Christmas does need any description in today’s time as we all know that it is a festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s not a birthday as such of Jesus Christ as it is not claimed that he was born in late December. It is just the date which has been chosen for this celebration of birth of Lord Jesus.

Sweets form a very important part of any celebration or we can say that no celebration is complete without sweets. Sweets can be in any form let it be candies, chocolates, puddings, pancakes, cake or ice cream. Everywhere we talk about sweets but here we have something to make your children happy and also elders attracted towards your sweets and that is a SNOWMAN Sweets.

Snowmen are a popular theme for Christmas and winter decorations and so here we will have Snowman sweets ideas.

Chocolate Snowman Pretzel Cookies:


It is fun-to-make snowman treat as it is so

Finger – licking – good.


Quarter Bag of Orange Candy Melts

One Bag of Brown Candy Melts

One Bag of White Candy Melts

0.5 lb Pretzel sticks


Microwave the white candy in a glass or ceramic container that is as high as the pretzel sticks and stir until smooth and completely melted. Take one pretzel stick and immerge it in white chocolate for ¾ and place it on a parchment paper. Keep coating the pretzels and placing them to form faces. Let the white chocolate dry and in meantime prepare snowman noses. Melt the orange candy melts and place in a small plastic bag. Cut a corner of the plastic bag in order to create a tiny hole and design tiny long triangles. Fill center of triangles with orange chocolate. You can also use a toothpick to spread the chocolate in the center of the triangle and let it dry for 20 minutes. Microwave brown candy melts, take white chocolate pretzels square and dip it on side which is not coated in white to create the snowman hat and place it back on the parchment paper to dry. Take pretzel stick and immerge it completely in the dark chocolate with the help of a fork and place it on the snowman exactly on the border of the white and the brown to create the snowman hat’s brim. Let it dry and add one orange nose from the parchment paper. Place a drop of dark melted chocolate using a toothpick on the snowman white face to create the snowman eyes. Add sugar snowflake flower on the hat using dark chocolate as glue and finally let the snowman cookies dry.

Snowman Marshmallows:


If you’re more of the low-key crafting kind of person then this

idea is made for you.


One bag Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

Black 20-second icing

Orange piping icing

Marshmallow coating {recipe below}


Start by spreading the marshmallows on a parchment lined cookie sheet and then cut the marshmallows in half and lay them on the baking sheet sticky side up. Once cut, dip the sticky sides of the marshmallows into confectioner’s sugar and cornstarch. After dipping, use a kitchen strainer to shake off any excess coating and remove as much as possible so the icing sticks to the marshmallow. Finally, add a little snowman face. Let icing dry for a few hours and layer marshmallows in hot cocoa mix or to drop into a sweet cup of hot chocolate.

Oreo Cookie Snowmen:


This adorable edible treat-on-a-stick can be prepared in just over 30 minutes.


8 ounce brick cream cheese, softened

36 OREO Cookies, finely crushed

4 ounce packages white baking chocolate, melted

1 teaspoon black decorating gel

2 teaspoons orange decorating


Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended perfectly and then shape into 1-inch balls. Freeze for 10 mins. Dip balls in melted chocolate and place them in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan. Later decorate them with remaining ingredients to resemble snowmen. Refrigerate until firm and ready to serve after that.

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String Cheese Snowmen:

They’re great to serve at a play date and also make a sweet surprise for your kiddo’s lunchbox.


one pack of string cheese

Sharpies: orange and black

a spool of ribbon for scarves making

piece of black card stock

Instructions:Take cheese string and make eyes and nose using sharpies. For the top hat you can use an old cutting die from a snowman kit or just cut out little square top hats using black card.

Melting Snowman Treats

: Kids will definitely like these melting snowman treats concocted from dough and candy. It can be made easily in 45 minutes.


Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

1 pouch each of Crocker Cookie Icing in white, red, blue, and green

1 tube Betty Crocker black Decorating Gel

Betty Crocker Candy -rainbow chips

1 bottle Betty Crocker Chocolate Sprinkles

12 marshmallows


Following baking directions given on sugar cookie pouch and then divide dough evenly into 12 round cookies. On cooled cookies, draw a “snow puddle” using Betty Crocker White Cookie Icing. By drawing the outline of the puddle and then filling in the shape.While the icing is still wet place a marshmallow to one side of the cookie. Once the icing and marshmallow have set then draw two “branches” onto each cookie using black gel. Add fingers with chocolate sprinkles. Using a small dot of white cookie icing, stick two “coal” eyes and a nose onto the marshmallow with Rainbow Chips and also pipe a small dot for the mouth with black gel. Use blue, red, or green cookie icing to draw scarves around the base of the marshmallow and later use a small dot of white cookie icing to create three “coal” buttons beneath the scarf with Rainbow Chips. Allow cookies to set.

Rice Krispie Snowmen:


This delightful winter treat is sure to tempt the taste buds of the

little sticky-handed sweeties at snowy abode.


450 g rice krispies

1 bag of white marshmallows

2 tbsp butter

white melting chocolate

candy – soft black licorice, chocolate buttons, red sour strap, mini chocolate chips, raspberries


Heat 2 tablespoons of butter till melted and add one bag of marshmallows and stir over a medium heat until melted. Then add 3/4 of a 450 g box of cereal. After all the cereal is coated, pull off the heat and spread across a sheet of baking paper to cool down. Cereal should be coated but not too sticky that it won’t hold shape. As it cools down, once cooled it becomes easier to work with.Lightly grease your hands and roll cereal mix into two different sized balls and press the mixture firmly in your hands to hold the shape. Then store on baking paper. Cut strips of sour straps into thirds to make the scarf. Clip scarfs end to create a fringe. Using melted white chocolate, glue soft black licorice piece on top of a milk chocolate button. When warmed it is quite easy to roll. Put in the fridge to set. Assemble your snowman using melted white chocolate. Sandwich scarf between rice krispie balls and refrigerate. After that add chocolate chip eyes and buttons and a little carrot nose. Also small piece of a raspberry jube works well for the nose. Finally, use hat on top and refrigerate again before serving. Once they are set the bottom can be sliced a little off so that snowman can sit up nicely.

Doughnut Snowmen:


Easy-to-assemble and easier to devour, having snowmen as first thing in the morning is a no-brainer.



Wooden skewer

Orange and green mike

Fruit roll

Black food color


Slid the fresh donuts onto a long wooden skewer because if the donuts aren’t fresh, they may split when you slide them on. Then use an orange Mike for the nose and a green Mike cut into half for the buttons. Then slice a piece of fruit roll-up to make the scarf and make the eyes and mouth with a toothpick dipped in black food coloring.

Sledding Snowman Treat:


This one is edible, and your hungry kid will love creating a silly treat to play with and then nibble on.


marshmallows (regular sized, not mini)

miniature candy canes

snack sized Hershey’s bars

chocolate/black cookie icing

pretzel sticks


The sled is made using snack sized Hershey chocolate bar and miniature candy canes. Some cookie icing is needed to adhere a lot of the things together. Pipe the cookie icing along one long side of the Hershey’s bar, and press on the miniature candy cane so both adhere to each other. Hold tightly for about a minute for it to ‘stick’. Repeat with the other side and put into the freezer to really get cookie icing firmed up holding ‘sled’ together. Once it’s all stuck together, it’s time to make your snowmen by inserting a half of a pretzel stick into the top of one and into the bottom of another making your snowman body using 2 marshmallows. Make eyes, a nose, & buttons with the cookie icing – and insert a half of a pretzel stick into the bottom half of snowman to create arms.Use cookie icing on the bottom of snowman to ‘glue’ on Hershey’s sled and press down firmly and hold for a few seconds. Put into the freezer for few minutes for it to set.

Snowman Cupcakes:


It can be prepared in just 30 minutes and are so tasty that everyone will crave for it.


Chocolate Cupcakes

Vanilla Frosting

White Crystallized Decorating Sugar

Butterscotch Chips

Mini Chocolate Chips


Spread proper amount of frosting on top of the cupcake using creamy vanilla frosting. In case of chocolate cupcakes make sure to cover the cupcake with enough icing so that darkness of the cupcake is covered through frosting. Fill a small bowl with white, crystallized, decorating sugar used for decorating cookies. Hold the bottom of the cupcake, gently press it down into the coarse sugar and rock it back and forth in all directions until the icing is completely covered. Press it hard enough so that the sugar sticks to the icing. When pulled off it should be all flat with a consistent texture. Use butterscotch chip and gently press it into cupcake center. Use chocolate chips to make eyes and mouth.Sugar icing makes them look like little snowballs.

Hot Chocolate Spoon Snowman:


These are easy to make and fun to eat to beat winter blues!


spoons, plastic work best

chocolate chips, regular and mini chips


coconut, shredded and sweetened

peanut butter chips

butterscotch chips

crushed candy canes

wax paper



Heat up chocolate chips for spoon dipping first by placing chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl heating it. Take it out and stir, then continue to heat it for 20 second intervals until melted. Once chocolate is melted, dip spoon into the bowl and stir it around and turn it over to make sure all is covered in chocolate. Then put the spoon onto a plate covered in wax paper. Now decorate it by placing 3 marshmallows in a line down the spoon topping one with a peanut butter chip for the hat and a flake of coconut for the scarf. Then two mini chocolate chips get a tiny dip of melted chocolate on the bottom of them before placing on the top of marshmallow for the eyes. Place waxed plate in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes and its ready to serve.

Hand Stand Snowmen:


It needs 1 hour to prepare but the end result will surely be a game changer of your dining table. It is all worth the time.


1 bag large marshmallows

lollipop sticks

16 oz Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating

pretzel sticks

candy-coated sunflower seeds (for nose)

black edible marker


Stack 3 marshmallows together by pressing on a lollipop stick and by holding the end of the lollipop stick, dip the marshmallows in the melted candy coating allowing the excess coating to drip off and stand up on wax paper. Before coating sets completely attach pretzel sticks to the side of the marshmallows, forming the arms and one candy-coated sunflower seed as the nose.Once completely set, draw eyes and mouth using an edible marker. Be Careful while removing the lollipop stick by twisting and pulling up or cutting off the end with scissors.

Snowman Cookies:


These are very easy to make and the mix up of vanilla bark with orange tic tac will impress everyone in the house.


Butter cookies

Vanilla Almond Bark


Orange Tic Tacs

Black Decorator Icing


Melt the Almond Bark for 90 seconds and then using a spoon cover the cookies when dipping them. Take them out on the foil&leave for sometime for Almond Bark to set a little. Put the Tic Tacs or the M&Ms to make eyes, buttons and nose. Cut the tip just a tiny, tiny to give snowman shape.

Snowman Chocolate Cookies:


Chocolate in this form needs to be tried this season.


White chocolate

Choco chips

Orange sprinkles

Festive sprinkles

Brown chocolate


Melt the white chocolate and keep it bit thick. Spread it on waxed paper and as soon as is starts setting use round shaped item to cut chocolate in round shape. Once it’s done,let it set. After that use choco chips and orange sprinkles to make face. For making more decoration use festive edible sprinkles.

Choco Balls Snowman:


You can either stuff the choco balls or can leave it without stuffing as well. It is all about the way you like to serve.


Choco balls- 2 of different sizes

Icing sugar

Orange sprinkles

Choco chips

Edible tic tacs


Place choco balls top of one over other and roll into icing sugar to make it look white like snow. Once it is done use orange sprinkles and choco chips to make face . Use edible tic tacs to make buttons and scarf to give a much better look to your snowman.

Cute Snowman Ice-creams:


They can be used if you love to eat ice cream in winters.


Vanilla Ice cream

Ice-cream cone

Choco chips

Orange sprinkles

Colorful jelly


Fill the ice cream cone with vanilla ice-cream and then use jellies to make layers on top of ice cream. Use choco chips and orange sprinkles to make face look

Snowflake filled Snowman Cookies:


Easy to make if you bake cookies.





Icing sugar or white chocolate

Choco chips


Prepare the sugar cookie dough and cut out snowman cookies from it. Cut holes for the candy window and bake the cookies. Apply icing sugar or white chocolate. Fill the bellies with crushed clear candies. Decorate cookies with sprinkles.

Orange Snowman:


Use orange for this recipe.


Orange (Different sizes)

Icing sugar

Choco chips

Ice cream stick


Place 3 oranges one on top of other and fix them using ice cream stick. Roll the orange into icing sugar to turn it white and then decorate with choco chips.

Here ends the trending list. Go for it, experiment and play with the ideas.


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