Christmas Garland Ideas

December 9, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Every Christmas you gather with your family, loved ones and friends to celebrate the festive spirit. When you go shopping after Thanksgiving, you can hear […]

Track Santa Day Three

December 3, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Tracking Santa: The Third Day (December 3) Today I redesigned dear old Santa Claus’ sleigh. Yes—I redesigned it. Every year Santa gets a new sleigh. […]

Track Santa Day Two

December 2, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Tracking Santa: The Second Day (December 2, 2013) Today, Santa Claus gave us a short lecture. He called every elves and reindeers—Mrs. Claus was there, […]

Christmas Movies 2011

November 27, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Watching Christmas movies is one we can do to keep the spirit of Christmas. There are no other movies than fabulous Christmas movies. Some holiday movies are quite convincing, but some are not. We combine a list of top Christmas movies of all time. Some best movies are listed below

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Mashed Potatoes

October 27, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Although it looks simple, there are many different ways that are written on how to prepare the perfect mashed potatoes. In this recipe, we will […]

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History of Santa Claus

October 22, 2011 Anne Walker 0

Christmas is a festive season which celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated with lots of interesting features and traditions. Amongst them are […]

History of Christmas

October 22, 2011 Anne Walker 0

The celebration of Christmas Day, interestingly, has its roots in ancient traditions that are essentially pagan. Even before the birth of Christ, some of our […]

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Christmas Celebration 2023

October 21, 2011 Anne Walker 0

soure: Christmas Day is an important holiday which is generally observed on 25th of December. People celebrate this auspicious occasion to commemorate the day known […]