It is that time of the year again where there are just too many stuff going on. Delicious home cooked meals sitting on the table waiting for everyone to munch in and have their heart’s fill. Sweets comfortably placed on the coffee table for someone to have their share. Deserts filled the fridge waiting to be taken out after a sumptuous Christmas meal.

Everything is grandiose this time of the year – from the decorations nicely hanging on the window sill, on your front yard. Even the Christmas tree is mightily making its way every year. It is not just fun, everyone deserves to take their part and enjoy this moment.

Christmas parties and family reunions are not complete without some booze to go with the drinks. Make this Christmas more delightful and fun for everyone with these unique and awesome cocktail ideas that you can easily whip right at the comfort of your own kitchen. Have fun!

Easy Christmas Cocktails

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Peppermint White Christmas. It’s the good old champagne with a Christmas twist. Make this staple drink more fun by putting one piece of peppermint candy cane on it. It comfortable sits on the lid of the cup as it fizzles with delight. Add some white chocolate for that sweet tinge.

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Cranberry Christmas Cocktail. The color of cranberry juice is always tempting for everyone. A little bit of ginger ale puts a nice contrast. A little bit of lime makes it more exciting. Garnish with some mint and frozen cranberries and this would be the perfect Christmas cocktail.

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Holiday Cocktail. This holiday cocktail is more than just colorful and eye-catching. Its colors blend well with the season. Some fine champagne and cranberry juice on a pretty glass makes this drink fizzle with joy. Fresh cranberries for garnish would do the work. A touch of mint to top it off and it’s perfect.

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White Chocolate Peppermint Martini. A martini always connotes class just like this white chocolate peppermint one. This smooth drink has the right amount of sweetness that everyone could truly enjoy. Adding red sugar on the rim makes it livelier. Place one small peppermint candy cane for garnish and color as well.

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Blizzard Cocktails. Enjoy the festivities with the Blizzard – the perfect holiday drink. This fine drink is based from bourbon with flavorful twist. Cranberry juice adds the right tinge of sweetness. Pour in one tablespoon of lemon juice before serving this wonderful drink.

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Eggnog Shooters. Eggnog is always a Christmas drink. This holiday drink – Eggnog Shooters – sure gets everyone in the festive mood. With the additional whipped cream, this holiday staple has now been loaded with flavors. It’s one absolutely refreshing treat for everyone.

Christmas Vodka Cocktails

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Dripping Spring Vodka. This vodka-based drink definitely captures the Christmas spirit. The Sprite in this drink provides the right amount of fizzle. The lime Sherbet provides the right amount of texture in each zip. Its green hue makes it more apt for Christmas.

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White Christmas Cocktails. Feel the Christmas spirit with this holiday drink, with the most appropriate name – White Christmas. It is rich and creamy. Vanilla vodka and Kahlua has the perfect blend of taste. The crème de menthe adds that nice minty tinge.

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Naughty Rudolph Drinks. Rudolph will always be part of Christmas. Naughty Rudolph makes sure to bring the Christmas spirit on the table. The sweetness of vanilla vodka and the touch of ginger ale is definitely the perfect match. Top it with some cherries on the lid and pretzels and you’ll have Rudolph for everyone.

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Candy Cane Cooler. Vodka with that nice Christmas spirit makes up this drink. Candy cane cooler is the combination of mint vodka and some brandy to go with. Flavor it with syrup according to your preference. Some mint sprigs and candy canes to garnish it nicely.

Christmas Party Cocktails

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Christmas Tree Cocktails. Christmas tree nicely sitting on the glass is definitely worth the drink. Combine two ounces of gin and 3 ounces of cranberry or pomegranate juice. Place different garnishes on a stick for that Christmas tree look. Christmas tree cocktail is the perfect holiday drink for you and your guests.

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Peppermint White Russians already sounds nice. Mix two ounce of Peppermint Mocha Kahlua and an ounce of vodka to recreate this drink. The creaminess of milk (or cream depending on your choice) also provides the right amount of sweetness. Place some candy canes to make it livelier.

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Coffee and Cream Martini is just too good – it can almost be a desert. Vodka, Kahlua and Irish cream liqueur make up this holiday drink. A teaspoon of finely ground coffee and 2 tablespoons of coarse sugar makes up its sweetness. You can also add chocolate syrup depending on your taste.

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Pomegranate Gin and Tonic. This holiday drink will give everyone that nice feeling fit for the festivities. Pomegranate Gin and Tonic has just the right flavor good for the holidays. Dry gin mixed with tonic water and pomegranate juice makes up this drink. Some lime wedges for the perfect garnishment.

Simple Christmas Cocktails

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Ginger Lemonade. This Christmas drink is so easy to prepare you could make it anytime of the year. Some organic lemons and a fresh piece of ginger make this healthy choice. Add tablespoons of sugar according to your preference. An addition of mint leaves as the perfect garnishment and for that soft minty hint.

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Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail may sound too intricate to prepare but it is definitely easy to whip. Based from dry gin, this holiday drink has too much to offer. Add sugar for sweetness and chilled ginger ale for that nice. Some fresh cranberries and mint springs for toppings.

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Thyme Lime Fizz Cocktail. This wonderful holiday drink is filled with so many flavors and filled with life. Thyme Lime Fizz Cocktail is light and a refreshing drink. The complementing syrup is a nice little addition. Garnish with some cucumber slices and fresh thyme to complete its look.

Christmas Champagne Cocktails

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Champagne Holiday Punch would be that one perfect drink for your holiday parties. A good old bottle of Korbel Brut champagne would be nice but any champagne would do the trick. Cups of cranberry juice with a little addition of pineapple juice give it the right mix. Red and green sugar placed on the lid of the glass gives it more color.

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Pomosa. The perfect drink for that perfect toast is the perfect description of this cocktail. Pomosa – pomegranate juice blended with that good old champagne makes this Christmas drink. Its rich red hue is too tempting to pass on. It fizzles nicely on your champagne glass.

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Blackberry Champagne Margarita. Champagne and tequila makes their way into your heart’s delight with Blackberry Champagne Margarita. One tablespoon of lemon juice provides a nice balance. Some blackberries skewered on a stick for garnish. It is colorful, lively and flavorful all at the same time.

Festive Christmas Cocktails

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A drink with lots to offer, Honeycrisp Apple Sangria has all the right elements of a perfect holiday drink. Red wine, brandy, cinnamon, apple cider, citrus and sweet honey crisp apples is the impeccable plethora of taste. It’s colorful and filled with lively ingredients. It’s also romantic and festive.

Palm Springs Holiday
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Merry Cranberry Margaritas. This drink is more than just flavorful it’s also merry and festive – as the name suggests. Merry Cranberry Margaritas is the perfect blend of fresh flavors and the sharpness of tequila. Its rich red hue complements the Christmas spirit. Some frozen cranberries snuggled on the lid and you have the perfect drink.

Christmas Rum Cocktails

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White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini is not just a creamy delight. It is the perfect holiday festive drink. The combination of vanilla vodka, white chocolate and peppermint schnapps, this Christmas cocktail is just perfect. You can also add whipped cream before serving to make it more perfect.

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It’s warm and cool like the Christmas breeze. To make this holiday drink, you can choose from either vodka or rum as your base drink. Pour in some white cranberry juice and blue curacao for the perfect blend of taste. Some lime juice to balance out all the flavors.

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Black-Spiced Rum Eggnog. A special made of eggnog with a tasty twist, this holiday drink will surely be loved by your guests and relatives. Black-Spiced Rum Eggnog is still your traditional Christmas eggnog with just the right amount of flavor and style. The black-spiced rum creates the perfect balance for the creaminess of this drink. Add some honey and nutmeg for that extra touch of taste.