Winters and Christmas comes hand in hand. One is cold and the other is festive. It might be icy and cold outside during the festive time but the temperature inside your home is what matters when you are enjoying with your friends and family on the Christmas eve.

It is much easier than you think to enjoy the best of the winter season by just giving your home a little magical makeover. Even if you are on spending freeze there is no harm and no reason why you can’t inject some sparkle in the house. Turning your living area in a winter wonderland is much easier than you think of it to be. You don’t even have to go over your budget and buy something and / or the best of everything. Simply make small changes to the décor and furnishings and you are good to go. It is as same as Diwali where people just light up some Diyas and lights with some Rangoli and little bit of home décor.

If you are celebrating Christmas at your home and wish to create some winter wonderland so that you can feel and experience some magical feeling, here are some elements you can focus upon:


Winter Wonderland this christmas

Preparation Work: You will need to plan which elements of your home needs the maximum attention. You can start from furnishing and curtains which might look tired and outdated or maybe your flooring which is damaged and scuffed rather than spending your entire budget on accessories and decorations. Once planning is done, divide the amount you would like to spend on which aspect and then start working. Hide or remove the items which are not white even before you start with the preparation work of décor. Walk around your house and look at everything including your photo frames, cushions, ornaments, etc and every other item which does not fits in the color theme and find them a temporary home in your wardrobe.

Flooring: While choosing any type of flooring, make sure it is possible practically for your everyday lifestyle and needs. Go for wooden flooring if you have kids in your house who are prone to spilling. Do your research and get aware of which materials are best for you and your family members. Avoid tiled or ceramic flooring as it is going to be cold underfoot. Once the flooring is done, you can start adding some accessories like fluffy rugs or a festive doormat to welcome your visitors

Lighting: You need not spend thousands of bucks on it. Simply invest in lots of little tea lights and candles of different fragrance and heights and combine them in sets of 3 or 4 all over your house. You can also take your Christmas fairy lights and twirl them around the stair case or drape some strings of lights around the table or curtain railings. Once done with these, do not forget to switch off your main lights or turn down the dimmer. You can choose scented candles of cinnamon or orange to make your home smell festive. Cozy candles are the best option to turn your home into a wonderland in no time.

Décor: Christmas décor and color white goes hand in hand and white comes in a wide variety of shades and slight distinction which includes: Silver, Grey, Cream and White itself. For the perfect finish, combine the shades. You can use silver baubles or ribbons, white reindeer with fairy lights and some twigs which can be transformed with silver spray paint of a couple of white and silver pillows to complete the winter wonderland magical look for your seating area or your lounge.

For decorating a table, get a textured table cloth in either white or cream color and decorate it with white flowers, cream petals and little diamante to make everything twinkle. Incorporating a couple of glass or crystal vases will be enough to add a bit of sparkling shine. Do not forget to get some Christmas crackers to fit the color scheme.

Update the Furnishings:  Christmas is the season for being jolly and sharing the tidings with your family and friends of good joy. It is essential that your living room must look and feel lively and have welcoming and calming environment where you can spend your time together. You can focus on your sofa for a better furnishing option. You can also add some faux fur and sequins in the room. Make sure you do not create any hotchpotch look. Remember that less is more when it comes to home decoration. You can use decorative heaters like a garden heater which gives something to cozy up with your friends and family as well as a beautiful element to your garden. You can use faux fur blanket to cover your garden furniture.

Hedges and Fences: The greenery in the garden gives it a beautiful look already which is perfect for the Christmas. You can simply use some waterproof fairy lights to your hedges which will shine through the snow. You can use tinsel for decorating the fences as it looks great and is easy and quick to put up. You can also use homemade Pinecone, Santa Hats, Big Red Bows for decorating the fences.

Snow: Final thing to do to give the finishing touch to the magical wonderland feeling. If you don’t wish to spend in fake snow then use paper snowflakes to get the similar feel and hand them from the ceiling using cotton balls and packing Styrofoam to decorate certain parts of the room. Around the window, you can use some artificial frost.

The Front Door: The front door might not be a part of your internal décor but decorating it as easy and fun as any other part of the house. The most common and popular Christmas décor for the entrance door is to hang a holly wreath which is not only beautiful but classic as well to compliment almost any colored door.

If you are looking for something classy for your entrance door, you can use some DIY ideas by using some artificial flowers, ribbons, tinsels, bits and bobs or you can create your own wreath ring. You can also use old Christmas cards by turning them into an upcycled wreath.

The Meal:  With your dessert menu, have some fun by creating some unique flavored delicacies with shades of white in it. You can try white chocolate fountain, marshmallows, popcorn, strawberries covered in white chocolate, biscuits, cakes and cookies covered with white icing and little silver balls.

Setting the Scene: Focal point is the most important part where you and your guests would be spending the maximum time of the evening. Decorate your Christmas tree with silver, white and champagne ornaments and if you have time then spray paint some pine combs with a glistening silver shade that shines at night.

Allow your imagination to run a little more and choose something different of your own choice and taste. Do not forget to consult your family members too because there are too many ideas to explore and give your home the feel and look of magical winter wonderland which you are actually hoping for and expecting this season.