brown sugar unsulfured molasses, pecans etc. The fruit cake will surely become one of the favorites of family and friends.



this Christmas make these kids approved ginger bread cookies infused with coco. Gingerbread men are so cute and these little guys taste delicious. They are soft and gooey. They can turn out to be a fun project while you do it with kids. If you are planning to through a kids Christmas party or a holiday gathering then you must bake these chocolate rice krispie gingerbread men. A not to remember is that if you are going to make your chocolate rice krispie gingerbread men into pops then you should make them fairly thick so that they are able to support stick.



These pretty sugar cookie cups are beautifully decorated with Christmas sprinkles. They will really look cute while sitting on your table and can work as an amazing appetizer for your Christmas party. For a little sweet surprise fill these cookie cups with mini M&M. Your guests of any age group may be they are old or young they will truly enjoy eating these sweet little cups.



who don’t likes oreo? They are so irresistible. You know how to make them even more irresistible? Just add white chocolate, festive sprinkles and Hershey’s kisses! These holiday dipped oreos make an inexpensive and cute festive gift for Christmas. These are really easy to make and within no time you will be churning out on gourmet dipped oreos.



These super cute Christmas treats are the most adorable Christmas dessert and is also the most perfect for parties. They not only look super cute and adorable but also work as an easy pesy snack idea. Kids will not only love to eat them but will also love to bake them. To make them all you need is a few ingredients and in less than a minute you’ll have the most festive and adorable Christmas sweet ever! Kids will surely love transforming Swiss Rolls and snowballs into these super cute festive creatures.



Are you planning to spend your Christmas evening by watching a movie? Then you must whip up this festive popcorn to snack on during the Christmas eve. These christmas popcorn have M&M, bits of candy cane, white chocolate and red and green drizzle spread all over it. It will be a great Christmas snack to feed on or you can gift it to the neighbors or even snack them for Santa instead of cookies. This can be a new favorite Christmas treat for your kids and for your group of friends or cousins who are planning to watch the same movie.



This Christmas bake your own homemade brownies for these green forested trees. Do you remember the first time you decorate your own Christmas tree? Like that very first Christmas tree, these brownies will make you so happy! Is there anything more delicious than the combination of peppermint and chocolate that involve icing and sprinkles. They will not only brighten up your day but will also make you feel happy. If you want to add a tree trunk to the trees then you can cut up some of the left over candy canes and push them into the bottom of the brownies. Just to enlighten you, you must add the stick before icing the tree because it would a little bit difficult to push it inside without wrecking the icing. They will not only look awesome but will also be the easiest treat ever!



Just a little warning before you are planning to make them for your kids that your kids might have a lot of more fun decorating these trees than the one you have placed in your living room. This Christmas bring on the holiday cheer with these cute little Christmas tree rice krispies treats! These Christmas trees are just as fun to make as they delicious to eat. You may be confused that who liked them more you or your kids? They are basically a upgrade and are made using a rice krispies treat recipe but instead of authentic squares they are stained in green and shaped in cones and then all over are covered with sprinkles.



If you are still looking for the easiest way to dress up your brownies then you must then this is it! These Easy Rudolph Brownies are a good idea, you can probably go with regular reindeer brownies but the red nose is just so fun really pops out on the chocolate brownies. To make it an family affair you can also involve kids to decorate them and then can throw a party together.



We guarantee you that these melted snowman oreo balls will be the first one to go, during your Christmas party. They are so festive and are a great addition to any holiday party. This recipe is a total hit and most of the people will just love having them because these cute snowmen are even more sweeter on the inside all credits go to their oreo truffle filling.



Have you ever seen something more cuter than this? These cute little Santas don’t need any baking, cooking or strenuous activity is required. They only need three ingredients strawberries, vanilla frosting and black icing. They taste so delicious because of their creamy vanilla center and you are totally going to love the process while you prepare them. Just a little information that if you want to make them for the party quickly assemble them once you arrive because juice of strawberries might slide away the frosting. The most important thing about it is the dreamy and sweet combination of vanilla frosting and strawberries. Sometimes when you put together few simple things they taste wonderful together. The fact that we all love about it is that these can be super easy to make during the busiest time of the year.



Christmas is definitely the time of the year to unleash your inner cookiemaker. Christmas is just not complete without cookies. If you are bored with the typical sugar or gingerbread cookies then you must try these Cinnamon Sugar cut out cookies. They are made from cinnamon sugar and unsalted butter. The combination of cinnamon, salt, butter make these cookies stand out of the world and special. You can cut them up in any shape and decorate them. To decorate them in pastel theme fill these chic Christmas cookies with blue, pink or green royal icing, to make them more beautiful sprinkle some sanding sugar on the top and lay gorgeous pink pearl nonpareils.



these cute little guys are really easy to make, all they take are couple of dips in candy melt, a little sprinkle on top of each hat and for detailing the face edible marker. You can make while watching Christmas movies on the hallmark channel and guess what they will not take too long and will made. Just wrap these cuties in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon and you have got a cute little gift for your friends, neighbors and relatives . just remember to use a food – safe marker to build a team of totally edible marshmallow elves.



Astonish your guests by preparing the typographer pie. They will not believe their eyes when they will cut into this pie and see a cute festive message awaiting especially for them. However holidays are the best time to relive the concept of expressing one’s feelings to others. Isn’t this great to create a talking pie that can be made in any flavour you choose.



Assign the kids to make these adorable marshmallow treats. They are so adorable to fun to eat that you can enjoy these little cuties in a real mug of hot chocolate or just eat it as a treat.



These are not only edible no bake pinecones fun snack for kids but also make an elegant display for the dinner table. These fun sweets are made with dry cereal and a mixture of peanut butter, you can also describe it as 50% healthy and 50% sweet which equals to 100% fun. It proves to be a great edible craft for the kids to make this Christmas as it involves no baking just mix and assemble them. As they prove to be a clever snack for kids, these chocolate pinecones also look great resting on the dinner table. These pinecones will leave your guest wanting more and making them think that mother nature never tasted so sweet. To add a snowy effect just dust the pinecones with some powdered sugar. If you are wondering that how will you eat these pinecones then its simple, simply pluck it apart piece by piece and yum they just taste so delicious.



This gorgeous pie is a show – stopping Christmas dessert. This Christmas beat all other pies by baking these Cranberry Meyer Lemon Pie with Gingersnap. Without cranberry there is no Christmas. This combination requires sour lemons and creamy butter curd for a taste and there is something that is good and out of this world. This pie is a brilliant twist of key lemon pie that will not only stand out on the table but will completely steal the show. None of your guests will remember that even the turkey was served, we promise it is that good.



By seeing this we can absolutely say that we are stunned to see this stunning snowman cake. This cute three tired snowman cake stands sky – high for the cuteness factor also it can work as a Christmas centrepiece for the dinner table. The snowman cake is made out of delicious gingerbread cake, buttercream frosting and fondant that makes the most charming snowman centrepiece. Although nobody’s snowman will look the same but they will be charming in their own way and yes they will taste good too!



Nothing welcomes Christmas like a Christmas fudge. The motto of this decadent holiday fudge is more chocolate and less sugar, this motto just works perfectly for a Christmas party and looks good in a gift box.



You either say it Buche de Noel or a Yule Log Cake. It is a French Christmas tradition that goes back to the 19th century. The cake represents the yule log that most of the families would burn on the Christmas Eve. The burning of the log would symbolize the welcome of new year and would bring a lot of good luck to the family. We don’t know who came up with the whole yule log cake idea but we just don’t want to end this tasty tradition. Towards the end when the cake is ready don’t forget to trim the ends and frost the cake with chocolate buttercream. To make it look more attractive slightly dust the powdered sugar and top it with chocolate curls. Also, place the cranberries and rosemary on the log to simply create a mistletoe.


These were easy to make sweets for Christmas Eve, you will enjoy preparing them and eating them.