Christmas is the magical time of the year, the weather outside becomes warm and cozy, bright lights start twinkling on trees and kids start growing impatient for welcoming Santa Clause. What is the better way to celebrate the Christmas time with kids other than cuddling up with the children and reading a Christmas book on a Christmas tree. Christmas tree is considered as one of the most powerful symbol of Christmas. For children it is very unthinkable to celebrate Christmas without a beautiful evergreen tree in the living room that is decorated with sparkling ornaments and presents that are wrapped and placed beneath it. Just like various other Christmas traditions which includes the celebration of Christmas itself, the origin of Christmas tree can be traced down as one of the pagan traditions. The Christmas tree upholds a great ancient history, during 16th century the tradition of Christmas tree came into existence when Germans started to decorate fir trees inside their homes. When queen Victoria started celebrating Christmas by bearing gifts around a fir tree it became a worldwide custom. The Christmas tree has its own beautiful story to tell as it has gone a long way from its humble, pagan, origins to the point that it has become so popular.

It is important to tell the kids about the origin of this beautiful tree, therefore you must read books with them that tell them about the Christmas tree or stories that revolve around Christmas tree. Down below we have mentioned books on Christmas tree or stories that revolve around Christmas tree from around the world. You can enjoy reading these books with them while eating cookies and some hot chocolate. To make it more interesting and fun you can probably make few Christmas sweets.


This book is written by Gloria Houston and Barbara Cooney. If we say that there would be no Christmas without this story we will not be wrong. This one of the most unforgettable tale that is perfectly illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Barbara Cooney. It has become one of the seasonal classic and is touching and joyful story about the courage and the power of a family. As there is a little girl named Ruthie and she is picked to be the angle at the Christmas play, but unfortunately she doesn’t had no angle costume to wear. Her father is away from the family and home in a war that is taking place across the sea. This situation has created a hardship for the family additionally she misses him badly. That year her family was picked to bring the Christmas tree to the town, therefore they find a tree that the father has picked out in spring and bring that same tree to the church for the Christmas services. This book is about hope and perseverance.



This book is written by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. This book is filled with ingenious ideas for creating a personal festive holiday. This book contains everything from creating holiday window boxes to a gingerbread mansion to make your own gift wrap. Martha has offered a very stylish and inventive guide to the readers for creating several ornaments you can use this book to create various ornaments for your own Christmas tree and take the help of your kids to do the same. This will not only help to decorate the Christmas tree but will also help you and kids to do some fun together and help the kids to do more craft.



This book by Colleen Monroe is a charming tale of an overgrown pine that is always being passed on for Christmas and how his woodland friends would help him to become a Christmas Classic. The illustrations on the book by wildlife artist Michael Monroe and enchanting text by Colleen Monroe together seems to be a perfect gift. The birds, deer and squirrel that are present in the story help to make their special wishes come true. This book is a wonderful family story. This books is surely a Christmas classic and kids will definitively love it.



This book by Steven Kroll and illustrated by Jeni Bassett. In this story the mice are in a race to get the biggest Christmas to tree to decorate their home since after this it becomes a tradition in their town. Two cousins have a really hard time in finding their tree because everyone got up early and bought the best tree. This story is a heartfelt one, where two mice join together to find a tree for their family but end up finding one that is appreciated by more than what they planned for. This is one of the greatest Christmas book and is appreciated worldwide.


Willowby’s Christmas tree:

One of the best picture book by Robert Barry that celebrates all the joy a Christmas tree can bring! This book contains printable that are used to make a Christmas tree. You can probably use it as a fun activity with your children. It also includes vocabulary words, word tracer, cards, puzzles, tree size sequencing cards, a story sight word chart, recycling items, counting activities and so much more. This heartwarming story is the perfect way to start your holiday season with kids and can be a great addition to your family’s festive Christmas traditions.



This is a book by Robert Alfred Herman. The littlest Christmas tree wants to find a home for Christmas and there are only five days left for Christmas and the littlest Christmas tree is still waiting for its home. All the tree wants is that it should be taken home by a family and should be decorated and sing the favorite song, “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches..” but as the Christmas comes closer and closer and one by one all the other trees find homes, the littlest Christmas tree begins to think that no one will ever take it home. Until the day of Christmas Eve when its wish come true when a man who runs the Christmas tree stand takes it home to its family. This book brings out hope which is the main reason behind the celebration of Christmas.



This book by Stephen Krensky is a heartwarming magical tale. Among the grand balsam firs and pines at the Christmas tree there is a Christmas tree that is a little hunched and is missing several trees. Though this tree had less branches but no other tree is more filled with the spirit of Christmas than this tree. As the days and weeks go by many other are selected but it doesn’t gets selected still the tree didn’t lost the hope of finding a perfect family. On the very eve of Christmas now it was the last tree in the lot and a very special visitor just gifts the tree whatever it wants. This very tale will make you and your children believe in the magic of Christmas.



The little Christmas tree by Loek Koopmans is a story where, there is a small Christmas Tree that hates its sharp needles and desires to have soft leaves like the other trees. No to know that will it be happier if it’s wish is granted you need to read the novel. After all, its not that bad to be a little Christmas tree. This is a charming story where you can teach your child that the grass is not always good on the other side. This book is one of the books that are comfortable for the cold winter evening sitting in front of the fireplace with a mug of coffee.



This charming book by Sam Taplin is beautifully produced board book with eye catching illustrations and adorable little woodland characters, with twinkly lights that shine throughout the book. There is mouse in the story who doesn’t has lights for Christmas so her friend who is a mole takes her out to find some lights. On their way they find a rabbit who has hung some lights on her door, fox too shows them many lights of the town, they see the bright stars in the sky but still mouse finds no light for the twinkly tree. They go home disappointed only to know that mouse’s woodland friend’s have got together to decorate the tree for the mouse. This book is an enchanting Christmas gift for a small child as he will enjoy reading this tale of good deeds and kindness that was in the folk of woodland and that glows brightly.



This book by Dick Schneider is based on a tale where long long ago, in a land far away resided a perfect little tree named small pine. Small pine desired as to maintain its perfect form so that it gets selected by the queen as her Christmas tree. But as the kind hearted tree started giving shelter to birds, rabbits and various other animals its branches started to get weak and damages. Fortunately, Queen had a different idea of perfection. We assure you that young readers will just read and reread the tale of how Small Pine’s love and kindness for his friends helps him to be the most perfect tree of all. This magically illustrated story of a warm hearted Christmas tree will definetly become one of the most beloved classics of all time.



This book by Justine Korman is a holiday novelty book where Tonka trucks carry a beautiful evergreen tree to the city during the Christmas time. This story is complemented by a fully decorated pop – up tree at the end of the book.



This is a cute book that is set up in a small village, where a kitten has climbed the Christmas tree. Doesn’t this sounds amazing because first the cat goes to rescue the kitten, then the dog, then the goat, then the pigs but all of them got tangled in the tree. How the kitten and her rescuers finally get rescued makes this story delightfully funny and give us a charming conclusion.



These were some of the amazing books on Christmas trees. We hope that you will enjoy reading them because the definitely led with fun and moral. They will definitely help your kids to learn great things in life and will make memorable everlasting Christmas time memories.