Ah Christmas! What a wonderful time of the year! You meet with family and friends. There is fun a frolic everywhere, with unlimited food and drinks. It is probably the best time of the year! Christmas is a very common festival all over the world, but with maybe slightly different food and rituals. One of the most common recurring food of Christmas is cake, because well, everyone loves cake! So here are a few different kinds of Christmas cakes found all over the world. Because, it is always great to learn about new cultures and try out new things. It expands our horizons and broadens our perspectives as humans. So without further ado, presenting different kinds of Christmas cakes from Different parts of the world!

1. Christmas cake
Ok, so how can we talk about Christmas and not talk about Christmas cake, so let us first address that. This is and extremely common and popular, and obviously much loved favorite during Christmas season. It is also popular in several other countries, and why not, who does not love sugary desserts covered with thick layers of icing, that kind of maybe resemble snow? Sure you should not have too much, because it probably wrecks havoc on your teeth, but it is the holidays! So go ahead indulge yourself a little bit. Giving in to temptation sometimes is alright.

2. Panettone
Though a very common favorite, in most, if not all European countries, these delicious treat was originally invented in Italy. This fruity, soft, and moist spongecake is everything you would dream of. So it is not a surprise that when Christmas comes around, boxes of these go flying of the shelves! They also make great gift items, perfect to take if you get invited to a Christmas lunch or Dinner.

3. Pandoro
This is yet another very popular and well known Dessert from Italy. The Pandoro is so light and fluffy, it is practically melt in your mouth, It is sweet and yeasty all together, and is usually given a generous dusting of vanilla icing sugar, making it the perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth. Want to make it more decadent? Slice it up and lather some cream or gelato, and you are in for a treat!

4. Stollen
The original Stollen is said to have come from Dresden. It is a German favorite, but is also is extremely popular in and around Europe. It is a sweet kind of bread and it is baked with fruits inside. However there are variations to this recipe found.

5. Bremer Klaben
The Bremer klaben is kind of like a stollen, but it is from from Bremen. The only real difference really is that there is powdered sugar on the Bremer Klaben. So we could saiy it is kind of like the diet version of the Stollen. Quite apt maybe for people who want to indulge but maybe not too much. New years is just around the corner of course, and you do have to fit in to that party dress!

6. Pan de Pascua
This is Chile’s take on the Stollen. One can argue though that this might be a better version? But we all have our own tastes, likes, and dislikes, so try out both and see for yourself which one you like better.

7. Turron
The Turron is a delicious treat from Spain! In fact, you should probably head over there during the holidays just to eat a slice. It could be brittle or it could be so soft it melts in your mouth. Depends on how you would like to have it. And this is a winner with the almond lovers, because that is one of the main stuffings in this.

8. Yule log
The Yule log originated inn France, and in French is known as “Buche de Noel”. Though it is most popular in France, it is sure to be on the menu in most European countries, especially those with some sort of a French Connection. It resembles a log and is covered with chocolate, and is usually decorated with mushrooms and other such things made out of fondant or meringue.

9. Kransekake
Kransekake, or “Wreath cake” is one of the most known and popular Cakes both in Denmark as well as Norway. The cake is built in a way that it looks like concentric circles, very pretty to say the least.

10. Awwamaat
Though not technically a cake, the Awwamaat, is favorite in the Middle Eastern Countries, especially Israel, where Jesus lived in the holy city of Jerusalem. They are like small donuts that ooze sweet syrup. A perfect ending note to a sumptuous meal!

11. Fruitcake
Ah the fruitcake! Is Christmas ever truly complete unless you have had a slice of fruit cake? Though many turn their noses on this humble, dried fruit packed cake, no one can ever ignore it. It is popular in all European countries, and also a few Asian Countries, like India.

12. Gozinaki
In the Country of Georgia, this is a traditional Christmas dessert. The Gozinaki is made out of nuts and honey, and so in essence is completely gluten free. This is a wonderful dessert for anyone who is gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive, but still want something Christmasy and sweet to complete their lunch or dinner.

13. Joulutorttu
The Joulutorttu is a traditional Christmas cake of Finland. They are wonderful to eat in the Winters and that is probably why they are such a hit during Christmas!

14. Polvorones
Though these buttery and crumbly to the touch short breads are from Spain, originally they are thought to be an Arabic Dish from the 16th Century. They were introduced in Spain by the Moors during the Middle Ages.

15. Lebkuchen
This is a German favorite! Though one might argue that they are not exactly cakes per say, but hey if you bake them big enough, they could be! Remember to put a little imagination in to it and decorate the cakes with fondant Christmas trees, stars and other things related to Christmas.

16. Kourabiedes
A Kourabiedes is basically a shortbread ball with a whole clove inside. The clove is what gives it a spicy kick. They originate in Greece, but are also eaten in surrounding countries.

17. Banket
Bankets originate from the Netherlands. It is kind of like a bread version of the Stollen. It is filled with fruits and almond paste, that oozes out in every bite! The Dutch sure do love their almonds!

18. Berner Honiglebkuchen
The Berner Honiglebkuchen originates from the capital of Switzerland, Berne. Though it usually quite sugary, the unique thing about the Berner Honiglebkuchen is that different bakeries use different recipes, so though they all belong under the same umbrella, they all vary in taste.

19. Bethmannchen
The Bethmannchen comes from Frankfurt, Germany. They are basically almond pastries and are a favorite during Christmas time. They are decorated using three whole almonds on the sides, making them pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

20. Mince pies
This is a United Kingdom favorite! Though originally they used to contain minced meat, they do not anymore. Even though they have changes since the time of the Crusaders, they are still a very common dessert in the UK, especially during Christmas.

21. Bibingka
The Bibingka is cake made of rice and coconut milk and is wrapped in a banana leaf. It comes from the Philippines and is a total hit there. Fun fact: Ther largest Bibingka ever made was a kilometer long.

22. King cake
Though the King cake originates in Spain, it is quite a popular treat in other European and Non European countries that have French and Soanish roots. It is a very decadent and rich dessert, fit for a “King”. When it is baked during Christmas, a small plastic baby is hidden inside the cake.

23. Bolo rei
The Bolo rei is basically a smaller version of the Spanish King Cake. It originates from Portugal, and is much smaller in size. It is also probably hence easier to bake, eat, and store.

24. Rosca de reyes
The Rosca de reyes is a Spanish Favorite, kind of like an only Spanish variety of the King cake. It looks lieke an extrmely big donut, but belongs in the same genre.

25. Tortell
The Tortell comes from the Catalan region of Spain, the tortell is their very own take on the King cake.

26. Knack
This is Swedish original. The cool part about this Dessert is that it contains no wheat or flour, in fact it is made solely from hard toffee, that are poured and cooled in paper cups. They are kind of like hard cupcakes.

27. Christmas pudding
Christmas Pudding comes from England and is a very rick and decadent dessert. Though pudding is common anyway in England, this one is made differently especially for Christmas.

28. Figgy pudding
This one also comes from England. It is basically a Christmas pudding, but a figgier version of it, as the name suggests.

29. Makowiec
The Makowiec comes from Poland. It is made of poppy seeds, which lends to the uniqueness of this cake.

30. Sweet potato pie
The US Classic! It would be a struggle to find anyone in the US who does not like sweet potato pie! Though not technically a cake per say, it is definitely cake like and is a Christmas Favorite. It is eaten of Thanksgiving as well as Christmas, making it a great dessert for the holidays.

31. Pecan pie
Another American delight. The pecan pie is also famous for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Something about pecan pie just tells us that fall has come. It is delicious and has all the right ingredients to warm you right up in the cold winters.

32. Tunis cake
The Tunis cake comes from England. It is essentially a Madeira cake, but with a dense layer of chocolate ganache on top, which makes it a must have for the Chocolate lovers.

33. Bredele
In Alsace, France, Bredeles are an extreme favorite during Christmas time. They are kind of like biscuits, and come in ample different varieties, so you will never get bored!

34. Pan de Cadiz
If you like Marzipan, this one is for you. Originating from Cadiz in Spain, the Pan de Cadiz is mostly made of marzipan.

35. Vanillekipferl
The Vanillekipferl is a favourite among a lot of Central European countries, such as Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and different parts of Germany. They are more like crescent shaped biscuits, that are both vanilla and nutty, than cakes. But they are definitely a holiday favorite!

36. Panforte
The Panforte can be called the denser Italian version of the fruit cake. Its less doughy with more fruits and buts. It is sometimes covered in a dense layer of chocolate. Even though it is iconic with Christmas, people love it so much, they want to eat it all year round.

37. Bolo de mel
The Bolo de mel is from the Madeira Islands located in Portugal. It is a dark, rich and spongy cake, where molasses is used to make it even more rich and decadent.

38. Pio Quinto
This is a hybrid of Custard and cake, except it has alcohol in it. Rum is the preferred choice for this delicious cake that originates from Nicaragua, where it is known as Pio Quinto. Not only does it have custard in it, but it also has cinnamon to give it that extra spicy touch.

39. Fritule
Fritule is an absolute Croatian favorite. They have mainly raisins, brandy, and citrus, and are basically yummy doughnuts.

40. Gingerbread house
Another classic. Unless you end uo making a house, if you stack up gingerbread together, you pretty much have a cake. And there is nothing to not love about a gingerbread cake. It is a Christmas favorite that everyone loves!

So there you have it, 40 different kinds of Christmas cakes from around the world. Hopefully you now have some new ideas to incorporate in to your Christmas dinner now.