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Christmas Day is an important holiday which is generally observed on 25th of December. People celebrate this auspicious occasion to commemorate the day known to be the birth of Christianity’s central figure – Jesus Christ. Although Christmas Day is supposed to be a Christian festival, it is now widely celebrated around the world even by those who are non-Christians. There are many Christmas traditions and forms of celebration being held in different part of the world.

Spirit of Christmas

As mentioned, there are number of customs being observed during this special holiday. Over the centuries, these customs vary and have been modified because of culture difference. In some countries, christmas celebration has been commercialized whereas giving christmas gifts and special christmas hampers has become the focal point.

However, the focal point of Christmas hasn’t changed. That is the joy, harmony and merriment that is associated with the occasion. People, regardless of culture and the country they live in, celebrate Christmas with cheerfulness and merriment along with the spirit of sharing, love and hope.

Christmas Customs

Some of the popular modern Christmas customs include caroling, Christmas gift-giving, exchanging Christmas greetings and holiday cards, preparing special Christmas menu meals and attending special church mass.

Christmas Gifts

giving Christmas gifts and Christmas hampers to family is one of the most prominent aspects of Christmas celebration. This is where people are exchanging Christmas gifts as they get together during the Christmas Eve. Many stores offer Christmas sales which make it easier for shoppers to choose which Christmas gift is perfect for their family and friends. They even offer luxury Christmas hampers and gift baskets.

Exchanging Christmas greetings

greeting family, friends and co-workers a “Merry Christmas” is also part of the celebration. This can be in a form of greeting cards or ecards. Greetings can be sent either via regular postal service or via electronic (emails, SMS)

Christmas Caroling

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is a fun part of celebrating Christmas. Carols are hymns whose lyrics describe the holiday season or the Christmas itself. They are conventionally sung days before the Christmas Eve. Some of the popular Christmas carols are “Jingle Bells”, Hark the Herald Angel Sing”, “Joy to the world”, “Silent Night” and more.

A Russian Christmas Carol

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Carols by Candlelight at London

The climax of the Royal Albert Hall’s Christmas carols programme is the dimly lit traditional Christmas celebration, Carols by Candlelight with readings from Dickens and the Scriptures by special guest Christopher Timothy, accompanied by the Mozart Festival Orchestra in full period costume. There are no actual candles, just an ‘evocative candle-lit style setting’ – but the hall is splendidly decorated to create a thoroughly festive atmosphere. For the sing-along shows irrepressible showman Jonathan Cohen leads you through festive songs including Let it Snow, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Fine dining packages are also available for most events. Check the Royal Albert Hall website for full

Christmas tree Decorated for Christmas Celebrations

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Kids Rejoicing with Christmas Gifts

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Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

Mickey Christmas Celebration
Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

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Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is the one of the highlights of Christmas Celebration at Magic kingdom at Walt Disney Word Resort in Lake Buena Vista Fla. This Toy Soldiers parade,is a unique holiday parede and Celebrated with lively stage shows and Seasons night time fireworks wirh snow flurries on main street Usa. The special ticket event takes plaxe on selected nights in November and December(Ryan Wendler, photographer)

Christmas Celebrations Traditions



Christmas has been observed around the world for centuries. This is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And on this day people from different parts of the world, celebrate Christmas with different traditions that reflect their unique cultures and traditions. The different Christmas traditions are interesting, some even in countries where Christianity is not the main religion. Some popular Christmas decorations include the Christmas tree, sparkling lights and even hanging socks. Check out from our list, some of the fascinating traditions from around the world.

Christmas Celebration in India

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Christmas Celebration in USA

In the USA Christmas is celebrated from 24th of December to 26th . The streets are decorated with almost every shop having a Christmas tree. Families decorate Christmas trees and enjoy big feasts together with friends. On Christmas day loved ones come together from all over enjoy a festive meal after exchanging gifts. Children believe in Santa and on 24th they go to sleep hoping that Santa visits with gifts. On the 26th , which is Boxing Day, families and friends visit each other and exchange gifts. Another tradition is sending Christmas cards. It is customary to write on cards and send to friends and family wishing them: Merry Xmas!

Christmas Celebration in Australia


Australia celebrates Christmas during the hot season, summer. Christmas celebrations in Australia begin towards the end of the month of November, when groups present Nativity plays in schools and church. And Christmas corals are sang throughout the month of December.


At night people come out in their numbers to sing carols in an outdoor concert; they call it Carols by Candlelight.  The Australians like to celebrate Christmas outside. They decorate their homes using palm leaves, evergreens and ferns plus flowers that come into bud in summer called the Christmas bellflower and Christmas bush.

During Christmas in Australia, families and friends come together in merry. They attend church on Christmas Eve, known as the midnight mass; then in the morning share a breakfast of ham and eggs before going to church again. The highlight of Christmas in Australia is usually the midday dinner: when families enjoy roast turkey or ham, others go out on the beach or backyard to grill their dinner outdoors in the sun.

Christmas Celebration in the Philippines


Christmas celebration in Philippines is probably the longest. They are known to celebrate Christmas as early as September or as the “Ber” months start. They start to play Christmas carols. Malls and other business establishments are starting to decorate their space with colorful lanterns, Christmas lights and decorations. People also start putting up their Christmas tree. As early as September, you can see people selling Christmas trees and lanterns (popularly known as Parol”).

The colourful Baclaran Church front door in Baclaran Parañaque for the first “Simbang Gabi”. Devotees believe that completing the 9-day series of Masses will fulfill their requests. ( Jun Ryan Arañas )


Since most people from Philippines are Catholic, religious activities are observed such as Simbang Gabi. Church goers would need to attend mass early in the morning, around 4 AM. It is believed that when you complete the nine mass, you will be granted with one wish.


After the mass, people can feast with traditional Christmas delicacies like Bibingka and puto bumbong sold just outside the church. On the Christmas eve, families are getting together and enjoy their midnight feast called “Noche Buena”. In the morning of Christmas, children will visit the elders and godparents and will do the custom “pagmamano”.

Christmas Celebration in Ethiopia

Ethiopians call Christmas Ganna in their country and it is celebrated on January 7th, because they still follow the Julian calendar. During Ganna there are no giving gifts; it is usually marked with feasting, attending church services, and games.


In Ethiopia the churches are built in three different concentric circles, with the inner most being regarded as holy. During Ganna people go to church and each person is given a candle as they enter. Then they walk into the second which is also the middle circle and spend the service standing and holding candles. They only enter the inner circle, where the priest is, when going to partake of the Holy Communion.

The foods Ethiopians eat during Ganna include a thick spicy stew called wat: it consists of meat, eggs and vegetables. It is eaten with injera; a sourdough bread. The injera is used as edible spoon and plate.

Christmas Celebration in China

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China has a small number of Christians. They celebrate Christmas and call it Sheng Dan Jieh, meaning Holy Birth Festival. During this time, they use evergreens, bright paper chains, and posters to decorate their homes. Also, their Christmas tree is decorated using flowers, beautiful lanterns, and red paper chains to symbolize happiness.

Another interesting tradition is that they cut out red pagodas and paste them on windows and also light lanterns in their houses. Christmas turns the cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, very colorful. Usually Christmas is marked with fireworks, acrobats and feasting. Santa is seen as a good-luck figure by the Chinese people.

Christmas Celebration in France

Christmas Eve is more valued in the Christmas festive by the French people. The people go to church and they enjoy singing Christmas corals, also called noels. On the eve of Christmas, families fast throughout the day until midnight when they all attend the midnight mass; with the exception of the youngest children in the family. Later they return to enjoy Le reveillon, a nighttime feast.

Christmas in France commonly includes puppet shows and plays as entertainment especially in Paris and Lyons. Children leave their shoes out to be filled with gifts by Pere Noel or Baby Jesus.  Some families also believe in leaving a candle burning and some food for Mary and The Child in case they pass by.


Before Christmas day families set up, in one of the corners of the living room, a nativity scene. They call it a crèche, which happens to be more important than a Christmas tree. To bring the Creche to life, some families include the three kings, the animals the shepherds and The Holy Family. Children also bring stones, moss and evergreen branches to complete it. Candles are lit and children gather around it to sing Christmas carols in French. They sing around it every night until Epiphany, which is on January 6th.

After going to church on Christmas day, families return to feast and end the celebration with the traditional buche de Noel, which is buttercream-filled cake that is frosted and made to look like Yule log.


Christmas Celebration in England


In England Christmas begins very early; homes are decorated with fairy lights and the streets are filled with sparkling displays. Several charity projects are also aided by home owners who collect donations from visitors. Christmas carols can be heard and the street turns completely colorful.

Christmas Celebration in Germany

Germany has a very interesting Christmas tradition. In this country, Christmas begins very early; preparations for that day are done throughout the month. An advent wreath is made four Sundays before Christmas, and then four colored candles are lit on it each Sunday. Children count the days to Christmas with an advent calendar, while everyone sings Christmas songs and eat Christmas cookies.


During this time, it is customary to see outdoor stalls selling all sorts of Christmas toys, decorations gifts and delicacies. But the most important day of the festive season, is the Christmas Eve; Germans believe this day is special, even saying that it is a magical night when even animals can speak. Christmas trees are decorated and a golden angel is placed at the top of it. Under the Christmas tree, a nativity scene is depicted with the stable that Jesus was born in. Presents are also piled underneath the tree; and members exchange gifts sing carols like the German favorite “Silent Night Holy Night”. The traditional Christmas feast is roast goose, duck or even turkey.

One thing for sure, there are no countries that celebrate Christmas the exact same way. But despite having different traditions, Christmas is a phenomenon around that world that is observed in wonder, merriment and honor to Jesus. One common thing is that Christmas is indeed a tradition observed by everyone around the world.

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

Seaworld Conduct Christmas Celebration in every year. You can buy ticket from seaworld’s website. I suggest you to buy ticket early if you are wishing to visit seaworld or USA on this Christmas holiday

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Christmas Celebration in Disneyland

One of the ultimate Christmas celebration is probably in Disneyland whereas you will be mesmerized with colorful lights and festivities.






Christmas Decorations

Decorating homes for Christmas is also a popular part of the Christmas celebration. Some of the most commonly used decorations are beaded garlands, greeneries, poinsettia, Christmas lights, Santa figures, bells ornaments and colorful balls. Decorating Christmas tree is also a fun activity during this holiday.

Christmas Dinner

There is a special family meal being prepared on Christmas Eve. The food varies significantly from one country to another. For example, in country like England, a traditional meal being served on Christmas is goose or turkey, potatoes, bread and cider. In some countries, chicken, beef and ham recipes are served as their Christmas dinner. Preparing chocolates and sweets is also popular worldwide.