Christmas; the holiday is on its way and the countdown has begun. People around the world are busy in preparation and so are you.

Christmas is not merely a festival to celebrate the re – birth of Lord Jesus but it also involves partying in the form of get together with family and friends. It is also seen as a holiday festive time because of which schools and colleges in various countries are closed.

Christmas involves shopping, preparations of sweets and snacks and decorating the house and the Christmas tree.

Christmas decoration is of various types of ornamentation which are used during the festive time and the great holiday season. The traditional color of Christmas decoration is Pine Green, Snow White and the Heart Red. White and Blue are often used to represent winters. Silver and gold are famous as Metallic colors.

Typically around the world, the decoration includes Father Christmas, Baby Jesus, Santa Claus and the Star of Bethlehem and winter icons are revealed through snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, etc

In various countries like Sweden, people start setting up the Advent and Christmas decorations on the first day of Advent.

Usually, we decorate a Christmas tree on this festive season and then our house.

The Christmas tree was first used by Germans in the 16th Century with facts and records indicating that a Christmas tree was placed in the Cathedral of Strassburg in 1539. These days we decorate a Christmas tree at our home.

There are many ways, styles, ideas and equipments with which we can decorate the Christmas ornaments, the tree and our houses. One of those famous decorating equipment is Rose Gold which can be considered to decorate everything. Here, we are sharing with you some of the ideas on how you can utilize Rose Gold for decorating for the festive season.

Rather than settling on the same kind of decorations for your festival like every year, let us go for something which is a little out of your comfort zone but once implemented will give you the best Christmas feeling ever and also it will attract your guests and you can reveal your creativity and skills.

Rose Gold is having its own wonderful time and a major moment this season and it is an offshoot of the millennial pink craze but the blush tinted metallic hue has been cropping up every now and then at different places around the world and also from jewelry to fine furnishings.

Rosy shade has taken over the festive décor aisle and is providing a welcome break from the traditional green and red. Elegant tree ornaments, ice buckets, beautiful tree toppers; all have been made over with a look and the end result pairs up with soft greenery and twinkling lights for some festive aesthetic.

Metallic hues are not only in trend this year but it also is very simple to decorate everything with rose gold ornament. It is an easiest way to give your decoration a touch of glamour for the holiday season.

This Christmas, go for the latest and the most trending décor ideas which involve the stunning gold and red combination. These colors culminate into a lot of intriguing ideas for the festive decoration. Either you can go for a classic table décor or use gold accents on a Red Christmas wreath. You can also opt to hang the gold and red baubles from the tree or put up a garland on the staircase with the same combination.

The ideas and creative options are endless. Here we are providing you come of them:

Brylane Home 4’ Christmas Tree:


Rose Gold Decoration


If you love Rose Gold without any boundation then you can opt for this rose gold christmas tree for your festive display in the house and making it the center piece of your decoration. Wrap the gifts this year with matching rose gold wrapping sheets and see the rich, elegant and classy wonderland around you.

Rose Gold Ornament:


Rose Gold Decoration


We know that all of you out there love ornaments and when it is a rose gold, the heart desires for more in ecstasy. Get the customized rose gold ornament with a personalized calligraphy for your special occasion. It is personalized to make it unique and one of a kind gift.

Tinsel Blushing Garland:


Anthropology hardly does the home décor wrong and we all know that and same is the case with this rose gold tinsel which will never disappoint you. The tint which is in rose gold color perfectly pairs with the warm toned string lights and the dark green Christmas tree but it elegantly makes up your living room a place worth it. Versatile and pink makes it a marvelous combination.

Candy Cane Door Hanger:


This is not a typical door wreath. The pine cone detailing and the pink bow make the candy cane a perfect decoration to the pop on the door before greeting your guests. I bet that it will be the favorite candy of yours this year. If you are looking for something which looks different and stylish at the same time for your entrance door, then the candy cane is the perfect option for you which can be customized in different ways.

Kurt Adler 2 Rose Gold Snowflake Christmas Ornament:


The Kurt Adler glittering snowflake ornament in rose gold color will become the favorite of everyone in your house and also the Guests who visit. It comes in a pair which is extremely clutch.

Rose Gold Glass Glittered Acorn Ornament:


The ornament is made up with the combination of rose gold top, base in faux wood and glitter which makes for a chic and classy addition to the Christmas tree. The ornament shows your family and friends how latest and trendy your festive décor is. There is a leaf which comes equipped with bendable wire which helps you in positioning. It also has a twine string with a gold ornament cap on it.

Sophisticated Table Decoration:

Your friends and family members are surely going to fall in love with this easy DIY elegant and classy looking dinner table. All you need to do is decorate it with Red Silk Napkins tied up with small gold jingle bells for a shiny look and gold cloth material and silver cutlery. You can also use Red colored wine glasses and chair covers in red and gold color. Decorate the center with gold or a silver scented candle.

Kissing Ball:

With the no fuss Styrofoam kissing ball, encourage some smooches. Take a fabric square and wrap the ball in it and secure it with a rubber band. Thread it with a ribbon down through the band, around the ball and up through the other side of the band so that the ends of the ribbons match up and knot it to hang the ball. Crossing the first ribbon, wrap another ribbon around the ball and tuck ends into the band. With the help of a shimmery bow and festive sprigs, hide the band.


Personalized Christmas Ornament:


Customize the ornament with your name or the words describing holidays and the joys of festive season. The rose gold ornament is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. The ornament comes with a matching star dangle and a ball chain to help you hang it.

Geometric Wire Star:


The geometric wire pattern is designed in the shape of a star, comes in rose gold color. The cool and latest star ornament serves as a chic addition to the festive décor. The ornament features a geometric pattern which comes with a gold string enabling you to hang it.

Rose Gold Lace Napkin Ring:


The festive season is always incomplete without the Christmas feast with friends and family and the feast is never complete until it is done on a beautiful table. The elegant rose gold hued napkin rings are laser cut with an exquisite lace pattern to make your feast table look a little more attractive for the festive season. The napkin ring is inspired by eyelet doilies and it takes new shapes because it has a laser cut metal wrapped around it and finished with a clean satin brushed effect to complete the contemporary feel.

Rose Gold Dipped Ornament DIY:


DIY ornaments are getting more popular these days and especially at this time of year and additionally, the rose gold is the latest trend. The rose gold dipper ornament is easy as well as inexpensive way to make your own ornament at home.

For this you will need:

Kraft Ornaments.

Paint of your choice.

Painters Tape.


Tape off the ornament from the middle which will give your ornament a look of being dipped with a clean line.

Once you have taped them off, start painting. One coat of paint is enough but if you feel the need to do more, go for it.

Once you have painted, allow it to dry properly and then remove the tape.

If you have flat paint with you then sprinkle some glitter on after the paint to make these pop. Hang it around and have fun.

Birch Leaf Ornament:


Show your love for the nature on this festive season with the real birch leaf pendant which is hand – picked, hand painted with copper metal and electro plated with rose gold, 24KT gold, sterling copper or silver. The X large leaf is a beautiful and classy addition to the tree or a gift for the one you love to decorate from the fall all the way through spring and also wear it as a necklace in case they love bold pendants, making each leaf unique.

Rose Gold Sprinkle Lights:

The versatile string sprinkle light serves as a wonderful alternative to the standard multi colored Christmas bulbs. Stocking up on a few coils are really worth it because these can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.    A delicate light brings in the extra festive magic in your rooms. Simply strung the thin copper wire and see the light shine with a warm welcoming glow. You can hang them around the doors, on the mantel or create a twinkly table scape.

Embellished Heart Tie On:


The embroidered fabric hearts in shades of pale pink and sage are designed to be looped around a ribbon and tied either to the gifts or the Christmas tree. You can either make it at your home as a DIY project or get it online by personalizing it the way you want.

Tinsel Christmas Tree:


The sparkling tinsel tree will become the center of attraction this season in your house because it is going to be entirely flocked in champagne metallics and all it needs are some ornaments to compliment it. The 7.5ft. Tree brings in a whole new dimension to the seasonal decorating scheme with the sterling tinsel artificial Christmas tree. The tree is flashy and full bodied mixed with pink and champagne tinsel making a statement which no ordinary evergreen tree can match. You can decorate it with an array of sparkling clear lights to keep the holiday glow on and the hinged branch construction and the tree stand will make the set up quick and easy.

Striped Paper Straw:

Make your favorite holiday beverages a little more celebratory with the paper straws striped in white and rose gold. Pick a pack if you are serving pink champagne or spritzers. The straw can be made at home using food grade paper which is biodegradable. Simply get some food grade paper and roll it to make the straws and glue it. Once done, paint it in rose gold color and allow it to dry.


Finial Tree Ornaments:

The finial ornaments are available in the set of 4 pieces in which 2 pieces are metallic and glossy and other two decked out in warm hued sparkles. Either gift it as a stylish stocking stuffer or hang them from the banister or at the entrance of your house.



Metal Burst Tree Topper:

Change the top of your Christmas tree this year and use this minimalist variation rather than your regular Christmas star. The gleaming star burst will glitter with a cloud of rhinestones and give your tree a classic look. The ornament has a steel rose gold finish and beaded accents. It is hand cut, beaded and welded. It is a perfect décor idea for your indoor decoration.


Hammered Ice Bucket:

This holiday season keep your ice bucket handy when the time comes for some toasting. The bucket will keep your bubble chilled and even look beautiful because of its rose gold color. With a copper plated bucket featuring hand hammered exterior, topped with stainless steel lid, the bucket has a watertight, stainless steel lining ensuring safe contact with ice, bring in the luster and warmth of copper to your bar. You can wash it and use copper polish or a combination of salt and lemon to wash it. To make it at home, get a plain ice bucket and paint it with a rose gold paint.


To DIY your own décor, there are tons of ideas you can use. Here we have given you the trending ideas which you can implement within such a short span of time and make your Christmas memorable and cheerful.

Do not forget to experiment and bring your own ideas to work and play with your creativity.



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