Christmas; the festive season is just few days away and all of us have started the preparations. During Christmas, we all decorate our houses with Christmas trees which can be artificial and real, traditional or stylish and small as well as giant. It depends on how you want your tree to be.

Today, we bring you 30 trending ideas which you can implement for decorating your Christmas tree this season:

Golden Tree:

The 10 feet long tree is decorated with golden balls, new and vintage glass icicles and the felt which serves as a tree skirt cum snow drift, finished with a gold star as tree topper.


Elf on the Shelf Tree:

The new twist on holiday tradition that is surely going to surprise everyone in the family. Hide the sneaky little elf on your tree and impress your guests with your creativity skills. Re – envision you giant tree as a larger than life advent calendar, starring your adopted scout elf in a new scenario: knitting with twine, zip lining along the length of red ribbon, wrapping a gift or sculpting a small snowman.


Woodland Tree:

Appealing and easily approachable, touchable and textured, everything on the woodland tree is designed to call out to a child’s curious hearts and hands and the best of all is, nothing is too fragile or delicate. Use mushrooms, forest animals and bristle ornaments to mix the natural and bring texture to your tree.


Pine Cone Christmas Tree:

Dress your own tree instead of store bought trimmings. With its natural beauty, the tree deserves your company. For ornaments and garlands, use a variety of pinecones in different shapes and sizes as well as miniature glass Christmas balls and beads strung along with them.

For this idea you will need: Craft Glue, Bowl, Brush, Hot Glue Gun, Fine Glitter, 3 Pinecones, Miniature Glass Christmas Balls or Beads, Twine, Scissors, Sewing Needle and Thread, Tiny Pinecones, Red and Green Glass Beads.

Brush craft glue over the tips of scales to glitter pinecones. Working over a bowl, spoon fine glitter over scales and let it dry completely.

Hot glue miniature glass Christmas balls or beads for a drop ornament between 3 pine cones arranged in descending size. Snip off the ends of each pine cone to make flat places to glue balls. Through the hole, run twine in top ball for a hanger.

Use sewing needle and thread for a garland to string tiny pine cones and alternating them with green and red glass beads until you reach a desired length.


Christmas Tree with Giant Ornaments:

Ornaments like baubles can be used to decorate your Christmas tree. They do look Giant but are not as difficult to make as many presume it to be. These Christmas Tree looks very nice and rare.


The Rustic O Christmas Tree:


The Giant tree is jam packed with different decorations and trinkets screaming old fashioned and traditional Christmas. If you are looking for an old trend then this idea is definitely going to excite you. Use a lot of natural elements like pine cone and burlap ribbon. Use an old vintage book or music sheets and also some flocked garlands.

Rustic White Christmas Tree:

This year give your tree the snow covered feeling rather than the traditional bright green feel by adding big white ornaments to your tree and cascaded a burlap ribbon down the tree. Use a large burlap star for the finishing touch as a tree topper. Using a garland on the mantel or going without it is totally your choice. The pine cone will give the feel of farm house Christmas décor. Collect some pine cones and add glitter and paint to increase their beauty. Use regular or birch wood logs and tie it with jute to create bundles.


Aluminum Tree:

Shine your room with an aluminum tree filled with central trunk and removable branches and forget electric lights. You can decorate it with balls and swags in same or 2 colors. The long aluminum tree is easy to set up and will shine even undecorated. You can also change the color combination of glass ball ornaments. The decoration of the tree is easy and simple.


Children’s Tree:

Against the dense branches of a Nordmann fir, stands out the colorful ornament. Imagine! Lovable, isn’t it?  The vintage tree has a fence and a mound of fake snow at the base and the decorations includes layered felt animals, popcorn balls and garlands.

For this idea, you will need: Felt, Templates and Scissors.

Print and cut out 2 versions of each template out of which one will follow the outline and the other omitting the black details.

Pin the outline template and trace it with a disappearing ink pen on top of a light colored felt. Remove the template and cut it out. Pin and trace the detailed template twice on a colored piece of felt and then cut out. For interior cutouts, use fine tip scissors and a Japanese hole punch to create the eyes and the hole for hanging. Knotting at the top, hang it from a length of silver thread.


Asian Inspired Christmas Tree:

On the artificial bonsai, the Japanese lantern ornaments provide a pleasing and charming change of scale but the glory remains the birds which are coated in glitter and grouped in flocks of like colors. It is not always necessary for a Christmas tree to have fir. Spray painted with Gold and accented with Glitter, the tree rises out of a traditional pot topped with snow and moss.


Ginger Bread Tree:

The tree is adorned by an entire village of ginger bread houses creating tempting trimmings. The doors and windows can be crafted from dough which is different from the facades in which the lighter one is sweetened with honey and the darker with molasses to provide the necessary contrast. Invite your family to decorate the Christmas tree and you will see everyone turning in to be an architect.


A Red and White Tree:


Make everyone fall in love with the monochromatic scheme this holiday by using just white and red to create the festive display.

Trimmed Tree:

With the boughs pruned, the Norway spruce can accommodate twice as many ornaments. The attached ribbon helps ornaments to hang securely from the branches while unifying the color scheme. For this idea, you will need:

Galvanized metal bucket, garden gloves, pea gravel, pruning shears, masking shape, wood saw, brown liquid shoe polish, decorative container, garbage bag, thick floral foam, plastic paint mixing bucket, knife and decorative sheet moss.

Choose a fresh tree like a Norway spruce with branches that oppose each other. In this way, you can prune a full size tree which might need an additional support around the base. You will need: floral foam and sheet moss.

Keep the tree in upright position in a galvanized metal bucket and fill it with pea gravel and then examine the tree to determine which branches to prune.


Tinsel Tree:

The tale of Christmas spider explains the origin of tinsel in both Ukrainian and German lore. The story is about a poor widow who was not capable to buy fancy gifts for her kids or decorations of their tree. On one holiday eve, the lady decorated a tree as best as possible with nuts and fruits. At night, the spiders came over and crawled over the tree and left behind the webs. When Father Christmas visited the house, he converted the webs to silver and in the morning the family saw their tree sparkling and till today many families decorate their trees with tinsel which often includes a small silver spider and web to commemorate the same miracle.


Advent Tree:

Kids in the house will undecorate the tree which has ornaments in ribbon pouches, one to be opened each day starting from 1st December. The clever sacks are easy to make and perform double duties of holding 24 small gifts for each days of Advent and trimming the tree. To make this tree, you will need: Satin Ribbon, Pinking Shears, Sewing Machine, Marker or a Rubber Stamp and Cord.

Simply cut satin ribbon in 8 to 10 inch lengths and fold in half. On a machine, sew up the sides and trim the tops with pinking shears.

Slip toys and candies inside and mark the dates on tags with a marker or a rubber stamp, then thread the cord through tags and tie on bags to close. Tuck between the branches or hang the bags.


Polish Tree:

Ornaments in Poland are fashioned from straw where the Christmas season is seen as a time of renewal to symbolize thanks giving for the harvest and hope for good things in the coming years. Here, eggs represent the promise of future prosperity.


The Criss Crossed Ribbon:

This idea is the most beautiful and gorgeous way of giving your tree an updated look this season. Decorate it as traditionally as you want or go with brighter colors. Just tie up a ribbon all around it in a criss cross way and you are good to go. Criss cross ribbon Christmas tree is not only beautiful but also an elegant option because the ribbons add texture and color to any tree of any theme.


Santa Christmas Tree:

The tree is all things Santa. The ornaments include stockings or other colored ornaments matching the themed ones and lastly the tree skirt is decorated like an outfit of Santa and the look is completed with a Santa hat on top of the tree.

Dress form Christmas Tree:

If you are trying to save some money and still wish your house to look beautiful this season then get your old dress out spruce it up a bit to have a Giant tree. All you will need is some fabric for the top and some tree branches for the bottom.


Origami Tree:

People in Japan have learned a lesson of goodwill and peace from Sadako, a small girl who developed Leukemia after the 1945 Hiroshima Bombing. She had heard of a legend that used to say that if a person folds 1000 paper cranes then the Gods might grant his or her wishes to become well. Although, Sadako failed to reach her goal, her classmates folded cranes to make up the difference and since then people all over the world have sent folded cranes to Hiroshima and have also started using it in decorating the Christmas trees.


Pink Christmas Tree:

If you love Pink then this tree decoration idea is definitely for you. You can also opt for pink for creating social awareness or in the memory or honor of someone whom you love. The solid pink tree with lights is easy to make which creates a large statement.


Beaded Ornament Tree:

Draw some inspiration from luminous beads this season and decorate your Giant tree with beaded ornaments to increase the beauty and impress everyone in the house. Big or small, metal or glass, new or old, there are lots of rich possibilities. Thread the beads on slender wires and watch the ornaments and decorations taking shape of shimmering snowflakes, flowers, icicles, dragon flies, etc. Each of the pieces will be richer in detail than the previous one. You can create wreaths with beaded flowers and buds. You can create a bow too.

Frosted Tree:

Christmas tree dusted with snow looks frostier when decorated in shades of cream, white and silver. Paper and glitter ornaments will perfectly match with the vintage metallic pieces whereas glitter ornaments are easy to make and can also be saved for coming years. While working with glitter, wear gloves and a dust mask to protect yourself from tiny particles, especially kinds made of ground glass. Glass glitters are translucent which makes them sparkly.


Gardener’s Tree:

A perfect tree for Gardeners. Get templates and print them on card stock and start your Giant decoration. All you need for this idea is: white Card stock, Small Paint Brush, Craft Glue, Plastic Spoon, Clear Glitter Glass, Glitter Powder in different Colors, Raffia Fringe, Twine and Scissors.

With glue, brush the template borders, spoon on glass glitter and pour off the excess and in the same way accent vegetables with glitter powder and let it dry.

At the back, glue fringe; glue ends to the back of the edges of length of twine. Glue another template back to back with first and let it dry. Finally, flatten it inside a heavy book overnight and you are good to go.


Yarn Tree:

Create a crafty and cozy theme for your tree with tassels, snowflakes and pom poms made of vibrant yarn. An additional sewing basket is a fitting container. For this idea, you will need: Craft Sticks, Yarn, Glue, Scissors, Tape, Pom Pom Maker, Thread, Cardboard and Waxed Paper.


Cotton Ball Tree:

Decorate your Giant Christmas tree with few bags of cotton balls and let the snow fall in the house. For this idea you will need: needle, fishing line, white glue, cotton balls, corn starch, batting and sieve.

With 15 inches of fishing line, thread a needle. Leaving gaps between, sew through 2 or 3 cotton balls and dab white glue next to each to avoid sliding. For hanging, make a loop. To add a dusting of corn starch over the branches, use a sieve and finally cut batting for skirt.


Mickey Mouse Tree:

Are you a fan of Disney World or Disney Land or your kids love Mickey Mouse? If yes, then this idea is for you to implement this season and impress your kids. You can make this special tree to keep in your kid’s room.


Sea Inspired Tree:

The shell ornaments are dusted with shades of glitter and blended for some dazzling ombre effect. Simply select 2 colors of glitter and mix them in varied proportions to form several gradations. Combine deep color with gold and make 3 blends for a range of 5 shades keeping pure colors in far left, blends in middle and pure gold in right. Across one end of the shell, brush glue. To sprinkle the glitter, use glue. Sprinkle glitter with a spoon. Shake off excess and continue applying glue and glitter in sections and let it dry. Turn the shell and glitter reverse side with 1 solid color. Drill a hole at one end of the shell and insert the loop of a metallic cord in to the hole and knot inside the shell to hang.


Black & White Christmas Tree:

Everything from the decoration to the presents below are decorated in white and black in this décor idea. Go for this trending one, if you are looking for something classy and modern. It is eye catching and simple at the same time.

Darth Vader Tree:

Are you or anyone in the family is a Star Wars fans? If yes, then impress them with this giant tree décor idea. It is special for those who love the movie series.

Here comes an end to our list. I am sure you must have liked it and have started thinking of various ideas to implement. Do not forget to mix and merge the above ideas with your own creativity because possibilities are endless.