Christmas is always the time for gift giving and the time when every kids get a new toy and clothes. It is also a time whereas parents are looking for the most special Christmas gifts for their kids. If you are still clueless as to what to give your kids, niece or nephew then my list of cool Christmas gifts for kids could give you an idea and will not broke your bank account.

So, what are the cool Christmas gifts that kids will surely love and adored, below are just a few suggestions to get you started on your Christmas gift shopping.

  • Plasma Bike – for kids age 1-  3 this is a cool gift on Christmas for kids because toddlers enjoy moving a lot and a bike is more than enough to keep them busy. Plus! It will teach them proper coordination and safe to use. You can get one for just $79.99
  • Education toys – If the kids are age 6-9 a good gift is one that will also help them in their learning. So, make sure that what you give them this Christmas will also teach them and not just entertain and a good example is the Leafrog LeafPad explorer game system.  This educational teach will hone their science and math skills. A leafrog is available for only $99.99. You can also buy a christmas hamper containing different kinds of educational toys.
  • Wacky Toys For Teens – many teens these days enjoy things that are different and just plain cool, so if you want a cool gift on Christmas for kids and teen then a Nerf Vortex Nitron is a good gift to give. The Nerf gun blaster shoots at rapid succession 20 foam discs that could go a greater distance than the last models. It also comes with a pulse targeting lights that an 8 year old kid and above will further enjoy playing. The nerf gun is just $49.00 online.
  • Skatecycle – For older kids a skatecycle is definitely a good gift to give on Christmas.  This is no any ordinary skateboards because unlike the regular thing wherein you just slap your feet on the board this thing let you slip into the mounted platform. This toy is price at $149.00 only. If your kids already has a skateboard, buying accessories and pack it in a form of Christmas gift basket is suggested.
  • Kinect Xbox 360 – If you can afford to splurge a little then a kinect xbox 360 is a good thing to give your kids this Christmas. This game console just cost $160.00 and can be bought online or at any regular department store
  • Xbox 360 Messenger kit – if you have kids that love to chat with friends then this is the cool gift to give on Christmas for kids. The device just need to be connected to the game console and that’s it, they can start using it already. The good news, this messenger kit cost just $24.00 in Amazon.

There you have it! i hope these suggestions for cool Christmas gifts for kids give you some idea on what to get for your kids on Christmas day. One last tip, if you want to give more than one gift to your kids, consider buying a Christmas hamper or Christmas gift basket consisting your chosen items. That would be very appreciated.