If you don’t want to bake this season or are not particularly handy with the oven, you can always prepare some of these no bake Christmas desserts. They are so tasty that you’ll probably need to make more. Have fun preparing!

Chocolate No Bake Desserts

Chocolate is always a welcome addition to our desserts. Regardless if the goodies are baked or not, they will remain to be one of the most awaited desserts by the entire family.

1. Instant Chocolate Parfaits


You may think that this chocolate delight will take hours to prepare but it actually is pretty easy and quick to finish. All you need to use is instant pudding, whipped cream and chocolate powder. You can even make this a little bit healthier and use sugar-free pudding.

Source: myrecipes.com

2. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


Cookies are another all-time favorite treats so don’t miss out on stocking up on them during Christmas. You don’t need to bake them and can use a pot and a stove top. Since these cookies usually contain peanut butter, use the crunchy kind to give them more texture.

Source: brit.co

3. Chocolate Bark


Called as such because of its bark-like texture, this dessert is made from chocolate chips that are melted. So you can use all your favorite kinds of chocolate to create this dessert. You can even garnish the melted chocolate before chilling it in the ref to set.

Source: operigo.com

4. Chocolate Peanut Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate-No-Bake-Desserts-Chocolate-Peanut-Oatmeal Cookies

For this delicious concoction, you won’t need an oven. You simply need to mix all the ingredients and chill the batter until it will set. It’s tasty and very easy to prepare as you wouldn’t have to spend countless hours trying to bake cookies.

Source: realsimple.com

5. Chocolate Kahlua Balls


Get high on this delicious Christmas treat which is very easy to prepare plus it’s a no-bake recipe as well. They are relative easy to do since all you need to really do is melt the chocolate chips and mix in the other ingredients. You just need to keep stirring the mixture but it’s definitely easier than trying to bake something.

Source: textbookmommy.com

No Bake Christmas Cakes

Any occasion wouldn’t be complete without a cake. Christmas is no different and it’s always apt to have a cake ready. If you don’t feel like baking one though, you can still have your homemade cake.

1. Peppermint Pie with White Chocolate


Technically, it’s a pie. But it looks so much like a cake that it would easily pass off as one. All you need to do is chill the pie for at least 8 hours so that it can take shape.

Source: associaliving.com

2. Creamy Cheesecake


One of the most popular cakes that doesn’t need baking is a cheesecake. It’s sinfully good and you can do a number of cheesecakes. You can keep it simple and just make a pure cheesecake. Preparation time would be under an hour so it’s relatively easy to prepare.

Source: babble.com

3. Strawberry Angel Food Cake


If you want to make something easy but graphically very appealing, this strawberry angel food cake is just perfect. All it takes is just layering of the ingredients and that’s that. You can choose to design the cake to your own preference.

Source: momversation.com

4. Creamy Strawberry Pie


Again, it’s technically not a cake. But who would know just by looking at this delectable creamy strawberry pie? The creamy mousse part is made of cheesecake and gelatin to achieve its pinkish tinge and the strawberries are added as a garnish.

Source: bettycrocker.com

5. Cheesecake with Pecan Caramel


To add a different twist to the cheesecake creation, use pecan caramel as the topping. It will complement the taste of the crust and cake very well and not to mention that it will also make the cake look extra delicious.

Source: cookinglight.com

Christmas Treats In a Cup

You can also make your desserts really handy by placing them in a cup. They don’t taste any less good, they are easy to handle plus they also look visually great. Try out some of these delicious treats in a cup.

1. Christmas Cookie Trifle


Cookies are already delicious treats. But combining them with whipped cream is definitely heavenly. This frozen delight in a cup will fast become a favorite during the holiday season.


2. Nutella Cheesecake


The crust layer is formed using Oreo cookie crumbs and melted butter while the cream part is made up of blended cream cheese and Nutella. It sounds good, looks even better and tastes excellent.

Source: food-smut.com

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake


You normally would associate pumpkins to Halloween. However, when you see this pumpkin cheesecake, you know that it is better suited for the fun and festive season of Christmas. This delightful dessert in a cup will not only make a great addition to your Christmas feast, it will definitely spice up your dining table.


4. Strawberry Pretzel Cups


One of the easiest Christmas desserts to prepare, you only need to blend and mix the ingredients to complete your dessert. The colourful treat fits wonderfully with the colors of Christmas and it’s a healthy snack as well.

Source: parade.condenast.com

5. Chocolate Dessert Cups


Sometimes you don’t need a cup to serve your desserts because the actual cup can be the dessert! This is not only tasty; it is also a great way to bond with your kids since you can make different shaped chocolate cups with them.

Source: bakersroyale.com

Frozen No Bake Desserts

Desserts are best served cold with these frozen delights. You don’t need to bake them or do much for the preparation. Yet you get such great treats from these easy to prepare desserts. So be sure to fill your holidays with loads of these frozen no bake desserts.

1. Frozen Chocolate Bananas On a Stick


Bananas and other fruits are already delightful desserts on their own. But spicing them up with some frozen chocolate makes them even more appealing.

Source: iheartnaptime.net

2. Cranberry Mousse


Not only is it in the same color palette as Christmas, it’s actually quite tasty as well.


3. Mojito Cake


Mojitos are probably not something that you would have in mind for a Christmas family dessert. But when you transform the mojitos into this family-friendly mojito cake, you have to admit that it actually makes a great addition to your Christmas menu. And not only that, it tastes and looks really great too.


4. Frozen zabaglione with fruit


Definitely not your standard zabaglione, it looks more like an ice cream. However, the taste is still the same albeit with a twist which makes it all the more fitting for Christmas.

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com

5. Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie


Pink lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks during a hot day in summer. However, you probably wouldn’t think much about it during the Christmas holidays when it’s cold. By adding a little spin to it and serving it as a frozen pink lemonade pie, it becomes more fitting as a Christmas dessert.

Source: foodista.com

Christmas is a great time for everyone. You don’t have to dread the holidays because you would have to keep cooking and baking incessantly for everybody. These easy no bake holiday desserts will prove just that. So have fun preparing these quick desserts and enjoy your holidays!