Looking for yummy Christmas cupcakes? Christmas is the time to indulge. You’ve avoided sweet treats like candies, chocolates and cupcakes all year. But Christmas calls for mouth watering sweets. Every type of sweet goodies is presented on every table, on every party and on every dinner. It is as if the season itself is calling unto us to let ourselves be free from those strict diet for a short while. One easy to make treat is cupcake. These small treats are perfect for someone who has more guests than he or she could ever imagined.


A big cake is just too tedious to make and not everyone can have a bite. Cupcakes make it possible for every guest to have a taste plus every piece has a complete design. Cupcakes are also an outlet of creativity. Play with flavors but especially play with the toppings. Here are some ideas for perfect creative and unique Christmas cupcakes.

Snowman Cupcakes


This snowmen cupcakes are so cute. Made of doughnuts, frosting and powder sugar, your guests will definitely love this one.

Image: Bakerella

Fallen Santa Cupcakes

Image Source: pinterest.com

Mimic Santa as he fell head first in the snow with your cupcake. Use white icing and stick two red mallows, or chocolates that looked like Santa’s feet. Leave it on the living room table next to the stockings as gift to Santa. He’ll find it extremely hilarious, I’m sure.

Christmas Santa Cupcakes


Here’s an easy Santa christmas cupcake that is best for any holiday party. You can let your kids help you in decorating. A fun bonding activity with your kids this holiday season.

Via: Passion for Savings

Gingerbread Latte Cupcake


These soft, spicy, with a little hint of coffee gingerbread cupcakes can be everyone’s favorite this Christmas.

Via: The Cupcake Daily Blog

Mini Christmas Tree Cupcake

Image Source: javacupcake.com

No time to decorate your Christmas tree? Well make cupcakes and pipe green icing in a spire. Sprinkle candy on top for baubles and a star shaped candy as topper. Give a piece of your Christmas tree to every guest.

Cupcake Ornaments


Who says Christmas baubles are just for Christmas tree? You can also have it on cupcakes. These beautiful and adorable ornament cupcakes can definitely a big treat this holiday.

Via: Tastes Better from Scratch

Christmas Swirl Cupcakes


Look at this adorable Christmas cupcake. The combination of red, white and green frosting made this cupcake so pretty to look at. And it looks pretty yummy too.

Via: Two Sisters Crafting

Frozen-themed Winter Cupcakes

Image Source: glorioustreats.com

Elsa would be honored to be your theme for your cupcakes. Use blue icing and top it with white snowflake candies. Sprinkle small white candies to imitate snow. These will be perfect for Frozen fans this Christmas. Why not mimic Sven, Kristoff, Anna or Hans if you have more time!

Christmas Cupcake Cones


Here’s a fun way to enjoy a yummy cupcake – in the cone!

Via: Love from the Oven

Triple Delight Cupcakes

Image Source: sugarswings.com

A three-layered cupcake is a challenge but for an expert I’m sure its an easy piece. Go for a red and green layer on such a small cake. Use white frosting and sprinkle some red and green candies on top.

Strawberry Santa Hat Cupcakes


Via: Bird on a Cake

Chocolate Yule Cupcakes

This cupcake looks delectable. The holly decoration give the Christmassy feel to this chocolate-mocha cupcake.

Via: Flickr

Gingerbread Cupcake

What an adorable gingerbread cupcake! The gingerbread is arranged on the top of the frosting and adorned with pine needle. The powdered sugar sprinkled all over the cupcake gives it a snowy setting.

Via: Half Baked Harvest

Snow Globe Cupcakes

Yes, you saw it right! You can even put those cute snow globes on the top of your cupcakes.

Via: Sugarhero

Melting Snowman Cupcakes

Awww, this is too cute to eat – a melting snowman. This reminds me of Olaf from Frozen.

Via: Little Sunny Kitchen

Reindeer Mini Cupcakes

Rudolph the red-nose reindeer is here – in a form of cupcake!

Via: Tumblr

Cute Santa Cupcakes

This is a clever way to serve your cupcakes this Christmas. Instead of decorating them separately, you can go ahead and put red and white frosting on them and arrange to form a Santa.

Via: Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

DIY Santa Hat Cupcakes

Enjoy this festive and cute Santa hat cupcake using a red frosting on the top of chocolate cupcake.

Via: Smart School House

Holiday Treat

Via: Catch my Party

Christmas Decorated Cupcakes

You can really feel the Christmas with these adorable Christmas cupcake with snowflake fondant topper.

Via: Pinterest

Easy Snowman Cupcakes

You don’t have to a baking master to make a Christmas cupcake. In fact, you can easily create a snowman cupcake with these easy step. First, out powdered sugar on the top of the cupcake. Use light frosting for the sugar to attach to the cupcake. Then use chocolate chips to form a snowman face. Easy, isn’t it?

Via: One Little Project

North Pole Cupcakes


Turn ordinary cupcakes with creamy frosting, cute North Pole candy cake and snowflake candies. You can add colors to your frosting to make your cupcake even more adorable.

Via: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Starry Tree Cupcakes

Image Source: wilton.com

Make a Christmas tree using two different sized cupcakes. Use gold cupcake wrap for classier look. For the pine needles, pipe green icing and sprinkle candies as baubles. A cute star shaped candy will complete the Christmas cupcake.

Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes

Mini cupcake decorated with a tiny gingerbread man

Top your cupcake with white frosting and gingerbread. This looks cute and perfect for those kids who love gingerbread.

Via: The Best Cupcake Recipes

Christmas Pudding Cupcake


Fondant and sugary decorations are widely used nowadays in decorating cakes and cupcakes. The holly and white fondant topper transformed this plain chocolate cupcake into fun and adorable treat.

Via: Visualize

Minty Cupcakes

Image Source: pinterest.com

Add candy cane on your cupcake with white frosting. It’s the ultimate cupcake for a sweet tooth. Chocolate and candy cane go hand in hand on every Christmas after all.

Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes


Have a fruity delight on your cupcakes by adding cranberries on the top of it.

Via: American Heritage Cooking

Festive Cupcakes

Image Source: bakingmad.com

Go red with your Christmas cupcakes. From the wrapper to the sprinkles and the star candy, red is the perfect color. Use white frosting to create a contrast.

Pink Snowy Christmas Cupcakes

Image Source: glorioustreats.com

For a more chic and feminine feel, decorate biscuits with pink and white frosting in shape of snowflakes. Put them on top of your cupcakes. To serve them, use pink lined trays for a complete girly look.

Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes


This is making me drool, literally. The chocolate fudge all over the peppermint and white frosting is so salivating. on the top of that, the chocolate base cupcake looks so soft and moist, making me want to take a bite. yum!

Via: Sally’s Baking Addiction

White Christmas Cupcakes


Keep it nice and simple by topping your cupcake with white chocolate shavings on the top of white frosting. This is a perfect Christmas cupcake for everyone.

Via: Not so Humble Pie

Candy Cane Christmas Cupcakes

Image Source: bakerella.com

Make a separate miniature Christmas tree with white candy cones. Use pink frosting on the cupcake and small box-shaped candy as gifts. The cupcake will serve as the base for your edible Christmas tree.

Holly and Berries Cupcakes

Image Source: flickr.com

No need to hang the mistletoe. Use green candies and red berries to top your cupcake. Serve your guests and perhaps make a dare for a mistletoe kiss to whoever tried the treats. It is an innovative trick to spice up your Christmas party.

Cute Christmas Cupcake


Via: Pinterest

Another Hollies Cupcakes

Image Source: cupcakesadiario.blogspot.com

Imitate the symbols of Christmas from Santa’s hat, to Christmas trees, and mistletoe with candies and white frosting on your cupcakes. You’re giving a piece of your Christmas to every one that way.

Another Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Image Source: sarah-smith.co.uk

Use small grass tip for your piping bag and piece green icing on your cupcake. A miniature Christmas tree on every bite is your goal. Maybe a star shaped candy on top for an added sweetness as well.

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Image Source: goodtoknow.co.uk

Mistletoe on ice is the goal of this cucpake design. No need to cover the whole top of the cake; just make it look like a drop of snow had fallen on the treat. Add a flat candy in shape of a mistletoe and voila!

Gingerbread Cupcakes

Image Source: flickr.com

Gingerbread men are perfect for Christmas cupcakes. If you want to go monochromatic, use brown-ish icing for the gingerbread men to sit down. You can even decorate the bread to look like your favorite characters or your family and friends. They’ll find it cute and funny, I’m certain.

Christmas Gift Cupcakes

Image Source: sandandsisal.com

Give a gift to everyone by putting a small gift shaped candy to top your cupcake. It’ll be like another sweet gift aside from your real present to them.

Festive Tree Cupcakes

Image Source: ericasweettooth.com

If you can’t let your creativity go wild on a real Christmas tree then be creative with miniature Christmas trees on your cupcakes. Instead of candy sprinkles, why not use chocolate chips in red and white to contrast your green icing and yellow star.

Reindeer Cupcakes

Image Source: skinnytaste.com

Decorate your cupcake with reindeer faces, complete with eyes, antlers and big red nose using chocolate chips and pretzels. Leave it for reindeer snack on Christmas eve when Santa comes in to bring your gifts.

Tree and Stars Cupcakes

Image Source: cupcakesgarden.com

Another Christmas tree inspired cupcake design is to use small shiny edible beads as baubles. Sprinkle it on top of your green icing Christmas tree and top with a star candy. Voila! A perfect Christmas tree that is entirely edible.

Candy Cane Cupcakes

Image Source: bakingmakesthingsbetter.com

Go for a red and white theme even on your cupcakes. Drop red color on your white frosting but don’t mix it really well. You’ll want to see the stripes when your pipe them on the cupcales. Serve it with candy cane for a total red and white look.