Christmas Jumpers have been in fashion for ages, now! What’s new is getting decked out in the funniest, most hilarious Christmas sweaters which have become one of the highlights of the holiday season! We’ve found some really funny and cute Christmas sweaters for you. And when in doubt? Just add more glitter. Or you could always go for the cozy, vintage styled yet simply amazing jumpers to wear! Read on to discover more.

1. The Birthday Wish Jumper:


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Wishing Merry Christmas is not for the ones who want a little more enthusiasm and cannot do with a simple Christmas wish. Thus, this Christmas get yourselves this awesome jumper that does most of the part for you, but in the funny manner that you want.

2. The Truth Bomb Jumper:

2 better

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If you want to portray a little suspense and thrill around, hit the road with this amazing jumper. In this manner, you would be able to attract the crowd towards you as you throw this “truth bomb” on them!

 3. The Funny Rudolph Jumper:


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Jumpers that provide you with the Christmas story in the most creative manner are a treat! Adorn yourselves with this amazing Rudolph Face Jumper with the huge red nose shining this glorious winter! A great wear for children and teen and also a stunning style statement for the “adults”!


4. The Game Of Thrones Jumper:

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When talking about customizing your jumpers according to your favorite movie, serial or character, this one is THE most accurate and literal of them all. Flaunt your own Game Of Thrones quote that will practically never get old and tell the world how crazy a fan you are! My advice, never take this one off!


5. The Slouchy Jumper:

5.1 (use both)

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Ladies! Want to go stylish and beat the chill with swag? Then you should definitely try these really stylish slouchy jumpers! You can go for the simple solid colored ones or could convert a classic jumper to a new stylish look! This jumper will always be in fashion whichever way you want to wear it!


6. The Santa Claus Jumper:


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Stitched and designed as the Santa’s wear, this Jumper is just too perfect for the holiday season! Dwell into the mood with this Jumper and enjoy the festivities and parties alike! Mostly adorned by kids but loved by everyone, young or old! Bring out the generous Santa in you!

7. The Santa “Paws” Jumper:

7 better

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Wait for some punny messages on your jumpers! Or simply show some love for your adorable pets with these cute and funny jumpers that would keep you warm and give you a great attire to flaunt this holiday! You could also get some for your pups or kittens and make them cuter like never before!


8. The Snowman Jumper:


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Get ready for the snow this Christmas with this Snowman Jumper! Bring out the playful you as you head for the snow ball games! Cute and funny, these sweaters are definitely for a look out!


9. The Hogwarts Jumper:


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What is your most awaited gift ever? Maybe you could don it till you receive it? Yes, that is why we have this amazing jumper for you. And this is not the only wish, whatever you wish for this Christmas, customize your jumper accordingly. A fun and a cool way to carry yourself this Christmas!


10. The Men Of Mayhem Jumper:


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Another very attractive and immensely popular show is also a popular must have jumper! And trust us; the Men Of Mayhem would just be all over this one. So, slip into these hugely customized jumpers as soon as possible!


11. The Pudding Jumper:


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Opt for a subtle Christmas knit this season with this pastel Christmas pudding design. With this one, you can almost smell the brandy butter! Go ahead, grab this sweater for good!


12. The Not So Chrsitmassy Jumper:


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This one is for those who feel they do not want to show off their jumpers but ironically, they do! Confused, much? Don this jumper if you want to show off your crazy and funny side as well as look good and feel warm. These unisex jumpers do get you a lot of attention, too!


13. The Beer Jumper:


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This jumper is practically an everyday wear if you are party freak! The “beer” jumper goes with almost all the party occasions and adds some real fun to your Christmas celebrations, too! Make the most of your Merry Christmas as you slip into one of these jumpers!


14. The Funny Jesus Christ Jumper:


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Go for something unique and a little out of the box with this strangely awesome Jesus Jumper! This Jesus Jumper gives you a cool quotient which makes you stand out of the crowd. It suggests that even Christ would not mind a little fun on his own birthday! So, go ahead and enjoy!


15. The Zombie Jumper:


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Sometimes there is no reason to look funny and this Jumper is just for that sake. The Zombie jumpers are in fashion since long, because of the mere fact that they are Zombies! Doesn’t make much sense? No worries, just don them like your other jumpers and hit the celebrations with your unconventional style of dressing!

16. The Glittery Jumper:


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This one is a favorite pick for women. Either clustered at one place or covered with shining sequin all over, this scintillating jumper makes a perfect wear for the ladies! A cozy sweater with a great style statement; what would be better than that!


17. The Gingerbread Man Jumper:


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Another of the cute jumpers! Gingerbread Man jumpers are highly worn for their cute and funny gingerbread man depictions and mainly for the extra cozy feel that comes with large sized sweaters! Comfortable and warm, these are another ball of wool knitted to last many Christmas to come!


18. The Countdown Jumper:


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This is probably the funniest and the cleverest design you would ever give to your Christmas Jumpers! Yes, you can literally, very dexterously wear this jumper all the year round simply because it gives the best possible way to count the days to Christmas! The countdown can begin a month or a week earlier and all you have to do is just keep reducing the number! One of the best ideas so far, isn’t it?

19. The Hoodie:


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Are mufflers and scarves spoiling your attire by getting uncontrollably irritating on a windy and chilly day? Beat the chill with this hooded jumper! This jumper comes with the added advantage of covering your ears and head when it is too chilly and windy at the same time. Mufflers would not come that handy as these hoodies! Enjoy the winters with no worries of getting sick!


20. The “Bah Humbug” Jumper:


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Charles Dickens never thought his only single dialogue in A Christmas Carol would make the rounds of Christmas so much that people would knit them on their sweaters! Yes, “Bah Humbug” is nothing but a very unique expression of showcasing the feel of Christmas! Mostly taken in a funny manner, this expression is a chief reason for many sales in the sweater industry during the holiday season!

Hopefully, your list of crazy and funny yet awesome Christmas jumpers would have some of these various woolies mentioned above! If you have any suggestions or some cool DIY ideas, please mention them in the comments section below! Have a crazy Xmas, folks!