Christmas is just around the corner and preparations are yet to be done. We all must have thought of decorating our houses as well as the Christmas tree in some or other unique style.

While nothing can beat the real Christmas tree, here we bring you some tree – rific Christmas crafts that are fun, budget friendly and easy to assemble at home, respecting the environment and bring a smile on your face and attract your Guests. Show your creativity and surprise everyone with the wonderful decorations in your home, yard or porch.

The leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler and not many pages are left in the monthly calendar. It’s high time to think about Christmas trees and décor ideas, especially if you are planning to go for something different this season. Rather than spending a lot of money, go for discarded wooden pallets which usually free and you can build up wonderful memories as well as a sense of pride. Also, one of the great advantage here is that, there will be no need to cut a tree only for a holiday season.

Pallet Christmas tree: The recycled Pallet Christmas tree mixes rustic and modern flavors. Look for unfinished boards, raw pieces of panels or woods from an unused fence. With time, it will get a natural appealing look. You can color it in White, Silver and Gold to add an elegant charm.

Minimalism’s Example: Relaxing means offering the essential. You can decorate the Christmas tree with doves carry letters, deer befriend with human beings, unicorns are not mythological creatures and angels are visible. All these can decorate a tree and make the winter festival the most exciting and enchanting period of the year. To obtain a clean and pure effect, you can paint the boards in white and decorate the tree by fixing small shelves or by hanging the items.

Enjoy a set of Wooden Trees: Delicate, Austere and slim, the rustic pallets trees create a natural setup which is a perfect option for countryside residence or a mountain chalet. The harsh but sober look warms the bulb’s garlands.

Green Animate the Interior: Paint the natural wood in light pink, serene blue or vivid green to bring in the colorful spots. The hues add a contemporary feel to the interior and enrich the space. You can also enhance the beauty with ginger bread, sparkling stars, globes, wooden animals and more. Tiny and slim, the tree fits perfectly at the entrance of the house or in the hallway.

Christmas tree


Recycled Materials: Look at the benefits and decide yourself about it:

  1. You act in a sustainable manner for future generations by protecting the environment.
  2. Have a lot of fun with family members, especially kids while making the tree.
  3. Save a lot of money.
  4. Practice and use your own imagination and creativity.
  5. Try a collection of elegant looking animals made of paper, soft textile or wood. Deer, Squirrels, Owls, Rabbits, Birds, etc. anything can be used. Kids will have fun arranging them on the tree.
  6. Decorate a tree with lighting installations or globes for a whimsical effect because lights make a room feel cozy, bright and relaxed.
  7. You can also use some messages instead of common decorations. Simply use permanent marker of paint to write down your message and decorate it as per your thoughts.
  8. You can use mixture of colors, materials and styles on any shape. A simple red ribbon is enough to decorate.
  9. Select items which feature arrangements, sizes, displays and materials that bring the joy of Christmas in and teach your kids to respect, love and save the environment and for that, the pallet wooden tree instead of a natural cut one is a better option.

How to make a Pallet Christmas tree?

Part 1: Cut the Pallet, Prepare your work area, Measure and mark your tape lines, Apply tape and check for evenness, wear your safety equipments, cut the pallets, cut the other side, if it is applicable and needed, sand the pallet Christmas tree.

Part 2: Add finishing touch, Paint your pallet tree, Add Christmas themed décor, String up the lights, Mark leftover to make a stand, Cut and assemble the tree stand.

Part 3: Decorate your pallet tree, Display Christmas cards on the tree, In your home, create a winter scene, To difficult decorating location add holiday cheers, Use the trees as the background to your performances.

Here are some of the ideas:

christmas tree


  • Wooden Pallet and Pom Poms: Paint the shape of a tree on a clean pallet and embellish with pom poms in colors complimenting your décor. The simplest décor to start off with which at the same time is less time consuming. You can buy pom poms from the market or can make it on your own at home.


  • Bible Verse: Cut the pallet in the shape of a tree and print a message from the Bible to remember the reason for the season with the meaningful message on the Christmas tree. You can use White Vinyl to print the message on the pallet tree and then decorate it with the paint and other items contributing to the message on the pallet.


  • Advent Calendar: Paint and decorate the pallet with twine and the advent calendar is ready to shine. If power tools are not your thing, use this method. Don’t forget to paint the pallet to make it look a little more attractive.


  • Marquee Light Pallet Christmas tree: Cut the pallet into different shape and attach it with a base and shine it up with marquee lights to bring that cozy feel in the house and make things a little more romantic with your loved one. You can also use this while having a romantic dinner rather than a candle. Let marquee lights do some trick.


  • Print Covered Pallet Christmas tree: When customized with patterns and prints, the rustic pallet trees will look attractive and will surely win hearts of your Guests. To make this pallet tree, disassemble your pallet first. To make it easy and quick, cut the pallets through the nails. Depending on how big you want your tree to be cut the pallet accordingly for the trunk (or the back of the tree). Lay out the boards for the branches and cut in descending size. Once done, lay it out and screw each piece into place. Now apply the paint and napkins to the boards. Let the paint dry. Once done, get your stars and other ornaments ready. Use super glue to attach the ornaments to the boards.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have old pallets and are using new wood but still want that old rustic look then use Milk Paint Color. In 1 part of milk paint powder, add 2 to 3 parts water when mixing the paint. This will make the paint act as a stain and the color of milk paint is grayish brown which makes the new wood look aged and old.

  • Pallet Christmas tree Card Holder: If you are looking for creatively new ways to display the cards collecting on the counter then go for this idea. The silver bell garland on the wide pallet tree makes it easy to display a lot of cards. To make this pallet tree you need to first cut the boards at 45 degrees on each end and stack them all to make a tree and then into the back to hold it all together nail some spare boards. After this, strung some jingle bells on a string of twine, tying a knot around each one to keep in place. You can place it randomly to give a rusty look. Also, you can nail some random nails near the ends of some of the boards to string the new garland on. You can now use it near your fireplace or in the entry way. To increase the beauty, you can even paint the woods. Finally hang your Christmas cards with clothes hanging pins and you are good to go.


  • Pallet Porch Christmas tree: Planks of this tree is already weathered and rustic, you need not worry about keeping it pristine. Simply decorate it and put it outside or place it on the porch. To make this you can start up with a Solid Pallet which does not have any spaces between the pallet boards. You can also use the one with spaces which will look a little different. Draw 2 angled lines with a chalk or a yardstick. Cut off the bottom front board with a jigsaw. Cut the tree out and flip it over and cut through the 2 back support boards to release the tree from the pallets. If your boards are loose then add a screw to the middle of each board. Remove the board pieces that are left on the stem to make the base with the help of a hammer. Cut 4 boards, 12 inches long and attach 2 of the boards to the pallet stem.  Add the other 2, the other way for a sturdy base. Once you are done till here, then comes the part of making it Unique and personalizing it. If you want to keep it simple, just add a rusty star and paint it with white, green and all other colors, you like. Add lights at the back which will poke through the board spaces. Pound nails on the front to hang the ornaments.


  • Pallet Christmas tree Sign: The galvanized bucket stand and rustic star, the Christmas tree and sign will fit right in the farmhouse. To decorate this, cut 4 pallet wood planks to desired lengths. You can either cut it straight or angled as you want the tree to be. Sand each plank. Make sure that your desired words fit on the surface before you cut the planks. Centre each word on each pallet wood board. Once all the planks are stenciled, centre them along a smaller mounting board and sand over the painted letters to distress them down. To distress it further, pound a hammer on the board surface and edges from different angles to get an elegant appearance. Use wax on the hits and along the edges. Pre drill holes in the center of all the planks and screw each plank on the branch. Use a wood star ornament, painted black and stenciled in tan with a pattern for a rustic look. Your design is ready to be shown off.


  • String Light Pallet Christmas tree: Sparkling ornaments and bright lights are the best part of any décor. Using it wisely can bring a charm in the house and also on a rustic tree. Transform a painted pallet into a work of art with some lighting effects. The best thing is, it might look difficult to make but it is too easy to resist making. To make this pallet Christmas tree you first need to paint your wood pallet with white color. Though you can use any color you want. Painting it white would show some wood through. While it dries, you can collect the décor lights and ornaments. Use some nails or glue (if it works for you). Here we will discuss with nails. Hammer the nails at the top. Start off with the Female end of the lights and put the first bulb on the first nail to light up the star and then go down in a zig zag way. Once done, star foil garland from nail to nail. Let some of it to coil and curl. Then attach a star by putting it on the first nail. Same is to be done with the ornaments, hanging them like it is done on a normal Christmas tree with little hooks. Lastly, cut the log in ½ for the stump.


  • Colorful Wood Christmas tree: If you are short on space, use small pieces of wood by breaking down your pallet to fashion the colorful décor. This will serve as a colorful little forest. To start with, cut the board to create 8 triangles by clamping the board on a sturdy table and use a jigsaw or circular saw to cut the triangles. Sand it once you are done with the cutting. Once sanding is done, paint it using acrylic craft paint in a satin finish. Once the painting is done and the woods are dry, add some snow or lights. Using the back end of a paint brush, you can also add some white dots to all the trees and with that your colorful wood Christmas tree décor gets over. The end result will not only be modern but also festive and whimsical. You can decorate them on the shelves in your living room.


  • Scrap Wood Christmas tree: To make this design, cut the wood planks into pieces where each piece will be smaller than the next. Once done, paint the pieces with your favorite color combinations and glue them together. Take a picture frame hanging wire and spray paint it with the matching or a contrast color complimenting your plank’s colors and use it as a top star. To attach it on the plank, drill a hole on the top plank and add a little glue to hold the star in one place. Once done, you are good to decorate your living room or even your dining room with this décor idea.

Here is the list. Choose one or more for your home décor and show off your creative side to your guests and win hearts and applauses.