Christmas season has just started and everyone has their own way to celebrate Christmas, some like to spend it with the family and friends, few like to spend it alone while the others like to explore the various destinations of the world. Celebration of Christmas is just not limited to one corner of the world rather it is celebrated around the world with enthusiasm and every region has its own set of customs and traditions to celebrate Christmas. There are many beautiful destinations in the world where you can celebrate Christmas in a wonderful way. Here we have listed beautiful destinations from around the world to help in deciding the destination you want to visit this Christmas:



In today’s world everyone has just forgotten the real meaning and feel of Christmas; everyone wants to celebrate Christmas in a fancy way, so this Christmas get the real Christmas vibe by celebrating your Christmas at Bethlehem. It is the birth place of Jesus Christ and will give you that real feel of Christmas and the place to be as the clock strikes 12 is St. Catherine’s Church, for the midnight mass services and celebrations.



This Christmas spend your time with Santa Clause and cross the Arctic Circle at the Santa Clause village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland.



This Christmas get all those ancient feels and ring into the joyful holiday with the Pope and many more people at St. Peter’s Basilica join them for midnight mass on Christmas Eve or at noon on the following day that is Christmas, we promise this will be an affair to remember.



Streets of this city are imbued with festive fairy lights and an irreplaceable sense of festive cheer whole city becomes magical at midnight and the carols sung at St. Patrick’s Cathedral add more magic to the city.



This beautiful city offers you the Baroque architecture and is famous for the alluring sub-Alpine scenery; its festive market is dense and close but lovely. Frequent dusting of snow adds up to the beauty of the beautiful city.



The city which never rests remains attractive throughout the year remains but month of December really makes this city magical. Visitors are amazed by the tallest Christmas tree of the world at the Rockefeller centre and beneath it ice skate, isn’t this beautiful? With Christmas lights, light dusting of snow and wonderful shop window displaying makes this city the most desired destination for celebrating Christmas.



Who says Christmas needs to be celebrated with snow and fairy lights? Bondi beach in Australia is famous for of offering you the contrary way of the northern hemisphere, at this beach Christmas is celebrated cheerfully with sand, sun, ocean and surf. The beach tempts a large number of travellers to come and enjoy the most incredible Christmas. More festive atmosphere is set up by the DJs and beach is packed by the band performances. So, if you want to celebrate Christmas differently other than those repetitive fairy lights and snow you must visit this destination.



Munich is one of the most charming and romantic destinations in the world for celebrating Christmas. Christmas in Munich simply means a 100-foot tall Christmas tree at Marine platz and over two dozen Christmas markets. Other things that attract tourist to this destination to enjoy here are to attend the live holiday music on the balcony of the town hall and mulled wine and gingerbread that is served on a tram crossing the old city.

  1. PARIS:


Paris isn’t called the city of lights for nothing but especially so at on Christmas. Christmas at Paris is simply magical.  Every single corner of the city has its own special charisma from outdoor ice skating to many and lively Christmas markets that line every streets and squares of the city.



Amsterdam is considered as one of the great location to celebrate Christmas. The tale of Sinterklass (Santa Clause) is popularly told in Amsterdam. Every house from sixteenth and seventeenth century is bejewelled with sparkling lights, to make your Christmas holidays more special you should stay there till New Year’s Eve and enjoy champagne and breathe taking fireworks at Dam Square or Nieuwmarkt  and yes don’t forget to join the locals in the celebration.



Christmas in London literally means fun, it allows you to come to across glittering Christmas sky above the world famous shopping capital, shimmering lights, traditional markets and Christmas shows. Explore every single corner of London like gorgeous Oxford Street, Christmas shows happening at the different parts of the city. If you love shopping then this is the best time of the year to shop in London, Christmas shopping in London leads you to different fashion boutiques and gorgeous fashion stores with heavy discounts on everything. If you want to do a meet and greet with Santa and wish him Merry Christmas, you can visit ZSL London Zoo.



Tallinn the capital city of Estonia is known for its fantastic Christmas spirit. The first ever Christmas tree of the world was placed here at Town Hall Square in 1441 and today this ancient tree holds a great significance. The whole city is covered with snow and is lightened up with the lanterns. Beautiful tree is surrounded by small hut shaped shops covered with snow and beautifully decorated with lights selling a number of beautiful handicrafts, snow sculptures, famous food and drinks from Estonia and a small zoo.



The historic capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is an anciently polished and sophisticated city among all the Christmas holiday destinations. It gives you nostalgia of back dates; there are lots of events happening at Edinburgh during Christmas. Amusement parks and music theatre performances hold a special place during the Christmas celebration here, you can browse through the Christmas markets of Edinburgh to elevate your vacations and enjoy local food.



Who says Switzerland is only a honeymoon destination? It can be a perfect Christmas destination too. Christmas in Switzerland has a combination of customs and traditions from the neighbouring countries like Germany and Austria but it has its own traditions too. There are parades known as ‘Trychle’ that start on Christmas Day and finishes on New Year’s Eve, hand baked Christmas cookies from Switzerland are very famous all over the world and small Christmas markets are very popular in the town. Switzerland is one of the best places to celebrate a white Christmas.


Strasbourg is the family to a series of Christmas themed villages that changes the whole city into an unimaginable fantasy world, at every different village visitors will experience and enjoy a different thing. Various concerts and cultural events take place during the Christmas. Beautiful Christmas markets are located in every street of the city and every single shop sells a different thing at reasonable prices, spending your Christmas at Strasbourg with your family can be delightful memory.



The most wonderful city of East Asia doesn’t let Christmas Eve to pass without ablast; Hong Kong is one of the best places to visit during Christmas. Fancy shops, sparkling lights hanging from the high rise buildings, fireworks and Christmas music playing all around the city makes this place a perfect destination to spend your Christmas holidays.



Copenhagen can be best described as small and welcoming, it is the most vibrant and affordable capital of Scandinavia. Copenhagen can be considered as a genuine Christmas city where it is impossible to not get into the spirit for Christmas. During Christmas the majestic renaissance castle, Kronborg Castle opens its courtyard is beautifully decorated with Christmas themed décor and the ballrooms of the castle are open for the traditional Christmas market.



We absolutely adore Rome at Christmas time; Christmas is the best time to see Rome in an entirely different light. The beautiful city is all lit up and is ravishingly decorated. You will get a lot to eat and shop during Christmas, you can head over to Pizza Navona and enjoy pizza’s unique look and feel the time of the year and enjoy the festive feels.

  1. GREECE:

Christmas in Greece is called Christougena, carrying a boat during Christmas is a very old custom in Greece. Every December at Aristotelous Square a huge Christmas tree and three masted sailing ships are set up, this is a popular tourist attraction. Every corner of the city- its hotels, shops, streets, markets, cafes, homes, skyscrapers and restaurants are decked up with twinkling fairy lights. Whatever you will choose, will have that special Christmas sparkle in it, may it be theatrical performances, outdoor events, music concerts, markets, nightlife, in short everything.

  1. BERLIN:


Celebrate a magical Christmas at the German capital, Berlin. It offers you more than over fifty Christmas markets every year and there are a plenty of museums and cultural events to experience during Christmas every year. You will enjoy rides, mulled wine served with traditional bread. The Christmas markets in Berlin are perfect place for those who have a great fondness for art; here you will find a wide range of artistic toys, jewellery and handicrafts. Christmas Garden in Berlin is a botanical garden which is open for the visitors to enjoy a magical night time walk through the lit up gardens, fancy Christmas inspired ornaments and ice skating.



Christmas in Singapore is known as a big festival, which gives locals a reason to celebrate. Shop from the iconic shopping belt, orchard road stretching from Tanglin mall to plaza Singapura, this street is illuminated by Disney themed decors don’t forget to stop by the Christmas village to have a quick bite, amazing rides and live performances. Universal Studious Singapore is one of the place that attracts tourists towards itself, have a dazzling Christmas at this studio with musical performances and fireworks. S.E.A. Aquarium spread the Christmas spirit mystically with more than 40,000 glowing ocean creatures, mesmerising underwater LEDs. Singapore can be a good tropical destination for Christmas.

  1. CYPRUS:

Christmas is one of the major festivals in Cyprus. Christmas in Cyprus starts with parades and processions carried throughout the city. Shops are well decorated; events and parties take place during the Christmas night. Limassol popularly known as ‘sea and sun’ is a famous tourist destination during Christmas. Enjoy the flavours of Mediterranean with traditional Christmas buffets. At Gregori Afexentious Square you will find Christmas art and craft workshop and various choirs and dancing groups.

  1. PRAGUE:

Enjoy the most romantic Christmas at Prague Castle and take your shopping experience up a notch. Discover old town square and many more hidden places of this beautiful town, shop from the nicest markets from the Kampa Square,Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square and old town square. Smell traditional cinnamon cake, roasted ham and mulled wine from every street of the city, you will see the genuine old European Christmas markets and listen to the sound of old blacksmiths workshop which will give you those ancient European Christmas feels. The most impressive is the mighty Christmas tree at the Old Town Square, from Liberec region which is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and décor.



If you enjoy Christmas shopping and shop unique gifts like traditional gifts and unique Marlstone products and more than visiting a Valkenburg market will be perfect. It is known as one of the best Christmas destinations in the world, which is recognized for one of its oldest and largest Christmas markets at Gemeentegrot and Fluweelengrot. You can also visit small but more than hundred beautiful Christmas villages at Mergelrijk caves. Enjoy the winter charm at the fairy tale forest- Sprookjesbos where you will meet the ice princess and characters from the famous fairy tales like little red riding hood, snow white, little thumb, Alice in wonderland and dragons.

These were our top picks for the best Christmas destination formaround the world, and we promise you that you will not regret going to these destinations during Christmas.