Every Christmas, people would be all excited to decorate their homes with different Christmas ornaments and decorations that will make their homes festive and cheerful. You always look forward to going home on Christmas because your home would seem more welcoming than usual with all the decors decking out your place and the sights and smells that would greet you.

You might feel a little pressured to keep purchasing new ornaments to adorn your home during the Christmas season. However, you don’t have to do this. You can actually make homemade Christmas ornaments that are more meaningful without being any less beautiful. This year try out some of the best homemade Christmas ornaments in this compilation. Experience the wonders of the season as you decorate with love and creativity.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Over the counter ornaments and decorations are nice to look at for sure. However, they lack the certain appeal of things that you create by your own hands. Add a touch of your personality into your home’s Christmas decorations through these homemade ornament ideas.

1. Cookie Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread ornaments on fir branch isolated against green paper

Cookies are wonderful to eat and they always make your house smell so delicious. That is not the only thing they are good for however. You can actually use them as Christmas ornaments. You can hang them from your Christmas tree or all around the house. They are not only cute to look at; you probably won’t go hungry because you can take a bite off when you want to!

Source: punchbowl.com

2. Hand Painted Santa Wood Decoration


Notice those dried fallen twigs in your backyard? They may seem absolutely useless and would just litter your place. But you can actually turn those twigs into Christmas decorations by hand painting them into little Santas. You don’t have to be all perfect about the painting to give them an even more rustic feel.

Source: decor4all.com

3. Homemade Christmas Cut-outs


You don’t have to be an expert in embroidery crafts to be able to make these Christmas cut-outs. Because of their color and design, you can actually have crooked stitches and imperfect shapes. They will still look cute and adorable and make great Christmas ornaments.

Source: jennifersides.hubpages.com

4. Beach Christmas Tree Ornament


If you love the beach and have a lot of stock sea shells that you picked up in your years of travel, do something creative and make some beach inspired tree ornaments. You can just hang them as is or push yourself to do something a little more creative like painting a lighthouse and creating an illusion of a starry night out on the sea.

Source: completely-coastal.com

5. Christmas Boots


If your kids are all grown up but you can’t bear to throw away their baby things like their boots, use them as your Christmas ornaments. You can wrap the little boots in a red and white plaid cloth and add some lace and ribbons to embellish. They will not only serve as a Christmas décor, they will also be a good topic for Christmas dinner.

Source: bestdiyideas.com

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids

You don’t have to do all the ornaments and decorations by yourself. It’s already Christmas break and your kids are probably just prowling around your place looking for something exciting to do. So try out a few homemade ornament projects with them. They’ll love the output and it will be a great way to bond with the kids during the holidays.

1. Christmas Cardboard Hooligans


Aren’t hooligans so cute? You can actually make makeshift hooligans out of cardboard or empty rolls of toilet paper. All you need to do is paint them and add some embellishments like sticky eyes, paper beaks and more. Explore your creativity and resourcefulness in making the most colourful Christmas hooligans.


2. Small Christmas Bough


One of the most common ornaments that we see around the house is the Christmas bough. You and your kids could try to replicate this popular Christmas decoration by making small boughs made from scrap material. You can use the excess cuttings from other bough products and add embellishments like buttons or little bells.

Source: parentmap.com

3. Santa Hat Cardboard Card


Making Christmas cards is one of the traditional crafts that you can do every holiday season. This year, you can ask your kids to make them along with you. You can paste little Santa hats on a personally designed card. If they are too cute to give away, you can hang them around the house or use them as Christmas tree ornaments.

4. Puzzle Christmas Frame


You can actually utilize old toys like puzzles to make a puzzle Christmas frame that you can use to decorate your home. You can paste the puzzles on a popsicle stick frame and add a small ribbon at the side. You can then insert your favorite family photo to make it very personal. If you want to keep it more in line with the Christmas colors, you can paint the entire frame red or green.

Source: idecorsz.com

5. Ball Stuffed Pine Cone


Pine cones are already cute as they are but you can still add some cute add-ons when you have the time to make them even more festive. Try adding small balls covered in assorted cloths. It will look like some candy adorned pine cone because of the mix of the different colors.

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

If you aren’t very good with crafts, you don’t have to despair that you will never be able to make all the homemade ornaments that you always wanted to do. There are a lot of simple and easy enough ornaments that you can make.

1. Paper Ribbon Ornament


You can create a round-like tree ornament using paper ribbons. You can use a solid color or mix in different colors depending on your mood. They are very easy to make but they don’t look any less attractive.

Source: idecorsz.com

2. Christmas Packages


You can actually use packages as ornaments around the house. You don’t have to gift wrap everything; you can actually make small Christmas packages that you can use to place your Christmas give-aways to friends or just simply use them to decorate your coffee table.

Source: ediblecraftsonline.com

3. Miniature Christmas Tree


Making miniature Christmas trees is easier than you think. You only need a pointed cone shaped cardboard and wrap it with cloth. From there, you can stick all the embellishments that you wish to with a glue gun. You can always sew them on but if you aren’t any good at that, gluing them on is just as effective.

Source: idecorsz.com

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas tree is usually the highlight of every home. It somehow has become a very important icon of the holiday season and it doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree. You can do so much with your tree and make so many possible tree ornaments that will have your tree looking alive and merry.

1. Painted Bulb Tree Ornaments


You know how you always throw away those old light bulbs when they are already useless? Try to stock up on them and use them as tree ornaments. Their glass surface would make a great canvas to paint on some of the most creative and attractive Christmas themes. You can paint penguins, snowmen, Santas and even an abstract design. When they are nice and dry, string and hang them on your tree.

Source: designbolts.com

2. Paper Pine Cone Ornament


You can make your own pine cone tree ornaments out of paper. The beauty about it is that you can use maps, music sheets and other kinds of paper that actually are very meaningful to you. While their purpose is to decorate your home, you can always look at them and smile because you are reminded of the things that are closest to your heart.

Source: designdininganddiapers.com

3. Music Paper Tree Ornament


If you are into music and have a lot of old and unusable music sheets, you don’t have to throw them out or use them to kindle your fire. You can make a lot of tree ornaments with hose sheets. One of the easiest to do is a Christmas flower topped with a lone red button.

Source: urumix.com

Ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments

 1. Glass Jar Décor


Empty jars aren’t just great container ideas. They can be used as Christmas ornaments as well. Add some Christmas figurines at the inside of the lid by gluing them on. Some versions of this design would include adding water and gold dust to make snow globes.

Source: idecorsz.com

2. Dried Christmas Ornaments


Dried fruit can actually be used as tree ornaments especially the ones that have the most striking colors. You can leave them as is or add some items that will make them look more polished and festive.

Source: gahzebo.com

3. Embroidered Project


All those small embroidery projects that you have been making all year round could actually be utilized as Christmas ornaments. So even though it isn’t quite the holidays yet, you can start making crafts and projects that will make great Christmas ornaments. After all, we should all celebrate Christmas all year round. Happy holidays!

Source: familyholiday.net