Christmas is definitely a time for some celebrations and the first thing that comes into consideration is new, fresh ideas of decorating your beautiful Christmas tree. The following 40 prettiest wooden Christmas trees ideas we’ve found around the web will help you to create a non traditional Christmas tree.

1. Stack Them Up:

Top Wooden Christmas Trees

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Insert a number of sticks in a zig zag way to stick them together into the shape of the Christmas tree. This wooden Christmas tree can then be decorated with all sorts of baubles, yarn balls and whatever you think would suit you.

2. Repurposed Pallet:

Top Wooden Christmas Trees
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This is a unique idea of decorating your Christmas tree made out of repurposed pallets. It’s super easy and makes a great impression amongst the guests.

3. Edgy Christmas Tree:

Wooden Trees (11)

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Go for a precisely and carefully shaped wooden Christmas tree. Carve out a perfect Christmas tree out of wood and decorate it with a m minimalist star.

4. Light It Up:

Wooden Trees (16)
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This is one of the most innovative wooden Christmas tree you will come across. Collect hard branches of the same thickness and simply attach them in a descending order of their sizes on your wall. Adorn it with beautiful illuminating lights and simple Christmas ornaments and you are good to go!

5. Hanging Twigs:

Wooden Trees (17)
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Another alternative way to decorate your wooden Christmas tree would be simply hang the branches with support of a strong woolen or cloth thread just as shown in the picture. Very handy and yet attractive and simply innovative without much effort!

6. Wooden Blocks:

Wooden Trees (9)

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Make this amazing wooden Christmas tree using wooden blocks, precisely. Jenga style! Decorate it as simply as possible and it will still stand out! Quite literally!

7. Pet Friendly:

Wooden Trees (34)
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Having pets can make it tough to decorate anything in the house! Use such thick, elaborate rectagular wooden planks with the least or no amount of decorations and still make it attractive!

8. Just Ornaments:

Wooden Trees (31)

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Opt for this amazing wooden Christmas tree filled with ornaments of all types! Go glam with these amazing Christmas holiday accessories to adorn your simple tree and make it fit for your colourful living room!

9. Tabletop Wooden Trees:

Wooden Trees

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Make this beautiful DIY tabletop wooden Christmas tree this holiday season! Very pretty and minimalistic design!

10. The Small And Cute One:

Wooden Trees (19)
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Maybe a huge tree is not what you want but rather a cute one! These small wooden trees are easily available and even to decorate. Place gifts, design the room around it or simply place it in the corner with cute little decorations and that’s it!

11. One With Tree Rings:

Wooden Trees (27)
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Rather than cutting down branches and transforming them to trees, go for this unconventional way: cut out rings from the tress logs and stack them carefully into a Christmas tree shape! Light it up with some bulbs in between and WOW!

12. Origami Is In:

Wooden Trees (3)
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One of the very unique decorations on your already amazing Wooden Christmas tree is the skill of origami! Make all you ornaments out of paper like the star, the baubles and many more! It’s such a hit amongst the ideas!

13. Scrap Wood:

Wooden Trees (26)
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Reuse your scrap wood and make a great Christmas tree just like this one! Decorate it with light bulbs and that is more than enough!

14. Use A Small Tree:

Wooden Trees (23)
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Use a small dried up tree and decorate it with ornaments, especially in shades of white to make it look snowy!

15. Forest Wood:

Wooden Trees (8)
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Collect  some forest wood and stack them up together and make it naturally innovative! What an indigenous method!

16. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree:

Wooden Trees (21)

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This one is nearly perfect for a wooden Christmas tree decoration! Ornamentalise this Pallet Christmas tree with words, greeting cards, stars and what not! It looks extremely lovely!

17. Crafty Christmas:

Wooden Trees (13)
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Make these amazing, colourful wood cut Christmas trees. Very simple yet such a crafty DIY idea! Make as many as you want a make a colourful forest!

18. Play with Words:

Wooden Trees (7)
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The hand-painted holiday messages on rustic pine bring Christmas cheer to any wall in your home.

19. A Tree With A Message:

Wooden Trees (6)
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One of the best things about wooden Christmas trees is that you can customize it as you want. Just as this one, write a simple message on the wood planks and that will suffice the Christmas cheer!

20. Snowflake-y:

Wooden Trees (22)
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Want to create your own pallet Christmas tree with bonus snowflakes? Then you should surely go for this look.

21. Starry Affair:

Wooden Trees (2)

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The starry affect brings out the most eclectic Christmas tree! A must have decoration!

22. Innovative Advent Calendar Design:

Wooden Trees (14)

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Wouldn’t you like a lovely advent calendar tree just like this one? Go for it this festive season!

23. Go Decorative In Black:

Wooden Trees (20)

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A simple wooden tree with a good amount of ornaments and decorations! Maybe go for a single, dominant colour such as black and adorn your Christmas tree!

24. Ornamental Tree:


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Hang silvery baubles and white baubles on your white wooden Christmas Tree! It comes out really attractive and chick!

25. Paint It:

Wooden Trees (5)

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No means to cut out a Wooden Christmas tree? Just paint it! The best, most effortless way to make a wooden Christmas tree has to be this one! How creative!

26. Wood Shavings:

Wooden Trees (18)
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Gather wood shavings and simply stick them in the manner shown, the shabbier, the better! Ultimately, decorate it some gifts and stiffed toys in the surroundings!

27. Go Traditional:

Wooden Trees (15)
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With the advent of Christmas, many prefer traditional decorations! If you decide for a wooden Christmas tree, you can still decorate it with this traditional Christmas look with lights, stars and bright red ornaments across!

28. Match Your Surrounding:

Wooden Trees (24)
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Go white with beautiful white walls and furniture. You can either paint a wooden tree or simply repurpose a ladder in this manner! Both will work just fine!

29. Ladder Tree:

Wooden Trees (25)

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Create this unique branch ladder tree this Christmas and wait for your guests to get awed by this uniqueness!

30. Make A Beautiful Tree Shelf:

Wooden Trees (35)

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Some ideas can be utilised in many ways. One of this wooden Christmas tree idea comes with this amazing shelf creation. rather than hanging ornaments, you can simply place them in those little compartments! How lovely is that!

31. Go Non-Traditional:

Wooden Trees (40)

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This Christmas, go non traditional with this extremely innovative Christmas tree and it’s decoration! Keep it a white one since it brightens up the mood and hang random accessories ranging from balls to owls to horses and many more!

32. Jubiltree:

Wooden Trees (32)

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Make a Jubiltree base and wrap it up with this garland and it is good to go!

33. Single Wood Shape:

Wooden Trees (37)
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Stack your presents nicely this year thanks to the clean design and shape of this Christmas tree alternative.

34. Go Full White:

Wooden Trees (28)
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White decoration over a white wooden Christmas tree is a preferred choice of many. If you like this idea, you should give it a try this time!

35. Huge And Extravagant:

Wooden Trees (29)
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This is probably huge but if you are into Christmas cheer, extravagance is just the beginning! Go for it! Try the huge!

36. Jute And Wool Combination:

Wooden Trees (38)

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This twig Christmas tree stacked on  jute board and decorated with woolen thread is another of the many ideas you could try!

37. Snowy And Wintery:

Wooden Trees (30)
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Doesn’t this wholly white decoration give you the snowy wintery feel of the festival? Carve words into it and make it just as beautiful as you want!

38. Simple Yarn Baubles:

Wooden Trees (36)
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This Christmas tree needs not more than just some simple yarn balls and it completes the look!

39. Bow And Candles:

Wooden Trees (33)
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Bows and candles with amalgamation of silvery baubles gives a mystical ambience to your Christmas tree, especially during the evening and night!

40. Simply White:

Wooden Trees (39)
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Last  but definitely not the least is this beautiful full white decoration on your wooden Christmas Tree. Nothing looks as elegant as white and this one is a prime example of it. Go for this beautiful decoration this festive season!

These are some of the many fabulous wooden Christmas ideas that we could gather for you! Try some of these and share with us other more innovative ideas in the comments section below!