Christmas is the best season to get all sparkly!

With holiday season just around the corner there is no time left to ponder, on any occasion we are always in full-fledged beauty mode planning out our beauty looks for parties, get togethers, eves and various other occasions, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to get ready and dress up in a festive mode. For ladies with darker skin tones we have found few lipsticks that will completely compliment them. When it comes to darker skin tones, there are various lip shades that may seem daunting. There are various lipsticks out there that look amazing on melanin rich girls.

Here is a small guide to find out the best lipstick for dark skin:

  1. Dig out your undertone: warm, neutral or cool. If you have a warm undertone then you must go for luscious pink, coral or a warm magenta shades. If you have a cool undertone then shades like purple, violet, and red with blue tone will compliment you. If you are blessed with neutral then well you belong to the lucky family because you can wear both warm and cool shades and they both will work wonders for you. If you still don’t know about your undertone then you must find it out, as it proves to be a great help in finding the perfect shade for you.
  2. Test it, try it and then go bold: yes shock yourself by trying out all new shades! Say hello to the most adventurous shade and see yourself rocking it all the way. You can start by picking up one shade that you genuinely loved but always had doubts about it, just go girl and try it out. If you feel that it not only complements your skin tone and make you feel completely refreshed but also make you feel on cloud nine then congrats girl you have found your shade. Here is a quick tip that you must follow while purchasing any make up. You must try it in day light and see how it looks because sometimes artificial lights can be deceiving.
  3. Layering up can make the colour pop out: if you are very particular with the fact that the colour of your lipstick pops out perfectly then you must make sure that lipstick you are going to wear is really very pigmented. A quick swatch can clearly tell you about the strong pigments. If it gives you the desired pigment in one go then you have picked up the correct shade for you girl. If you need to layer up the lipstick to get the desired lipstick it means that you have got the less pigmented lipstick. This scenario can also work perfectly if sometimes all you need is a simple touch of your lipstick, and you are ready to go and rock the show.

These were few tips you must keep in mind before buying a perfect lipstick for yourself because we don’t want you to go wrong with your Christmas look.

Down below we have mentioned few amazing lipstick shades that will not only make you stand out of the crowd but will also make you feel confident about yourself.

Obsession on Cranberry:

If you have short hairs, then you must use this opportunity to show off your perfect lips, by using a cranberry lip. To bring the most out of the lip colour keep your eye make subtle simply by using a shimmery eye shadow- golden will work wonders, to add more detailing wing the eyeliner. Stand out of the crowd and look stunning by simply mussed – up hair.


Matte Queen:

Just as we all know Christmas season is all about welcoming frost and holiday carolling, matte makeup also always arrives in winter. If you are the one who loves to paint her lips with matte lip colour then you must go for deep burgundy red or purple shades. These deep shades look bold and will compliment any Christmas outfit and make up idea. If you don’t want to apply heavy makeup or don’t want to work more on your eye-make then a deep matte shade is the one for you. Just a little piece of advice that before applying matte lipstick exfoliate and moisturise your lips because flaky lipstick is never fun to wear.


Stain your lips with berry:

Lately, stains are trending nowadays as they are the easiest way to make the lip colour last all night. A deep berry or maroon shade works perfectly for the Christmas season as it looks classic and sophisticated. You can compliment this lipstick with a smoky eye and warm pink cheeks. Just don’t go over with the look, decide the perfect look for yourself.


Go and have some fun with Fuchsia:

Whenever we think about Fuchsia shade, the first season that comes into our mind is summer but you need to hear us aloud Fuchsia shade adds on instant brightening. If you feel a little down about your dark and dull complexion because of cold weather then you can try a bold shade of raspberry lipstick and boost your look altogether. Additionally, if you are wearing a white or black dress then this shade will bring out the best of the outfit.


Marilyn Monroe Red remains all time classic:

don’t hesitate to bring out the vintage glam in your Christmas lipstick. This Christmas go classic with your winter look by rocking the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe red colour lipstick, because this is the red shade you should pick when you are not sure about which red to get. This red is the universally flattering lipstick pick. You can become the party icon and head turner at the party by wearing a red dress and this shade, just go minimum with the eye and face make up and let this universal red lipstick do it’s magic.


Metallic bells:

Various big brands are launching there range of metallic lipsticks in the market, and surprisingly they are a great hit. Adding metallic lipsticks to your makeup look will add more fun vibe to the look. You can probably go with red, brown, berry, pink, purple metallic colours. Trust us when we say this they will definitely bring out the best in your look and you will look stunning.


Corals don’t belong to any season:

who says corals are only meant for summer and spring season, coral shades can also the rock the show during summers you just got to pair these babies with right outfits and makeup. We suggest using them white kohl on lower eye line and as eyeliner. We bet you this look will make you stand out of the crowd and you won’t regret wearing this look. If you have sharp eyes we suggest you to wear heavy eyelashes with heavy coats of mascara.


Various shades of Pink:

there are various shades available in pink colour therefore you can choose any that compliments your skin colour. Pink lip shades make you look like a Barbie doll and won’t let you regret wearing you. You can complement your pink lipstick with the pink eye makeup.


Lavender feels fresh:

lavender is not only known for its good aroma and various benefits for body and hair but is also known for its spectacular colour. You can perfectly wear that colour and become an eye catcher at the Christmas party, this colour will not only compliment the skin tone additionally will also look unique, because mostly everybody is obsessed with red colour during Christmas. Go on and wear this unique shade and thank us later for letting you know about this unique and wonderful shade.


Gothic Black lipstick:

Are you crazy and courageous enough to stand against the taboos in the society, if yes then you got to try this lipstick that has been trending everywhere. You will look bold and sexy when you will wear this colour and black matte lipsticks look totally amazing on dark skin tones.


Dark green colour also looks good on lips besides the Christmas tree:

Green lipstick? Well, yes girl you have to give this baby a try.

Have you seen all the beauty icons obsessing over crazy lip shades from past few years well, yes we have found one lip shade for you that will not only give goose bumps to everyone present over there but will also make them wonder that why didn’t they tried this. Dark green lip shade in matte texture is the shade about which we are bragging around, you can definitely wear this colour with various outfits and believe us you are going to rock the party.


Orange is the new black:

A bright orange lip with golden shimmery eyes doesn’t this combination sounds fantastic. Well, you can definitely wear this look for Christmas and look like a Goddess.


Nude is the new sexy:

a perfect nude shade not only looks great on regular days but also look amazing on occasions such as Christmas. Ashy nudes work perfect for the dark toned people.


Brown Lipsticks:

brown lipsticks are becoming more popular as they can be used as perfect nude shade for darker skin tones, brown lipsticks are totally flattering as they make the look effortless but chic!


Ultra Violet purple:

if you simply want to stand out of the crowd then you must get a purple lipstick for yourself. A perfect purple shade for darker skin tones works like a dream. If you are new to the purple game start going with vivid and matte colours – it’s like a perfect game changer. Everyone will definitely compliment you in the Christmas party.


Cherry Blossom Red:

Cherry blossom is one of the most gorgeous red that no doubt looks vibrant on all skin tones but best compliments the darker skin tones because of its blue undertones. Cherry blossom red is one of the stunning red colours that you all have been dreaming about; this colour is so stunning that it even worn by Rihanna all the time! This Christmas be ready to become a diva.


Chocolate Caramel shades:


As tasty the name of this shade tastes, the shade looks more amazing on your lips. This shade is perfectly encased as a warm carefree beige lipstick. If you are looking for warm shades then this should be your go to lipstick this Christmas.

Techno pagan blackened Purple:

An actually blackened purple is the perfect shade you need to make a statement, honestly this shade looks too cool on dark skin that unknowingly you might out – cool everyone. You can pair them with a classic purse and girl you will impart ‘girl boss’ vibes.


Midnight Blue:

if you are looking for something that will make you stand out of the crowd then Kudos! You have found the perfect the shade for yourself, this shade of midnight blue is bold, beautiful and stunning it has everything that you need in your iconic lipstick. We bet you that you will definitely fall in love with this futuristic yet very romantic colour.


A lip gloss:

Let’s not underestimate the power of a lip gloss. A lip gloss can completely transform your simple look into a chic look. A gloss work magical and complements all the brown toned girls. You can definitely use it on the Christmas Eve and look classic. This may sound simple to you but if you are the one who doesn’t likes to go over the board then you must pick up the lip gloss that compliments your choice and look effortlessly gorgeous and run the show.


These were few ideas that will completely help you in setting up the perfect lip game for you. Choose the perfect lip shade for you and slick it on, it is that simple. Don’t fear about getting anything wrong it is all about finding the correct shade for you.