Christmas; traditionally a festival celebrated by Christians around the world to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus is around the corner but the matter of fact here is that it is no more a festival celebrated only by Christians but also by the people of other religion too. It that festive time of the year when the families gather up, eat, pray and party hard with friends and relatives and there is no better way to get in the festive and holiday mood than listening to some classic Christmas tunes and carols.

Music has its own strong tie to nostalgia and that is why hearing a song from the 90’s can take someone directly back to elementary school.

Christmas music has a variety of genres which are normally performed or heard around the Christmas season. The music associated can purely be instrumental or can include lyrics whose subject matter ranges from the nativity of Jesus to gift giving and merry making to cultural figures like Santa in case of many carols and songs.

Music associated with Christmas is believed to have its origins in 4th Century Rome in Latin hymns. By 13th Century, the tradition of popular Christmas songs in regional native languages was developed under the influence of Francis of Assisi. The carols in English language first appeared in 1426 which were sung in group who would travel from house to house. In 16th Century, various Christmas carols emerged which are still sung till date.

A surge of Christmas carols associated with a renewed admiration of the holiday was seen during the Victorian era.

Christmas songs

In 1582, a Finnish Song Book was first published as a Sheet Music.

Within the broad genre of Christmas music, there are few more specific sub sections and while there really is nothing like a Christmas bop, those nostalgic and emotional songs are the ones we have on repeat whole December. Christian music is often structured in a way that makes it innately pleasing.

Compared to other genres of music, Christmas music and pop tend to have predictable melodic structures and each time you listen to a song, the patterns become more obvious. When you hear something which you know very well, you already have strong expectations. There is nothing hard to think why Christmas music makes you feel such a range of emotions.

Christmas and holiday songs are the most important part of the pop music. Here we bring you the list of Christmas songs which you can enjoy this season and enjoy with your family and friends in a melodious way:

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey: The song is the ultimate gold standard of Christmas songs which is capable enough to put you in a holiday mood in the first 5 seconds itself. You can easily listen to the song in the mid of July without even getting mad about it. All of us know that Christmas has arrived when Mariah’s great ooohoooh baby comes in the store when you are picking up some presents. Do not feel afraid to sing along and give a little Christmas cheer. The song has been written by Marilyn Bergman, Alan Bergman and John Mandel.

Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea: This song is a perfect treat for those who are away from home and making journey back for the Christmas break. The song has been written by Christopher Anton Rea.

Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues:  The song pulls the string of the heart from Canada to Ireland and makes you think of friends who are both far and near. Playing this classic song is recommended at least once in a week in the lead up to Christmas dinner. The song is written by Jem Finer, Lysaght McGowan and Shane Patrick.

Last Christmas by WHAM:  The rocking jingle goes down a treat at any Christmas sing along. Grab some mistle toe, someone you fancy and tune in. Watching the video is worth for all those who are going to celebrate Christmas with friends this season. The writer of the song is George Michael.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee: The song needs no introduction as we all have heard it in every other shop, pub or street corner and are familiar with the lyrics. Light up a Christmas tree, put on your dancing shoes and bring out the Karaoke machine for this wonderful tune. The song is written by Johnny Marks.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by The Jackson Five:  It is always good to decide with the kids about what treats you and your kids will leave for Santa at the chimney’s bottom because they are the real experts and while you are deciding listen to some advice from the Jackson Five in this merry Xmas song. While you wrap your presents and get ready to spoil all of your favorite people over the holidays, we recommend bobbing along to this Christmas classic song. The song writers are J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie.

Christmas With The Devil by Spinal Tap: We all know, nothing Christopher Guest, harry Shearer and Michael McKean did as England’s loudest and most punctual heavy metal band held a candle to This is Spinal Tap. But, the Christmas with the devil unveiled during a Saturday Night Live appearance in December 1984, comes close. The sound is blackened and ponderous; the lyrics are dunderheaded and inspired.

Oh Holy Night by Josh Groban:  The best family Christmas song of all which is perfect for that Christmas Eve where you have family surrounded by you with an open fire and a glass of wine with snacks and desserts. There are many versions available of this hit song but the best one has been added with a touch of class to the traditional carol by Josh Groban.

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time by Band Aid:  New version never topped the classic sound that came with the line up on the original band aid. The song for sure makes us feel fortunate and wants us to spread the smile of joy to those who are less privileged at a merry time of the year.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra: The song can bring Scrooge’s eyes to tears. The song is easy to listen and easy to sing for all of you. You cannot avoid thinking of a hot chocolate, selection box and open fires once you listen to the Frank’s smooth sounding voice.

Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber Feat. Busta Rhymes: Justin’s take on the song is the greatest version with Busta Rhymes’ verse through which he sends holiday wishes to his Twitter followers on the list of all those who have recorded this.

Mistletoe by Justin Bieber: The song came out in 2011 in an album titled “Under the Mistletoe” when Justin was on top of his success as a teen pop star. The album debuted at No.1 on the charts and became a smash hit. The song Mistletoe peaked at No.2 on an adult contemporary chart and in a rare occurrence for Christmas music, climbed in the top 40 at mainstream pop radio.

Jingle Bell Rock by Daryl Hall and John Oates:  The song came out in 2006. The song was first released in 1957 by Bobby Helms which became an instant hit, peaking as one of the top 10 selling records in the country and it has since become a Christmas standard. John Oates and Daryl Hall released the recording of the song in 1980 and then recorded a new version for their album “Home for Christmas” in 2006.

Winter Wonderland by Jason Mraz: The song came out in 2003 but was originally written and recorded in 1934. Despite the fact that the holiday is not at all mentioned in the song, it became a hit and was considered a Christmas classic. Jason Mraz performed LIVE on “The Late Late Show” with Craig Kilborn in 2003 on the classic song.

Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande: When in December 2013, Ariana released a 4 song Christmas EP titled “Christmas Kisses” was well received by the listeners, the new Christmas song was announced by Ariana named, “Santa Tell Me” which was co written with Savan Kotecha and Swedish producer and song – writer Ilya. The song became the new Christmas classic topping Billboard’s Holiday Chart and peaking in the top10 of the adult contemporary chart.

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole: The song was released in 1961 and was co written by singer Mel Torme. The song became one of the most defining performances of Nat King Cole’s career. The song was recorded by him thrice out of which the recording of 1961 is considered to be the best of all. From the lyrics of the song in the first line, the song is often referred as. “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland: The song was introduced by Judy Garland in 1944 movie musical Meet Me in St. Louis. The filmmakers complained about the first version’s lyrics that the lyrics were depressing and needs a re – writing after which it became an instant hit and was considered to be the most popular interpretation.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen: The song was first written in 1934 and first performed on the radio show of Eddie Cantor’s which became an instant hit. During holidays, Bruce Springsteen had made it a traditional part of his live concerts.

The Little Drummer Boy’ by Bing Crosby and David Bowie: The song was released in 1977 but was composed in 1941 by Katherine K. Davis. In an arrangement, it was popularized by the Harry Simeone Chorale. Based on the song’s story in 1968, an animated TV special was created. Bing and David collaborated for a version which was televised on a Bing Crosby Christmas special in 1977.

Silent Night by Jackie Evancho: The song was released in 2010 which is believed to be first composed in German in 1816 and was later translated into English and sung by both sides in the World War 1 Christmas truce due to the fact that it was primary Christmas Carol that both English and German soldier knew. The child operatic singer Jackie Evancho included the carol in her collection, “O Holy Night”.

The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler: The song was released in 1994 by the comedian Adam Sandler which became an instant novelty classic that strings together a wide range of public figures who are Jewish and some who are not along with celebrities.

That’s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix: A Capella group Pentatonix first released their full length holiday album in 2014 which included their versions of Christmas classics, except for the title cut which was the new original song of the holiday.

Joy To The World by Michael Bolton: The lyrics were written by Isaac Watts, scripture forms the basis for the lyrics of the song. Michael Bolton performed his version in 1977at Placido Domingo’s Christmas celebration concert in Vienna.

O Holy Night by Celine Dion: The song was composed in 1847 and has become a favorite carol for solo performances. Celine applied huge sound of her voice to the classic carol in her 1998 collection “These Are Special Times”.

River by Sarah McLachlan: In 1971, in the album “Blue” of Joni Mitchell, River first made its appearance. The song serves as a reflection on the end of a relationship near Christmas. Many artists recorded the song and Sarah included it in her 2006 collection “Wintersong”.

Rudolph, The Red – Nosed Reindeer by Jewel: In 1939, the story of Rudolph was created by Robert L. May who was a Montgomery ward employee. In 1949, the story was adapted in to a song and turned in to a hit by Gene Autry and in 1999, the singer and a song writer Jewel recorded it for her own album of holiday collection.

Christmas Wrapping by Glee: In 1981, the Waitresses, the successful Punk Band put together the classic christmas hit which remains a clever combination of punk attitude and experimentation with the younger genre of rap. In 2011, led by Heather Morris, the cast of “Glee” put together their own version who played the character Brittany on the show.

The Chipmunk Song by David Seville:  Under David Seville, Ross Bagdasarian Sr. recorded the song whose first major hit in 1958 was The Witch Doctor which includes the experiments with speeded up audio tracks which led to the creation of Chipmunks whose voices were speeded up humans. The Chipmunk Song was released in 1958 which became a No.1 hit and since then Chipmunks have become durable pop characters who are performing in the movies too.

Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue: Santa Baby was written in 1953 by Joan Javits which became a big hit for the singer Eartha Kitt. Pop star Kylie shows off her sex appeal of the song in her own version which came out in 2003.

Angels We Have Heard On High by Sixpence None the Richer:  As part of the comeback of the pop band Sixpence None The Richer, the song came out in 2008 in their holiday collection album “The Dawn Of Grace” which includes their version of Angels We Have Heard On High which actually originated as a French carol but was translated in to English version in the mid 1800’s which is famous now.