Christmas month has now arrived and the countdown has begun and if you are still looking for some simple and fun Christmas ornament ideas for this season, we have a lot to share with you.

If you are still planning your holiday decorations and you are creative and looking for sprucing up the Christmas tree then use DIY unicorn tree ideas.

When it comes to people who celebrate Christmas enthusiastically, you are sure to find 2 kinds of people:

1) Those who prefer traditionally decorated trees.

2) Those who think out of the box.

And if you belong to the 2nd category Christmas celebrator, then turn your Christmas tree into the most trending Christmas décor idea which these days are a UNICORN.

You can bring in some glitters and rainbow to the festive season by making one or few of these DIY unicorn ideas for your tree and ornaments depending on the amount of time you have in your hands.

The festive season is all about filling magical spirit and these colorful ideas from the experts will add a special touch to your festive décor. Also, it will be loved and appreciated by the kids in the house and Guests who visit.

You can also include your kids in making these ideas a reality because we know that a kid loves both decorating a Christmas tree and Unicorn as well. It is a perfect idea to implement with your kids.

Glitter ornaments for your tree are simple and easy to make and they add a wonderful sparkle to your tree.

When it is about acquiring a unicorn tree topper, two things are there which you can do as both the options are acceptable:

  • Make it yourself.
  • Get it made by someone for you.

If you are ambitious and have time, feel free to go ahead and make an entire unicorn tree for yourself.

For those people who are sitting idle wondering that they are crafting disasters, even those people can make the easy DIY unicorn themed crafts in the form of tree topper.

Making a DIY unicorn christmas tree is the perfect option for the unicorn lover in the family. The easy ideas will help you make it a perfect gifting option too.

Here are some options you can try out from:

unicorn christmas tree



Unicorn Christmas Tree:

Designing a themed Christmas tree is one of those things which is trending these days and unicorn is the latest trend in decoration. The word unicorn is the only word hearing which everyone gets excited and when it comes to decoration of a Christmas tree, nothing can beat the combination of rainbow tulle skirt and it is totally magical.

To make this Unicorn themed tree, you will need:

White Glitter Felt.

Mint Felt.

Embroidery Floss.

Yarn in different Colors.


Glue Gun.

Cotton Stuffing.

Crochet Hook.

Solid Color Ball Ornaments both large and small.

Bake Clay.


Shimmer Paint.

Glitter Glue.


Cut out 2 head shapes and ears.

Cut a horn and bottom piece. Using glue, roll until a cone is formed and glue it along the top and the edge. Fill the stuffing and glue the bottom of the felt in place. At the cone’s tip, glue one end of an embroidery floss and wrap snuggle around the cone. Once it is done, glue the base.

Around your hand, wrap the yarn several times and then slide a short piece of yarn through the layers and knot at the top and then cut the ends. With the help of another short piece of yarn, wrap and knot to make a tassel.

Glue the 2 head pieces along the edges and then glue the tassels when you get to the back of the head between each felt piece to make the unicorn mane.

Leaving the bottom unglued, glue the ears together. Once it is done. Fill the stuffing and glue the bottom. Glue in place on either side of the head then glue the horn.

Draw an eye, nostril and mouth on each side of the head using a sharpie.

Fill in the head area with stuffing and decorate it on top of your Christmas tree.

To make the ornament, squirt the glitter glue along the top and one side of each ornament.

Roll a clay piece in horn shape and cut small triangles for ears.

Roll the clay in snake shape and cut about ¾ inches and then roll one end to the taper. Carve the horn detail with a knife.

Using a baking sheet, bake the clay.

Paint horns and ears for an extra glam with shimmer paint.

Using a sharpie; draw the eyes and nose dots.

Place the horn and ear on top of the ornament on the mane with gorilla glue.

Hang it on your Christmas tree.

To make a tassel garland, take 5 colors of yarn and wrap it around your hand several times.

Under the wrapped strands, slide a short piece and knot at the top.

Cut ends and wrap another short piece towards the top and knot.

String the tassels on a long yarn piece using a crochet hook and make as many tassels as you need to wrap around the tree.

Finally, hang it up all on the tree.

Unicorn Tree Topper:

Your Christmas tree is decorated but the topper is left out and you are thinking of doing something unique with it then go for this tree topper which will enhance the beauty of your tree and impress your guests. You can include small hands if there are in your house.

For implementing this idea, you will need:

Felt (White, Black).
Ribbon (blue, Pink, Yellow).
Glitter Craft Foam.
Metallic String.
Paper Towel Roll.
Hot Glue.


From two layers of felt, cut a unicorn’s head.

For the ribbons to go through, cut small holes where the mane will be.

Using a thread, sew the strips of ribbon through the holes and tie them to secure it in place.

Stitch a blanket around the rest of the unicorn head, with a needle and thread and leave a hole at the bottom.

From a black felt, cut out an eye and glue it.

From a glitter craft foam, cut two cone shapes, making one slightly larger and hot glue them along the sides and wrap the metallic string around the unicorn’s horn and hot glue it.

Glue the horn to the head.

To the bottom of unicorn’s head, insert a paper towel roll and sew large stitches along the bottom and gather the felt around the roll.

Lastly, glue the felt to the bottom of unicorn’s head.

Glittery Cone Tree:

Think of unicorns, think glitters and pastel colors. You can decorate your cone Christmas tree if you have and if not then make one and decorate it with unicorn’s horn shape on top. If you do not have any of these, make a cone tree from a glittery scrap book paper.

While decorating a christmas tree, start off with the ribbon and then larger ornaments and lastly the small ornaments. Use large glittery gold and white bows from ribbons for the unicorn tree by spreading it evenly and then add some frosted faux greenery branches for extra sparkle.

Once done with this, decorate the tree with your larger ornaments. You can use some metallic geometric ornaments with some pink colored ones.

Use smaller ornaments in pastel colors to fill the rest of your tree.

TIP: Get some lavender colored ornaments for small ornament options. If you do not have any then dip some old ornaments right in chalk style paint and leave them to dry. Once dried, hang it to your Christmas tree.

Glittery Glass Ornament:

Making your holiday ornament always brings something special to season. The glass ornament craft is the perfect way to bring smiles on everyone’s faces. It requires the use of hot glue and so it is recommended that adults should do this part. Follow the instructions and bring the unicorn cheer in the house.

For implementing this, you will need the following:

White Glittery Glass Ornament.

Mini Flowers in White and Pink.

Oil based Paint.

Fine or Extra Fine Tip Pen.

Oven Baked White Clay.

Gold Spray Paint.

Glue and Hot Glue Gun.

Hot Pink Felt.

White Stiff Felt.

Gold Twine Ribbon.

White Cardstock.


From the clay block, cut two small pieces to make the horn and roll the clay to make one end smaller than the other. One end of the clay has to be thicker than the other so that when you roll it together, the bottom of the horn gets thicker than the top.

Twist both the pieces together and keep twisting until they are close together and a bit fatter to look like a unicorn horn. Cut off the end when it is 4 cm long. You can make few more horns in case you want them to be painted. Once done, put it in an oven to bake. It is recommended that adults should do this part.

Once the baking is done and cool, start spray painting your horns in gold color. Once done, the horns are finished.

To use for tracing, on a white card stock, draw a sample of your eyes. This way, the size of both the eyes will be same. Cut the template and use it as a reference. Stick down the template using a tape to the ornament and use the oil based pen to draw the eyes. Oil based pen is more durable on glass ornaments.

Tips for Eyes:

  • If you press it hard, it will get thick, so avoid doing that.
  • Draw it all in one motion to avoid making any spot.
  • Lastly, draw swoop eyelashes free handed.

Work on the ear pieces by drawing a template again on a card stock and cutting it out to use it as a template. To have both ear sizes same, draw a smaller inside ear portion with pink felt and the larger ear portion with white felt. Use glue to stick it together.

Slit the bottom and glue the sides from the bottom of the slit together so the ears bend in. Once done, glue the ears to the ornament behind where the horn is placed.

To the top of your ornament, glue the horn.

Glue the flowers using a mix of white and pink on the sides. Do not forget to cover the front of the horn / ornament topper with a middle flower.

By wrapping and tying around the top or gluing to the back of an ornament, add the gold twine.

And you are good to go. Kids in your house are going to fall in love with this décor idea and receive this as a Christmas gift.

Unicorn Tree Topper: Show off your love towards beautiful things with this mystical unicorn and keep it out year around. You can add your own spin with the laser etching or vinyl lettering.

Galaxy Unicorn Ornament: Personalize with any name or date of your choice on the front or the back of this out of the world ornament and see the person cheering up.

Unicorn Paper Décor Idea: The crafts on a paper are the easiest and they rock and above that, unicorns are magical and to make this décor idea,

You will need:

White A4 Sheet: 1.

Colored Paper Scraps.

Gold Paper.

Glue Stick.

Bakers Twine for Hanging.

Pens for Decorating.


Design the head of the unicorn first or you can also use a printed template. Facing in opposite direction, you will need 2 of these.

Add details like ear, nose and eyes in pen.

Cut some rainbow paper strips in different colors of your choice.

Add glue to the unicorn’s head and stick the mane as neatly as possible to the edges because sometimes the line is visible through the white paper and then add a gold horn.

To the other side of the horn, add some extra mane to match both the sides and trim it if needed.

Glue the second head piece.

Add an extra rainbow paper strips for the horn on one side to make the tail.

To prepare the legs, cut strips of white paper and gold strip paper and fold in half. You can also draw some hooves with pens instead of gold.

To form a golden hoof, glue over the bottom of white strips of paper and trim it and put it on one side.

To make the bauble body, cut 9 to 20 white circles and fold it in half.

Add glue to one half and lay the second circle on top of it and continue until all the half circles stuck together.

Take bakers twine and cut the longest piece, measure it against the bauble and head to see that it is long enough to hang. Make a knot by doubling it.

To the bauble’s spine and one side, apply lots of glue and place the unicorn tail pieces on the paper to have a tail which will be pointing up and then add the bakers twine to the center of the spine.

Take the first piece of paper and connect it to the last piece. This will give you a paper bauble with rainbow tail hanging from bakers twine.

To assemble, take the unicorn head, find the paper bauble which is opposite the tail and glue into position.

Lastly, add one leg to the segment where the tail is and another leg where the head is.

Here are some of the latest ideas which you can implement this season and because you all have less time now, it is recommended to take help from family members to complete your decorations on time. Do try experimentation on DIY ideas because they are easy to conduct and take less time and as you know that the possibilities are endless so do try and keep crafting.