Christmas is not just a time for giving Christmas gifts and sending out Christmas hampers and Christmas gift baskets. It is also a time for family and friends, especially couples, to have a holiday vacation. Spending a holiday in romantic getaway is most couples are looking forward for during Christmas day.

As you plan for your holiday think about taking your loved one or family to an exotic location. If you have deep pockets you can make last minute bookings though you run the risk of finding many of the highly frequented hotels, with discounted holiday deals, fully booked. Start planning early in the year to ensure you have a memorable time and experience. There are limitless destinations to choose from when making your plans. Following are some suggestions to ease the stress and confusion in picking a Christmas holiday destination.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #1: New York

New York is also known as The Big Apple. Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Madison Park and the Rockefeller Centre are spectacular locations to take a leisurely walk with your loved one. When you tire of walking, take a horse and buggy ride in Central park for a pretty penny; only if your budget allows for this luxury. Plan to watch The Nutcracker at the New York Ballet and the general hustle and bustle of a fast paced city in and out of season. If Mother Nature is feeling generous there will be a fresh coat of snow to add to the romance of The Big Apple on Christmas day.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #2: Paris

Paris is considered to be the most romantic city at Christmas with its array of lights and fireworks that prominently feature at this time of the year. The sights are impressive especially at night. Why with the Eiffel tower, Christmas market, brightly lit store fronts and streets, and array of sumptuous delicacies, wine, Christmas songs played by orchestras and sang by choirs one is spoilt for choice. While in Paris make a point of visiting the French branch of Disneyland during the day and night.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #3: Hawaii

This is a highly acclaimed romantic destination in the sun at Christmas. Hawaii is also known as the “land called paradise”. Hawaii is comprised of many islands, serene beaches, still waters full of beautiful marine life, exotic flora and fauna, volcanoes and best of all fresh air! There are many sites to behold and activities to participate in while on this paradise. Enjoy the foods and cultural traditions of the islands you visit while in Hawaii.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #4: Goa

The sunny gem of India that has the best beaches and sea food this country has to offer its visitors. This island has an impressive mix of modern life and historical sites. As you bake in the sun on the pristine white beaches, prepare for the memorable Christmas Eve mass at one of the old churches like the Basilica of Born Jesus.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #5: Rio de Janerio

This South American treasure is a destination to consider especially those who love the Hispanic culture and sites. Rio is famed for having the largest floating Christmas tree which can be seen on Lagoa which is the city’s small lake. While in Rio enjoy the unique tastes, smells and sites the city has to offer. At this time of year hundreds of women dressed in Bahia outfits wash the church steps with scented water. All churches have services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to celebrate the real reason for this season.

Christmas Holiday Getaway #6: Sydney

A trip down-under to frolic with the roots in the Sydney zoo is a swell idea to add to your collection of choices. The kangaroos do not come with the scenic views of Sydney so you will have to go to the zoo or the outback to see one. The Rocks, The Darling Harbor, The Pitt Street Mall are the tip of the iceberg of the sites you can visit while in Sydney, the capital of Australia. Enjoy your meals on the boats and yachts that take you around the bay. If you are not one who takes to the waters like a fish, then the concerts, musicals and operas will assuredly keep your feet on the ground. A delicious variety of food can also be found on land.