The biggest sale day in the US is November 25. December 26 -31 make a close second in sale days that are frequented by bargain hunters. No, not only bargain hunters, everyone who has the time and patience to look for the lowest price on something they really want. As the sale period comes to an end, one may find items at 90% clearance price. As you buy the items on sale, inspect them closely for defects especially if they will be used as gift items later in the year or the next Christmas.

After Christmas Sales Shopping


Wrapping paper, tissue and gift bags – Look for classic and unique Christmas wrappers that can be used next year when you will be wrapping gifts again. As you wade through the piles of wrapping paper pick solid colors which can be used for other occasions during the course of the year. Gold and silver colors can be used for wedding gifts, red and green for birthdays and anniversaries. Look out for the fun retro colors which can be mixed and matched with other wrappings year round. Tissue can be used to wrap delicate gifts or put in gift bags and boxes as decorative shock absorbers for the gifts. Pick solid colors or non-Christmas colors if the tissue will be used for other occasions during the year. This basic principle works for the gift bags too.


Christmas Tree decorations – Stock up on decorations to replace the ones that are beginning to age and need to be retired especially the ones that are considered to be precious mementos from that special person. This is also the time to pick a color or theme for the following year and stock up on the supplies.


Christmas stockings and stocking holders – This is the time to consider getting another theme for stockings or bigger stockings just incase the stuffers next year will be on the bigger side.


Holiday packaged food items – You can stock up on cookies, nuts, dried fruit, cake mixes, icing, candy etc for the next year. Check the expiry date to ensure that they’ll keep for the year. As you stock up and have a few days of the holiday season remaining, these are great snack items for the nibbler or the unexpected guest during this time.


Packaged paper goods – Paper towels, napkins, plates, cups, boxes etc with the Christmas theme decoration can be used through the year.


Christmas Cards, Christmas gift tags and labels – For the snail mail fan this is a great time to stock up on the Christmas cards that were expensive at the beginning of the season. You can also get packages of gift tags and labels as discounted prices.


Outdoor displays – These are usually expensive at the start of the Christmas season and the first to go during the sale period. If you have your eye on the displays go early with a back up crew to help you load up on the accessories. Keep in mind that people have been known to physically fight for these items and it is triumph for the fittest.


Clothing and linen – You will find fantastic discounts on Christmas themed boxers, ties, socks, scarves, sweaters, table cloths, napkins, towels, sheets, comforters etc which can be used for the remaining winter days and some during the year.. The rest can be packaged and stored for use in the year to come. Be sure to pass through the specialty shops for their bargains.


If you like scented candles check out the discounts for these items. The remaining gift sets (soaps, toiletries, perfumes etc) will also be items to stock up on for gifts or use during the year.