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Christmas commemorates the birthday of Jesus Christ. People all around the world celebrate this auspicious occasion by decorating the Christmas tree with lights, colors, and […]

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History of Christmas Mistletoe

November 12, 2011 Cathy 0

Christmas is a season for love, peace and giving. During Christmas, different kinds of Christmas gifts, Christmas hampers, Christmas ornaments and decorations swarm the local […]

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Christmas Eve Traditions

November 12, 2011 Cathy 0

Christmas is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year for those who celebrate it. They look forward to Christmas and prepare for it […]

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History of Christmas Trees

November 9, 2011 Cathy 0

I have always wondered about the necessity of putting up Christmas trees to the point that I have research about its history just to satisfy […]

Christmas Tree Decorations 2018

November 8, 2011 Cathy 0

Browse these beautiful and amazing christmas tree decorating ideas with pictures. Use these ideas in decorating your own Christmas tree. Hopefully, this may help you to figure out how to decorate a christmas tree and get it ready for the holiday season.