Christmas, the festival is just approaching us within a short span of twenty to twenty five days. Christmas is now a days not limited to only any one religion or any one country. It is celebrated all over the world amongst every part of this beautiful universe. As we all are aware that Christmas is a festival of celebration so we eagerly wait for it to arrive so that we can celebrate and enjoy this first festival of winter.

When it comes to festive decoration, kids often have different sensibility in comparison to parents. The Christmas decorating ideas of kids might include blinking lights and giant snow men while parents may prefer silver and holly beads.

Christmas decorating with kids means a lot of help from elders so keep that thing in mind while decorating your houses and Christmas trees. Help your kids but at the same time let their creativity shine without expecting perfections in their work.

During Christmas we all get almost a week off, especially kids and this year I have something very new and interesting for you all to make your and kids’ coming week useful and innovative and this is through some beautiful ideas which I am sharing here with you to decorate the most important part of Christmas celebration around which we sing and dance.

Could you guess it guys????……………………..

Yes you guessed it right, that is the lovely Christmas tree.

The history of Christmas tree lies thousands of years ago. This evergreen fir tree has been used traditionally to celebrate the festival in winter like Pagan. The branches of the trees were used during the winter solstice to decorate the homes because using these branches for decoration made them think that the season of spring is about to arrive. The branches of this fir tree were also used by Romans for decoration of the temples during the festival of Saturnalia. The reason for using this by Christians is because they consider this tree as a sign of everlasting life with the God and because there are so many things related to this evergreen fir tree that is why it is used for Christmas.

It is not necessary to use a real tree always but instead of it now a days artificial trees are also used. Also in earlier times if the people were not able to afford a real plant i.e. a Christmas Tree, they used to make pyramids of woods and then the people used to decorate it with paper, apples and candles so that it looks like a tree. There are so many stories related to this tree used during Christmas. Sharing here some of them with you:

It is believed that during 16th century, a young man was walking through the forests and he was looking up in the sky to see the stars shining through the tree branches. He saw all this and thought how beautiful it is looking. On reaching home he told his children about that beautiful view which he saw while walking through the forests. He told them that the view in the forest reminded him of Lord Jesus who let the stars from heaven to come to earth on the day of Christmas. Can you guess the name of that person????? If no, here is the answer to this puzzle…. He was German Preacher Martin Luther.

Another interesting story is related to St. Boniface who belonged to Crediton (a village in UK) who left England and went to Germany to preach Pagan German tribes so that he could convert them to Christianity. One day he came across a group of people who were about to sacrifice a young boy while worshipping an oak tree. To stop the sacrifice and in anger St. Boniface cut down the tree and then suddenly and surprisingly first tree sprang up from oak tree roots. St. Boniface viewed it and said that this is the sign of the Christian faith and then his followers decorated that fir tree with candles.

The above given are two such stories but in history we have unlimited count of stories behind the use of this fir tree as a Christmas tree but the main reason for using this fir tree as Christmas tree is because it is trusted as a symbol of Christ according to Pope John Paul. According to him this tree remains evergreen in winter which makes it a sign of undying life.

As we have now much needed details on Christmas tree, it’s time to decorate this symbol of God.

Traditionally, Christmas decorations are put up in late November or early December. In United Kingdom Christmas lights are generally switched on in November while in the US this tradition of Christmas lights start from Thanksgiving Day. This tree can be decorated with so many ideas which make it look attractive, but first of all it is to be decided whether it is for indoors or outdoors because accordingly decorative items are to be chosen for decoration. So first of all we will start with list of decoration items.

Below are some of the most important decorative items which are commonly used:

* Christmas Tree

* Tinsel


*Tree Skirt

*Tree Stand

*Strings of lights

*Scented Candles

*Candy Sticks


*Garlands or Staircase Banisters

*Natural accents to place on table around pillar candles

*Ribbons to tie garlands or making bows

*Stocking and their Hooks

*Bells(big or small)


*Santa Claus

*Snow Globes

And the list goes on….

Once you have all these essential items with you, go ahead and start with the decoration of your tree. All these can be used to decorate the tree if you want to decorate the tree in a simple, cultural and traditional way. But if you want to decorate the tree in some other different and unique style than you can choose any one of the given below as per your wish and availability of items with you and can also take help or support your kids.

So here we go with different styles:

Christmas with kids



Wooden Decoration: In case of wooden decoration which is the part of rustic style, you just need few wooden Ornaments, numbers lights and snow spray. Hang out your ornaments and numbers on the tree and then use colorful lights to make it shine and then spray the snow spray on tree to give it a snowy effect for more decoration. You can keep few boxes of gifts below the tree.

Silver Decoration: For silver look decoration what you need are silver items like big and small silver stars, silver bells, silver lights, small gifts and icy spray. Tie all these silver items on the tree and decorate with lights and then sprinkle the snowy white spray on the tree so that it creates a more attractive look.

White Decoration: White decoration does not necessarily need white items. Here you can use a combination of both silver and white items to decorate the Christmas tree. Here again you can use silver stars, bells, lights, gifts and snowy spray, but in case of white decoration you can create or purchase few white items that can be used to decorate tree like birds, make snow white and put it below the tree to give it a more white look.

Big Globe Lights Decoration: For decoration with this idea all you need is just few globe lights (may be all of same color or different colors) of any color and strand to tie them with branches of tree and electric connection to light these twinkling beauties. Also you can spray snowy spray to get icy effect if you wish.

Metallic Decoration: For Metallic decoration you can use all decoration items with metallic look may be golden, silver or copper. It is not necessary that they should be of metal, they can be made to look like that using many ways like painting items with any metal color or sticking any such Metallic color paper on them so that it gives Metallic look. After that they can be used to decorate the tree and then silver and golden lights can be used accordingly on tree to give it a more wonderful look.

Candles Decoration: To implement this idea, the decorative item you need is; a flame – less electric candle. Using actual candles can be a great hazard so these electric candles are safe and easy to use. These candles have clips to fix them on the branches of the tree. The electric candles on the tree make the tree look shiny due to their light.

Color Theme Decoration: Here you can use any two color themes, combine them and decorate your tree to make it look beautiful. Colors can be silver and pink, white and red, pink and purple or any other color combination which you feel interesting and appealing. Then after deciding the color combination you just need to select items of those two or three colors and then decorate the tree using them.

Garland Decoration: It can be done using any type of flowers; be it natural or artificial. But according to me the use of artificial flower garlands is more feasible as they are long lasting and do not get dry whereas original flower garlands dries up losing the beauty of decoration. Also artificial garland can be used next year as well and it will also save our environment as plants will not get damaged by plucking off flowers. Using the garlands in pattern you want to use it can decorate your tree and also you can sprinkle sparkle may it be silver, golden or copper on it for flowers to shine. Then icy spray can be sprinkled on garlands to get the flowers smell and at last lights can be used to decorate the Christmas tree.

Candy Land Decoration: In this type of decoration the tree can be decorated and make to look beautiful by using all small eatable items like toffees, chocolates, tetra packages of drinks, lollipops etc. But it can only be done on a big tree as all these items have weight and tree should be strong enough to bear the load of the eatable items. Then lights can be used to decorate it.

Ribbon Decoration: In this type of decoration ribbon can be used to decorate the tree. Using Ribbons we can make many decorative things like bow, flowers, balls and layers on tree. Ribbons of two to three colors can be used for decoration. Along with that, items matching with ribbon’s color can also be used for hanging on tree to fill the empty space and then ice spray can be used to give it an icy effect.

Bubbles Decoration: In this type of decoration you can use transparent plastic bubbles to decorate the tree. These bubbles have a lid on their top to open them. So for decoration open the lid and apply glue on its inner side and then fill or sprinkle the sparkle inside the bubble of color you want to make it. Then remove extra sparkle back and let it dry. Then on the outer side you can make face, eyes, ears, nose etc. giving it a look which is eye catching and appealing and attractive especially for kids.

Striking Popcorn or Beads: This garland making from popcorn or beads is a fun activity which will give you a beautiful Christmas decoration in the end but make sure that you work on it with older kids because popcorn is messy and it also involves a needle. If the beads are large enough, they can be worked easily by little fingers.

Light: Whether it is because of a difference in opinion or quantity of lights or blinking, lights are the place where you and your kids part ways. If you kid has a desire for lights, spread them throughout the house and let your kid hang them. Decorate their bed or play room with lights safely. You can decorate lights in house plants or in the kitchen.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree: The craft idea is not only simple but it also allows you to use the leftover wrapping paper scraps to use. With patterned wrapping paper, fill the center of Popsicle stick triangles. Kids can paint and decorate the wooden sticks with gems and glitters. It is a perfect way to introduce simple shapes and designs to little ones.

Jeweled Paper Christmas Tree: In this craft idea, a clothes pin performs double duty as the Christmas tree’s stump and a handy stand. Help your kids  by pre- cutting the green triangles and allow them to decorate with sequins, glitter and gems.

In all decorations given above Candy Land and bubbles Decoration are the most used decorative ideas as both are related to children specially because in one they candies to eat and in other they get lovely cartoons or funny faces which they mostly like and love collecting and adoring them for long.

So FOLKS! Here I have provided you with many ideas to utilize your week off to decorate auspicious Christmas tree. Utilize the week appropriately and decorate your tree as beautifully as possible. Show off your skills to your guests and make them fall in love with the ideas and let them appreciate you and your skills.

Hope you people out there have great Christmas and holidays.

“Merry Christmas 2018”.