Christmas is a time when the air is filled with fun and merry. The weather is great to be in, the temperature is just exact for traveling and people are all busy shopping for gifts, Christmas trees, good food and Christmas hampers. If you are the sorts who like to go on a journey during Christmas then better pack all your bags and baggage’s for a great Christmas vacation ahead. Christmas vacations can be stressful because of the rush during Christmas. The best way is to plan ahead of time and booking your tickets before the rush hour. If you still are wondering where to visit during the Christmas season, some of the best destinations are as follows.

Christmas holiday destinations – India

India is definitely one of the best destinations that you can visit this Christmas season. India is a land of culture, heritage, natural and scenic beauty. Formed of 26 states, each state has a story and culture of its own. Starting from Kerala in the South to Jammu and Kashmir in the North, Rajasthan in the east to Manipur in the West, each place is dignified and glorified for its panoramic picturesque beauty and culture.


Christmas destinations – Finland

Let’s go to the land of ice and snow- the land of Eskimos. Finland is one of the best places where you can view terrific snow fall during Christmas and what is Christmas without snow? For a great magical white Christmas experience one should not miss the Cross country skiing or the snow mobile experience in Finland. Another fabulous thing which is worth viewing on your visit to Finland is the Sami people with their reindeers.

Popular Christmas destinations- Bulgaria

Bulgaria promises you a great experience on the peaks of the slopes of Rila Mountains. One can enjoy a great deal of activities in snow such as Snow skiing, snow mobiling, building an igloo with ice, and many others. Bulgaria is one of the best places to visit during Christmas.

Warm Christmas destinations- Egypt

Egypt- the land of the rising sun and the land on the mummies has a warm temperate climate even during the cold months of December. Some of the most famous places which one can visit during the Christmas season in Egypt are Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Harghada has a long trailing stretch of beautiful beached with golden sand and sparkling blue water while Sharm El Shiekh offers for a panoramic view of corals, and colorful aquatic and marine life.

Great Christmas destinations- Morocco

Do you like belly dancing? Morocco is one of the ideal holiday getaways for people who like dancing this Christmas. Morocco is situated at the meeting point of Middle East, Africa and Europe and offers some of the most tantalizing food delicacies as well as natural beauties such as the beautiful sights of the Medinas, the enthralling towns all along the Mediterranean coast and the high mountains which surround Morocco. You can also visit the Sahara Desert while on your journey to Morocco.

Christmas holiday destinations- The Red Sea

Relieve yourself from the stressful workload and enjoy a fabulous trip to the Red Sea and the River Nile in Egypt. The three day cruise along the Nile River and the Red Sea is definitely a mind boggling experience with stops at the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Karnack. Some of the activities worth performing are camel rides and donkey rides. You can also enjoy sunbathing in the beaches of Horhugada where you can also explore an assortment of colorful coral with a snorkel. There are options of scuba diving and snorkeling as well. This destination is indeed one of the best destinations for Christmas.

Christmas snow holiday destinations- Lapland

Lapland. Have you ever heard of the place before? Located far above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is enriched with snow, reindeer, Eskimos and sleigh rides. If you are if the adventurous types, visit the official home of our dear Santa ClausFinnish Lapland. When you are tired, base yourself in Rovaniemi, try some ski jumping, drive down the snowy roads, and enjoy Christmas. But do not try and disturb the reindeers. They would definitely run away.

Top Christmas destinations- Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best places which you can choose as your Christmas destination. Costa Rica is a combination of all into one- a combination of beaches, mountains, rainforests, adventure activities, and an array of other activities such as river rafting, zip riding, horse riding, canopy tours, inner tubing and many more. People who are a little more adventurous can explore the green mountains, along with the dense rain forests, wildlife and more.

Best holiday destinations for Christmas- Oman

Oman offers tourists some of the best places to visit this Christmas season. Ranging from the great gorges and deep canyons to the sand dunes of the Wahiba islands where you can also spot a line of jumping dolphins if you are lucky, Oman is surely a place where you can cherish your stay in.

Most popular Christmas destinations- India Rajasthan

Enjoy the line of camels crossing through the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Rajasthan the land of the pink city is simply a place worth visiting in India. Having some of the most beautiful temples and palaces to its name, Rajasthan has been known as the land of the golden sun as well. Stepping into the beautiful palace of Jaisalmer, the Ajmer fort, the temple in Udaipur and the Beautiful Mount Abu which is the highest point of Rajasthan, Rajasthan is indeed a treat for the eyes.


White Christmas holiday destinations-Go Lego, Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark makes a real good travel destination for a small family. Starting with the statue of the Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Anderson, kids would enjoy being at Tivoli Gardens, Legoland, and Copenhagen- the capital of Denmark.

Best Xmas holiday destinations- Japan Tokyo

All kids would love to visit the land of the dragon. Japan is a great place where you can visit some of the world’s largest monuments, towers, and cartoon characters like Doreamon, Hello Kitty, Power rangers and many others. After a great day in Japan, spend the afternoon viewing the beautiful Mount Fiji which was once upon a time a great volcano as well.

Christmas destinations 2013- Fiji

Fiji is a great place where you can relax, spend the weekend, and enjoy the wonderful green archipelago floating cheerfully in the South Pacific. There are a variety of resorts which you can see at the place. The Fiji Island is an island filled with Scenic beauty. You can loiter at the beach; roam around in the wild, and enjoy the wonderful spa treatment. Fiji Islands are the islands where kids are pampered generously and you will be loved like their own.

Top Christmas destinations –Scotland

Scotland’s winter celebrations guarantee you maximize your Christmas break, as towns and urban areas wake up with the happy soul and offer extraordinary occasions, showcases, fairs, occasional feasting alternatives and the sky is the limit from there. In Glasgow, Scotland’s capital for shopping, you’ll uncover an awesome decision of blessings, incorporating toys from Hamleys, one of a kind trinkets in the Merchant City and a fabulous extend of Scottish and mainland indulgences at the famous Christmas markets. The Edinburgh festivals are centred round Princes Street Gardens, where a vast Ferris wheel, ice arena, Christmas markets and tree lights truly make an enchanted, merry feel.

Great Christmas destinations –England

You could similarly as effortlessly say London, yet there are more than enough towns and urban communities all around the nation that make splendorous Christmas ends of the line. Shouldn’t something be said about the Lake District, with its snow-topped mountains, or Rochester, with its Dickensian Christmas celebration and manor tours? The galleries, markets and wide open of Yorkshire make it an alternate great wager for a winter stay. The restricted travel time, and unlucky deficiency of regularly climbed airfares, additionally implies a Christmas soften up the UK won’t burn up all available resources. London will regularly be a little crueler on the satchel strings – favouring a rentable house is effortlessly the best quality alternative – however the country’s capital buzzes at Christmas.

Best Xmas holiday destinations– Iceland

It makes sense that Christmas in Iceland is one you’ll always remember: for starters, you’re unrealistic to have ever been so cool. Christmas is commended on December 24 here, yet furthermore that one custom, you can want a quintessential white Christmas. The lanes are hung with pixie lights and a feeling of regular enchantment encompasses all.

Popular Christmas destinations –USA

It’s not only that the tree at Rockerfeller Center is the planet’s most acclaimed Christmas tree; nor that a carriage ride through a blanketed Central Park epitomizes the fable angle Yuletide is so known for. The Big Apple grips Christmas right crosswise over board. Outlet chains are tinsel-studded, laden with doodads and lights, carolers sing on the walkway and families wear their skates for an evening ice skating in Central Park. For something other than what’s expected, head down to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, which turns into a veritable winter wonderland; an informal and furiously challenged design rivalry sees inhabitants from eleventh to Thirteenth Avenue and from 83rd to 86th.

Popular Christmas destinations –Greece

Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Greece is like ending up in an expressionist showstopper: brightened Christmas trees, sparkly splendid trimmings, and “karavákia” (little Christmas ships) decked with blue and white lights enlighten our roads in honor of St. Nicholas; congruous chimes and kids’ ditties resound through our urban communities and villages. Universal culinary enjoyments symbolize good fortunes in the New Year and embellish our white-dressed tables. In this mosaic of Christmas sensations, occasion encounters are rendered much more colorful by the profound blue of our oceans, the green woodland of our mountains, the red coral of our nightfall’s, and the rich violet of our night sky.

Popular Christmas destinations – China

Bargain bazaars are adorned with Christmas trees, twinkling lights and bubbly enhancements beginning in late November. Store agents frequently wear Santa caps and green and red frill. It’s not unprecedented to see remaining Christmas beautifications as of now decking the lobbies well into February or hear Christmas music at joints in July.

While China trades a ton of Christmas soul as shabby plastic toys and mass prepared trimmings, a few families pick to have a little Christmas tree throughout Christmas in China. Not many homes have Christmas lights hung outside or candles in the windows. Shopping centers, banks and restaurants frequently have Christmas shows, Christmas trees, and lights. Expansive shopping centers help introduce Christmas in China with tree lighting functions.

Christmas holiday destinations –South Africa

The schools are shut for the Christmas occasions and some individuals get a kick out of the chance to go out outdoors. Going hymn singing, on Christmas Eve, is extremely prominent in towns and urban communities. Songs by Candlelight administrations are likewise prominent on Christmas Eve. Also numerous individuals head off to a Christmas morning Church Service. Universal “fir” Christmas trees are well known and youngsters forget a stocking for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The Christmas dinner is either turkey (or duck), cook hamburger, mince pies or suckling pig with yellow rice & raisins and vegetables, emulated by Christmas Pudding or an accepted South African desert called Malva Pudding (once in a while additionally called Lekker Pudding) – get the formula. Individuals likewise get a kick out of the chance to draw Christmas Crackers! The dinner is regularly consumed outside in the June through August timeframe sun! Assuming that it’s truly hot they may even have a grill or ‘braai’.

Christmas holiday destinations – Germany

As per legend, on Christmas Eve in Germany waterways turn to wine, creatures identify with one another, tree blooms prove to be fruitful, mountains open up to uncover valuable diamonds, and church ringers might be heard ringing from the bottom of the ocean. Obviously, just the immaculate in heart can witness this Christmas enchantment. All others should delight themselves with universal German celebrating, of which there is bounty. Now that it’s on the table, there is so much commending that is needs to start on December.