This year, try decorating your tree with ribbons and see your guests getting overwhelmed by professional looking ribbons cascading everywhere from winding staircase to mantle and master few unique techniques for enviable Christmas décor. Adding ribbons to a Christmas tree can be a real challenge if you are not well skilled,

Here are some of the latest styles which you can use for decorating your tree with ribbons:

Grandin Road Catalog Version:

If you want to go classy but you are out of budget then use your old stash of ribbons and personalize it with the names of your family members. You can use paint and stencils for the purpose. For this idea, you will need: 1 embroidery hoop, ribbons, glitter paint in gold glitter and sterling, craft paint in seaweed, metallic paint in sterling metallic and gold metallic, craft stencils, corrugated  cardboard, white and glitter scrapbook, beads, beaded garland, white glue, paper cutter, paint brush, scissors, wire ornament hook.

Directions: Using crafts paint in seaweed, paint the embroidery hoop and set it aside to dry. Cut ribbons in desired length and start tying the ribbons on the hoop when the paint on the hoop dries by leaving around 4 to 6 inches of ribbon above the hoop to make it a festive tree topper. Roll up the ribbons and secure each of them with a paper clip to make it easy to get on top of the tree. Once the hoop is in place, you can remove the paper clips and let the ribbons fall down the tree. Use gold beaded garland for some shine and attach them to the hoop using florist wire. Using cardboard pieces and white scrapbook paper pen down the names of your family members using crafts paint. Assemble the names using thing ling sewing needles and at the end of each name steamer, add a stenciled snowflake and a bead or two and tie a knot at the end of the ribbon.


Cotton and Copper Mesh Ribbon:

The rustic tree is chockfull of natural decorations like dried pods, branches, silk magnolia blooms, feathers and pine cones. Through the tree, a stunning trail of fluffy white cotton garland winds the way and copper mesh ribbon brings in a pop of color and allows the lights to shine.


Green Felt Ribbon:

A waterfall of green felt ribbon which goes around the tree from top to bottom provides a subtle counterpoint to the bold array of candy colored ornaments dressing the tree. Decorate your tree with ornaments in red and silver colors and also put gifts below your tree to increase the beauty.

Burlap Ribbon:

Give your Christmas tree a rustic finish with burlap ribbon. Keep the decoration as simple as possible to keep up with the natural feeling. You can use some small lights and pine cones to increase the natural effect during nights.

Easy Magnolia Garland:

Decorating with Magnolia,living room christmas tree

The Magnolia garland tree has a secret in it which is not easily visible and the secret is that it’s held together with a duct tape. Simply tape the leaves together instead of stringing the leaves together. It will help you to complete your work fast and also will help you to not show the back of your garland.

Ornament Garland:


The unique theme of this whimsical idea is “More Is More”. The thick ribbon makes a wonderful statement while twirls of 3 different wire edged ribbons soften the look. In addition to your ribbons, use silver and green colored ornaments to complete the look.

Pearl Garland:

Beautify and illuminate your traditional looking tree from the interior with a light stringing technique which includes wrapping individual branches. Add bistro lights for the perfect glow. If you are a fan of sparkle then use the pearl garland which subtly reflects the light.

Plaid Ribbon:

Use a plaid ribbon to decorate the tree along with some unexpected details like bits of greenery and antlers to impress your Guests which provides a contrast to the traditional plaid and red ribbon garland. Decorate the tree with balls wrapped in red ribbons and keep some gifts under the tree to give it a perfect finish look.

Burlap Ribbon and Silver Beads:

Make the rustic meet refined combo to create a unique and classy pair in a tree that embraces the best of both the worlds. Pair natural elements like air plants and spruce with gilded touches and sparkly ornaments.

Small Beaded Garland:

The small Christmas trees will have to weather the elements so beaded garland which can with stand a little snow, rain and wind. Use jingle bells to give a Christmas feeling and tie the ribbon as a tree topper.

Sparkly Ribbon:

the wire edged thick ribbon having sequins is the perfect option to give your tree the much needed sparkle to an already glowing tree. For the finishing touch, use stars as a tree topper.

Red Sash Ribbons:

Ribbons give your tree a colorful festive touch.  Unify your design and let your tree determine the color scheme. The gold glow of lights can be highlighted by a wide red ribbon which can be used in a classy and sash style. You can either buy a wide ribbon or make your own at home from satin or silk material by cutting yard long lengths up to 20” to 30” wide and then folding the raw edges together with fabric glue so that you can hide it within the tree. Once you are done, drape it through the branches for a classic look.


Ribbons and Red Berries:

Fill your tree with gold bows. The red patterned fabric bow with long twists of ribbons and garlands of red berries which goes down the length of the tree. From 18 to 24 inches lengths of ribbon, tie gold bows. You might need to use an entire spool of ribbon for each long streamer which totally depends of the height of your tree and length of your ribbon. Use fabric glue to piece together the shorter ribbon lengths in the longer streamers. Make sure that the seam doesn’t show when you place streamers on your tree.

Pink Taffeta Ribbons:

Make elegant and stylish bows from pink wired taffeta ribbons. Measure out the return loop size ribbon, unspool and begin looping the ribbon upon itself. With a green pipe cleaner secure from the ends. At an angle, snip short end loops. Leave enough pipe cleaner length for tying the ribbon to your tree.

Red Flocked Scrolled Ribbon:

Use a wired gold ribbon with a red flocked scroll design to create the stunning design of your Christmas tree. Cut ribbons in 12 to 18 inches lengths and place in strips in a downward slope and form free style V – shapes. Bend the ribbon in position to allow the wire to be molded in place which will make it easy for placement. Use red and gold ornament to complete the look.

Double Tied Bows:

Double tied red bow is simple and elegant. To give an elegant finish to the star light and tinsel garland, there are four loops in the bow for consistent look. For best results, space them around the tree evenly at the end of branches.

Ribbons Highlight Poinsettias:

Use shimmering satin bows with red poinsettias and plain gold ball ornaments for conjuring the memories of Christmas past because the traditional look is never out of fashion. For a complete elegant and beautiful look, leave the bows fluffy and have the ends trail in the branches.

Country Ribbon Style:

Give a touch of whimsical with the wide gold deco mesh ribbon by wrapping it around your tree. Star ornament, red gingham heart with long red gingham, solid red and gold ribbon streamers are brought to life. To the country style, vertical streamers from the ornaments add another dimension.

Cascading streamers:

For one colored scheme Christmas tree, the effect where a gold ribbon tree topper streams down the length of the tree is perfectly elegant and classy. The overall design is unified with the use of ribbon. If you desire, play with your ideas and introduce small twists.

Ribbon Accents:

To highlight special ornaments on the tree, use individual ribbons by creating bows. This is the most popular way of displaying unique ornaments which makes them stand out from the other ornaments. To make an overall balance within the tree design, arrange these bow ribbons effectively.

Simple Plaid Style:

It is not that all the Christmas trees need ornaments and lights. If Rustic, Casual, Country or Celtic is you’re theme then simple plaid style is going to be an ideal ribbon for your tree. With a plaid bow topper and long ribbon streamer, the table top tree is adorable. Simply add few red berries to keep the decoration simple yet complete.

Bow Tree Toppers:

Having a bow tree topper doesn’t mean that you are limited to using one color or ribbon texture. Make a festive bow from different colors of sheer ribbons in polka dots, textured fabrics and stripe. Simply gather end of each ribbon in a hand and stack them on top of each other and create a loop. Now make a second loop opposite first and scrunch center together. On each end, continue to end loops and press the center together after each loop. By twisting into the place, keep the top color on each loop. Secure it by twisting the pipe cleaner around the center. To form a bow, separate and twist the loops. Cut the streamer lengths and tie it to the bow. With a pipe cleaner or a wire, attach the bow to the tree top.

Basic Garland Wrap:

In a classic angled style, another way to use the ribbon is to wrap it around the tree. Although it is an old fashioned style yet it is as beautiful as any new trend because of its simplistic approach and it is also a great alternative to a traditional tinsel garland. You can always use more than one ribbon if it is too plain for your tree design.

One Bow with Two Ribbons:

Using a peppermint striped and green mesh bows, give your tree a whimsical touch. Combine the two ribbons to form large full bows with long flowing streamers.  To give the whimsical design a complete look, toss in some fairies, elves and candy canes.

White Ribbon Waterfall:

If white Christmas is what you like then deck out your tree to show it. Bunch some wide sheer white ribbon and wrap around your tree in to a waterfall loop. Depending on the kind of look you want, use fabrics like silk, satin or lace. Use a work garland to create the waterfall effect. For form puffs of ribbon, gather the ribbon and secure it with garland chenille tie. Do not forget to overlap the fabric / ribbon. To completely wrap your tree, you will need to create several garland lengths.

Magenta and Purple Explosion:

To decorate your Christmas tree; go for a colorful and unique approach. The purple ribbon with gold glitter edging makes a lovely and brilliant addition to the pink, gold, silver and purple ornaments used in to decorate the tree. To form a ripple effect, the wire ribbon is bent that cascades over the tree.

Wow with Rick Rack:

The unique design in the tree gives it the “WOW” factor. Use miniature wreaths with ball garlands to recreate the effect to anchor the rick rack ribbon strands. Make sure to work in the rows of two, space the second row wreaths between upper wreaths and attach the ball garland from one wreath to next working in rows. Use hot glue on the back of your wreaths to hang it securely from tree branches for best results but use this tip only when you are decorating an artificial tree.

Gold Bows and Curly Ribbons:

Wire mesh ribbons works best for this design. The tree design takes an advantage of the natural curling of ribbons. Cut the ribbon lengths in 3.5 feet long, tie a bow in the center of the ribbon length and wrap the ribbon around a broom handle to form the curls. Using a florist wire to attach the bows to the tree, space out evenly for the best effects.

DIY Cotton Ball Pom Pom Garland:

The idea is simple and an inexpensive way to decorate your tree. The DIY idea can easily be implemented at home by threading the cotton balls on 8 foot sections of string because making the garland in sections helps reduce tangling. Use embroidery thread as it will be helpful to keep the cotton balls to stay in place and to tie a knot around the first and the last cotton ball on the string.

Blue Ribbons:

Decorate your Christmas tree with blue ribbons and give it a frosty and icy look. Arrange the ribbon on a frosted Christmas tree to make it look more appealing. The final result will impress all the Guests who visit you and the effect will truly be unparalleled. To give it a final elegant icy touch, hang some icy cool blue and silver ornaments.

Tulle Dream:

If you are a fan of silver and gold then this DIY idea is definitely going to impress and make way in to your home in your Christmas tree. You can also give it a touch of bronze and white as well. Also, you can use some sparkle if you like the twinkle of Christmas lights. Use light glittered tulle in silver, bronze and gold to keep up with the light whimsy feel. You can also mix woods to metals for some rustic look and for the purpose decorate a wood marquee star for the top.

Criss Cross Ribbon:

The criss cross style is not only beautiful but elegant as well. The ribbon adds color, texture and design to any tree. The criss crossed ribbon creates a full and densely decorated appearance for a designer and lavish look. The idea can be implemented on both original and artificial trees. For this idea to implement, you will need: a roll of wired ribbon, scissors, craft wire or a bread tie.

As long as it is a wire ribbon, you can use any color style or patterned ribbon. Make sure that your ribbon is 2 to 3 inches wide as it will be easy to work with. Cut about twice the length of your tree, you will need 6 to 8 pieces of ribbon.

Fold Flowers and Contrasting Ribbons:

Your Guests and family members will fall in love with the idea in which a lighter shade of tulle green ribbon is to be used for wrapping the Christmas tree and then embellished with large fabric flowers in pink. If you know how to use the color combination perfectly then pink and green is a wonderful combination to go for this season.

Ornament using Ribbon:

If you do not want to decorate an entire tree with ribbons and also the above ideas haven’t appealed you yet then you can try making an ornament using the same which combines the red wooden beads with the silver screening in a circular motif.

Black and Silver:

Take your Christmas decoration to an entirely new level by decorating it with platinum pleated ribbon in black. Be grand by using silver, gray and crystal baubles to give your decoration a royal and majestic touch. You can also use velvet ribbons of similar color. To give the final touch, fill the tree with ornaments

Here comes an end to our trending list. Try to experiment using your own ideas too and make this year more memorable by impressing everyone with your DIY skills.