The first half of the year is over and the other half will get off in few months. End of the year is the most celebrated time as it involves back to back moments of fun and enjoyment.

Christmas; the starting of holiday festival ends after New Year.

Here we bring you the list of best destinations where you can enjoy your Christmas in Europe. If you are in need of a winter escape or the travel bug in you cannot wait for summers then book a ticket to one of these best places in Europe and enjoy the best of your life.


Nothing can be better than Christmas in the snowy wonderland of Switzerland. The romance of medieval old town in gold lights for the Christmas Eve is the best unparalleled in Europe. There are fantastic markets, plenty of cozy cafes where you can warm up with hot chocolate and lots of branded shopping with your loved ones. The best activity to do in Bern is probably to hit the slopes of the Gurten for the best tobogganing action.


The place is considered to be the most underrated getaways in Europe that celebrates the most favorite time of the year. The festive celebration in this historical land feels like a pure magic. It never matters how dark or cold the winter here gets, the spirit of the holiday season and the colorful markets round the city are always successful in cheering up everyone during the large gathering in the city centre. You can explore the International Christmas Charity Bazaar at Rotuse and admire the Cathedral Square Christmas Tree.


A perfect getaway for the fans of creepy fairytales where wicked fairies and vampires walk among us. The charming towns like Brasov and Sibiu features the huge town squares where you can sip hot apple cider while nosing around the outdoor market. Depending on the age of a person and upbringing, the soaring church spires and roofs with eyes will have you looking over your shoulders for werewolves, vampires and the Ghost of Christmas Past.


If there is that one thing which you cannot miss on a European Christmas vacation in the city, it is the traditional Dubrovnik carols that is considered amongst the best places to spend Christmas in Europe. It is highly recommended to witness Christmas trees on the Stradun in Dubrovnik. Do not forget to visit the Old Town and dine with the locals to relish some sausages with beer. Attending the Christmas Fair at the Convent of St. Claire and shop for Christmas ornaments are the few things you can enjoy.


Nestled in a narrow valley with mountains rising on all sides, the city has a picturesque beauty that is too enticing to resist. For the Christmas celebration, you can rent an incredible apartment on your visit at Sarajevo at low prices and enjoy the culture, history and cuisines. You can also go snowshoeing up Trebevic Mountain!


In its glorious form, the real glow of Christmas Eve can be witnessed only in Tallinn. The place is reckoned to be one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. You can walk down through the cobblestone streets that take you down the nostalgic lane of a real winter wonderland. From attending the special winter programs like Christmas Villages to exploring the realms of Estonian Open Air Museum, the city is a perfect gem in the heart of Europe. Do take part in Skating in the Old Town and taste the mulled wine while exploring the medieval churches. Shop at the Town Hall Square’s Christmas market and experience the nightlife of Tallinn.


Although the entire country if one big Christmas card but Hallstatt is a tiny mountain village in Salzkammergut that wins the Christmas crown. The ginger bread houses clings to the shore of Lake Hallstatt and the mountains rise steeply all around. With snow coming down gently on cobbled streets and the town’s lights dancing in the glassy lake, Hallstatt can be the most romantic Christmas town on Earth.


Christmas in Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden

Be it relishing some delicious and freshly baked ginger bread of shopping at the beautiful Christmas markets, none of the Christmas trips to Europe are complete without experiencing the best of modern as well as traditional worlds at Stockholm. Experience the charming lights guide you to some of the most beautifully decorated places to visit in Sweden. DO visit for a Christmas show with Richard Soderberg and be a part of celebrations at the Drottningholm Castle.


Visiting Tromso in summers will give you the experience of midnight sun as it dips briefly below the horizon before rising again on a new day. Locals might warn you but if you wish to experience exactly the opposite then you must visit the place in winter. Imagine cold dark days sitting wrapped in a blanket by the roaring fire, reading novel and sipping glass of your favorite drinks. Feel the soft crunch of snow underfoot and gaze in the awe at the mysterious Northern Lights as they dance overhead.


For the whole of winter season, the Christmas markets in most of the European destinations steal the real show, one of which is the market of Helsinki that is considered to be the best. Attending one of the bustling markets is all about fun, food, friends, family and the festive mood. You can follow here the tradition of eating rice. Porridge and plum juice in the morning, shop for some of the best handicrafts from Senate Square and attend a free Christmas concert.


If you think Santa Claus comes all the way from the North Pole then you definitely have never met a Finn because Santa hails from Rovaniemi and there is no way one could leave the frosty northern town off the Christmas list. Get a chance to sleep in an igloo, enjoy ice – climbing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing and lastly visit Santa in his office. Rovaniemi looks like a perfect Christmas destination.


If you have plans to enjoy Christmas with one of the best music and entertaining scenes then head towards Madeira. As soon as the streets of Funchal lits up with decorative lights, everyone in the city turns on in the festive mood and becomes an important part of the cultural, religious and artistic programs. You can enjoy the Fireworks Show, Twelfth Night Celebration, the Traditional Christmas Carol Show, Live Performance by the local music bands and the Funchal Road Race.


If you wish to have some serious winter warmth in Europe then make a visit to Canary Islands that sit farther south than much of Sahara Desert. You can spend the Christmas day lying on the beach and then head out for turkey and all the trimmings provided by one of the Christmas minded restaurants. More of Christmas, minus the stress!

Budapest Park


From skating on the ice rink to riding the lit Street Car in the Budapest Park, the city serves as one of the most fascinating places to spend Christmas in Europe. With grand celebrations at the St. Stephen Basilica to being a part of the traditional Hungarian Folk Show, the city leaves no stone unturned in charming you with the Christmas festivities. You can experience and enjoy the Christmas Market at Vorosmarty Square, night cruise on the river Danube and Chimney Cake at the Christmas Fair.


If you wish to enjoy Christmas with a warm weather then take your holiday winter break in Palma De Majorca that delivers the best of both worlds. On an average, the place is around 10 degrees warmer than most of the European cities and you will get much more sunshine than North. You can experience the buildings that are adorned with twinkling lights having their little hearts out and the Christmas market that has a perfect hand crafted decorations for you. For a real meaning of Christmas, grab your spot in the Palma Cathedral for its extravagant Midnight Mass.


Enjoy your Christmas in the city and buy some of the amazing gifts for your friends and family members from the biggest Christmas markets that is held in the premises of Place Flagey. You can get some of the best handicraft products as souvenirs by artists who fly down from different places. Be ready to witness the soul stirring music and light show. Enjoy skating at the Marche Aux Poissons and treat your sweet tooth with chocolate waffles at the Christmas markets of Place Sainte – Catherine.


Secure a house sit in Algarve if you wish to have a hot sunny Christmas. During the day, you can enjoy tanning by the pool and yoga. Do pack the woolen clothes because with the sun, the temperature goes down as well.


The holiday celebrations start in the month of November in Netherlands, unlike other European countries. The main gathering place of the Museum Square transforms into a Christmas Village where you can enjoy to the fullest. From Ferris wheel rides to endless food, music, drinks and dance, Amsterdam has the best experience to provide during Christmas.  You can enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival, a special Canal Cruise and be a part of the Winter Parade.


If you are in Europe then visiting Malta is a must. It is a real heaven on Earth where you can take long walks on the beach or sit in the sun with a cocktail in hand. The place is much more than just beaches. The fabulous historical and cultural destination has atmospheric walled cities, dusty side streets with a North African vibe.


The city follows some of the best traditions during the holiday celebration that makes it a true Christmas city in all its senses. The whole town is covered in lights to the brim and one can always run into massive Christmas markets at every corner of the city. From relishing the best of street food to touring the old candy factory, Copenhagen has a lot more than what meets our eyes. You can stroll through the majestic gardens of Tivoli, enjoy the mulled wine, go ice skating and dine at one of the Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables.


Spend an idyllic Christmas in the town of Kalamata in Greece that is on the southern coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula. The place has an exotic and romantic environment to offer during Christmas.


The town is considered to be the second oldest yet the prettiest market in the entire Europe. Leipzig happens to be one of the lesser known destinations in the continent. It serves as a stunning and one of the best places where you can enjoy your Christmas holidays. The place is yet to be explored to its full potential. In the city, you can explore the city centre of Zentrum, be a part of endless parades with music scenes, attend crafts market and take a Ferris wheel ride at Augustusplatz.


For a high rolling holiday with a lot of sunshine and party potential, take a flight to Monaco. The spectacular Cliffside sea coast will take away your breath during the day while the evenings will be dominated by formal wear, champagne and high stakes of poker.


Much reckoned to be the Christmas capital, Strasbourg is the best place to cherish the Christmas celebrations. You cannot miss out exploring the 400 years old Christmas market. Visit the city centre and admire the giant Christmas tree near Sharing Village.


The town is small enough to walk and bike around but big enough to be a cultural destination of Europe as well. The Christmas market, tobogganing and festive concerts during the Christmas Eve fills this small town with real spirits of Christmas.