Christmas; the last festival of the year is approaching soon and the preparations have started already.

We all decorate our houses with Christmas trees which is the main symbol of Christmas.

A Christmas tree is decorated usually with spruce, fir or a pine and these days’ people have started using an artificial tree of similar appearance which is associated with the celebration of Christmas. Traditionally, the tree was decorated with roses made of apples, colored papers, tinsels and wafers. In 18th century, candles started taking place of all these decorative items which further was taken by Christmas lights after the advent of electrification.

Christmas trees provide a plethora of inspiration to the people. You can get either a large tree or a small one, a tabletop, or faux, or aluminium. Even the decoration can be done in a lot of ways out of which some of them are so unique that you can’t even imagine.

Deck it with traditional ornaments or drape it with garland is totally your choice but here is one trend that has taken the world by storm and that is a flocked Christmas tree.

Flocking is a process of depositing small particles of fiber on a surface. It also refers to the texture which is produced by the process or to any material used primarily for its flocked surface. Flocking is used in different ways. On a Christmas tree, it is used by flocking with a fluffy white spray to stimulate snow. Flocking is a powder which comes in a big box.

Out of many holiday traditions the oddest one is spraying down small trees with a mixture of adhesive and cellulose fibers to satisfy the longing for a white Christmas.

It is said that the flocking can be traced to circa 1000 B.C.E. when Chinese used resin glue to bond the natural fibers to fabrics. Fiber dust was strewn on an adhesive coated surfaces to produce flocked wall coverings in Germany during middle ages. In France, flocked wall coverings came into limelight during the reign of Louis XIV of France.

With every passing day flocked Christmas trees are gaining popularity because they look lovely, non-traditional and beautiful. It is especially loved by those who don’t get to experience snow in their region. So if you are one of those people who are smitten by flocked Christmas trees, this idea is just for you.

These days you can find so many tree ideas that you will feel dizzy. Large and small, wall and table top, natural and faux, green and pink, there are a lot of ideas for everyone. You can decorate it the way you like or even leave as it is, it is also a popular trend now. In this article we will have a look at one trending tree type and ways to decorate it, and it is flocked Christmas tree.

Flocked or snowy Christmas trees are getting popular because they look natural, non-traditional and beautiful. A snowy-looking tree is especially cool if you don’t have snow outside, and even if you don’t have a flocked tree, there are a lot of tutorials to turn a usual tree into a snowy one.

If you have been dreaming of getting a flocked Christmas tree but still do not know what flocking means then here it is in simple words: it is when the tree has a freshly fallen snow look like a layer of white on top of the tree.

To flock a Christmas tree use a spray bottle to mist a section of the tree with water and then scoop some flock on the strainer and shift it on the damp tree. Spray the flocked section with water. The flocked Christmas tree lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks.

You can turn your old fake Christmas tree in to a DIY flocked Christmas tree. You can use soap flakes, spray paints, glitter and white glue to create your own DIY flocked Christmas tree. The DIY process is simple but a little messy so it is recommended to work in a basement, garage or an open space. Under the tree, cover the floor with a drop cloth or a tarp.

Here we bring you a gallery of flocked Christmas tree decoration ideas for you below. Take a look!


If you are fond of being natural then go for this simple flocked Christmas tree which is decorated only with lights. The tree has no garlands or ornaments, yet it is making a wonderful impact. You can get pre lit trees both offline and online.The best way to decorate the flocked tree is to leave it without décor or use some lights, this way you will keep it natural and chic. You don’t have to puzzle over décor and your tree will be amazing – leave it as it is or put the tree into a basket. Lights are going to show off your tree at its best and you’ll feel like in a winter wonderland. You can also take a duo or a trio of the same-looking trees and cover them all with lights to create a small snowy forest.


It features a flocked Christmas tree decorated with faux snow, cranberries, little cardinal and baubles.



Give your tree a neutral look by decorating it with metallic ornaments in which the base is covered with beige and white gift boxes with an amazing tree topper.



Give your house an arctic feel by flocking it with snow and decorating it with faux bears and lights. You can gave a look of an igloo at the base with a small bear coming out of it.



A perfect idea for those who are short of space. Instead of a regular Christmas tree, go for slim flocked Christmas tree and even if you have an ample space, go for a pencil Christmas tree. For homes which has small to no space, there is no fast rule to decorate it. You can decorate your tree with tiny lights. Use white fabric as a tree skirt for making it look like a snow bed.


A perfect dreamy flocked Christmas tree where the idea is simply astounding with a flocked tree decorated with metallic ornaments and stars in shades of gold, glue and silver. You can also use vintage ornaments and ribbons to beautify the look.



Give your Christmas tree the needed color of bold fuchsia ornaments. This simple yet magnetic décor idea can easily be used on an artificial tree. Use variety of pinks in the ornaments.



The flocked alpine trees decorated with lights prove instant winter charm to the décor. Use it in the form of table top flocked Christmas tree. Cover the base with white suede to make it look like snow.



Use a globe LED light ornament for adding a distinct charm to this flocked Christmas tree. Top it up with black ribbon tree topper and decorate it with silver or grey ornaments like baubles, flowers and ribbons.



Use only lights to beautify the flocked Christmas tree. You can also use a tree topper if you desire to make it stand out. Use a heavy light décor under the tree.



Flocking is not the only thing that defines the magnanimous tree but also the Eiffel Tower ornaments. To give it a warm glow, you can use lights along with some paper ornaments as well.



Decorate your regular or a slim tree in an easy way with just lights and ornaments. Keep your setting as rustic as possible to match it up.



Give your flocked Christmas tree an instant sparkle and dazzle by decorating it with colourful glass ornaments, garlands and baubles. Mushroom and ceramic deer are a perfect addition to the décor idea. Use a conventional and designer tree skirt to give the finishing touch.



These days Santa, Snow Man, Baubles, Ginger Bread Man and Cornucopias are the perfect décor ornaments. Use them to decorate your tree but make sure that they all are red in color if you want to exude the festive spirit.



The best and the easiest way to keep your flocked Christmas tree is to use no decoration at all. Simply drape the Christmas tree with white cloth at the base and your natural, chic, classy and dreamy tree is ready.



The lightly flocked tree decorated with red and white ornaments, burlap ribbon and cranberries brings a soothing atmosphere in the house. The base can be decorated with gift boxes and a barrel with tree branches and sled.



Decorate and make people stand out by Marvel. A beautifully decorated white flocked Christmas tree is decked with black and gold ornaments and topped with a simple yet stunning golden tree topper. The best thing is to place a small size tree near a big tree.



Having a large and elaborated Christmas tree is never needed. Place 3 to 4 small sized flocked Christmas tree in the kitchen to get the winter wonderland look.



Decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful metallic and snow. Decorate it with white at the base and place some amazing gifts nearby to give it a complete look.



On a flocked Christmas tree both gold and silver metallic ornaments will look amazing. Decorate heavily with silver and gold ornaments, bird ornaments, snowy pinecones, white ribbons and large snowflakes. Metallic décor is a popular idea for a flocked Christmas tree which gently highlights the look of your tree. In general, Metallic décor is also a very hot trend so make your tree more fashionable by using silver, gold and copper in matte, glossy and glitter finishes. You can use just a single shade or a combination of all. You can also mix metallic ornaments with white for a neutral look. Use oversized metallic ornaments for big trees for a modern and chic look.



Give your Christmas tree a countryside look with plaid ribbons. You can use red and white color to balance the look along with hanging ornaments.



Use turquoise blue to give your tree a beautiful look. Use blue and white baubles, snowflakes, white garland and an angel tree topper.



More than anything else, the Guests at your home will love how lovely you decorate the base with faux baby owls, fur and other ornaments.



If coastal look is your love, then go for this idea using blue and silver ornaments and other decorative items. You can also use the same theme for your home décor setting and convert your home décor to blue and white. Also, you can place some gifts wrapped in blue and silver at the base of your tree.



Use bold gold ornaments and copper ribbons to give your tree a perfect glamorous look. Use stone studded pinecones and baubles for the perfect finishing.





Use a sheep ornament for this décor and your Guests will fall in love with the green colored ornament décor idea. You can also use a tiny photo frame which serves as a lovely addition to the elegant flocked Christmas tree.


RED AND WHITE: The perfect match. Embrace the beauty of festival with red ornaments, ribbons, cranberries and everything in red. Wrap the gift boxes with white sheet and red ribbon. Use white gift bags and white ornaments to give it an elegant look which all your guests and family members are sure to fall in love with.

LADEN WITH SNOW: In this décor idea, the branches of the tree are not just flocked but also laden with snow to give it an appearance of a winter wonderland in the house. The metallic ornament will add the needed charm to your tree. Use white and silver ornaments in different sizes and compliment it with gold ornaments for the complete look.

LAVENDER TOUCH: Just like blue, this décor idea will also surprise everyone who sees it in the house, the flocked Christmas tree can be decorated with elegant lavender and purple ornaments. You can also wrap the gift boxes with same color theme. Additionally, to beautify your home, use the same theme setting and watch your home glow bright. A perfect dreamy look. You can match up or compliment the look with silver colored ornaments and decorative items along with silver gift wraps and silver setting in the house to give it a perfect finish.

MODERN AND CHIC LOOK: The Alaskan fir Christmas tree gives you a chic and modern look with silver ornament. Flock the entire tree heavily and use ornaments for the perfect justice with your décor. To beautify the look, add gift boxes covered in grey sheets and tied with silver ribbons.


FOLKS! Here comes an end to our list. Check it out and try experimenting with them. You can also use lights and can flock both fake and real trees along with pre – lit trees, wreathes, garlands and almost anything. From the pre – lit trees, you need not remove the lights. Play with your ideas and mix them up because there are lots of possibilities to decorate your trees and you still have few days left in Christmas. You can also take help of your kids. Show off your creative skills and see your guests getting jealous of you.