Top Homemade Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Christmas is the best time to make your loved one feel special and closer to you than ever before. Choosing a beautiful gift for your boyfriend can be a daunting task. So, instead of rushing to the stores in quest of a perfect gift, why not make a gift yourself for the man you love? Handmade gifts are special and unique. They express your love profoundly and bring out your feelings exquisitely. If you are clueless about the gift you should make for him, we are here to help with the top 40 handmade Christmas gifts for boyfriends.

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1.My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee

Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

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2. Date Nights Gift Cards:

These handmade date nights gift cards are a very romantic gift for your boyfriend. Make your holidays special with these charming cards.

2. Decorative Candy Jars:

This DIY candy jar is a wonderful Christmas gift for your boyfriend. Make a catchy caption and impress him!

3. Christmas Gift Basket:

Make this creative Christmas gift basket filled with the goodies of his choice. He will certainly love it!

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4. Cocktail With Mason Jars:

Does he love his drinks? This handmade cocktail with mason jars is a wonderful gift for him.

5. Handmade Zip Pouch:

These stunning zip pouches are made from the old neck ties. They are beautiful and handy!

6. Gift For The Gummy Bears Lover:

If your boyfriend loves Gummy Bears, this is the cutest and the simplest gift that you can make for him.

7. DIY Book:

Make a miniature book for your boyfriend. This is one of the best creative ideas that you can think about!

8. DIY Wine Bottle Gift Idea:

Make this beautiful gift from an old wine bottle. Fill the bottle with colorful paper strips talking about the qualities that you love the most in your boyfriend.

9. Festive Burlap Treat Bags:

Your cellophane treats will look so festive in this burlap treat bags that you can easily sew and decorate.

10. Mason Jar Lights:

Aren’t these mason jar lights cute and adorable? Perfect for a romantic dinner this Christmas!

11. Cinnamon Peach Jam Treat:

Make a delicious cinnamon peach jam and pack it in a mason jar with your personal touches. Lovely and sweet Christmas gift ever!

12. Delicious Christmas Gift For Your Boyfriend:

Make this traditional Christmas present with the peppermint and hot cocoa in a traditional Christmas ornament decorated with pretty ribbons.

13. Origami Fortune Teller:

You can also make an origami fortune teller for date nights. This simple DIY craft is a superbly romantic gift idea for your boyfriend.

14. Handmade Fishing Lures:

If your guy loves fishing, then he’s going to love these handmade fishing lures made from old bottle caps.

15. Magnetic Wristband:

Make something useful and stylish for your boyfriend. This magnetic wristband is simple to make and an amazing gift for the mechanic headed guys.

16. A Romantic Love Book:

Make your cute and romantic love book citing 52 reasons why you love him. Though it sounds perfect for the Valentine’s Day but you can make your Christmas lovelier with this present.

17. Knitted Wine Bottle Cover:

Make a beautiful red and white knitted wine bottle cover for your boyfriend and surprise him with your creativity.

18. Chalkboard Coffee Mug:

This chalkboard design coffee mug is super easy to make and really impressive. What’d you say?

19. The Memory Jar:

Make a lovely memory jar for the love of your life. Fill the jar with the loveliest memories that you both have shared as a couple along with some Christmas candies.

20. Handmade Candle:

Christmas gifting is not complete without lovely candles. Make this cute candle carved with your initials and a heart for your boyfriend.

21. Handmade Wood Coasters:

These handmade and hand-painted coasters made from wood slices will definitely impress your boyfriend.

22. Homemade Hand Scrub:

This handmade hand scrub will soften his coarse hands and make him feel better. What else can you ask for in the Christmas gift?

23. Colorful Fortune Cookies:

These lovely fortune cookies will add extra fun to your Christmas holidays that you will spend together.

24. Handmade Pillows For Christmas:

Gift your boyfriend with these stylishly designed pillows that you can easily sew at home. The necktie and shirt design is so charming!

25. Copper Wallet Card With A Love Message:

Write a lovely message on the copper card and gift it to your man for keeping in his wallet always. Sweet and effective!

26. Sweets Jar:

If he has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect Christmas gift for him. Fill the jar with marshmallows, candies and cocoa. Decorate with a small wine bottle and candy canes to add the festive fervor.

27. Cute Candy Gift Boxes:

Gift his favorite chocolates wrapped and placed inside these cute gift boxes designed as men’s suits.

28. Leather Keychain:

He will certainly love this leather keychain. It is simple to make and a lovely Christmas present for your boyfriend.

29. Handmade Golf Club Covers:

Make the vibrant golf club covers for your boyfriend who loves his golf kit just next after you.

30. Handmade Photo Box:

You can also make an easy DIY pop-up photo box to impress your boyfriend. It is so lovely!

31. Traditional Ornaments In A Jar:

Fill a glass jar with colorful baubles, pine cones and Christmas ornaments to make this perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

32. Reindeer Design Wine Bottles:

These lovely Christmas wine bottles are the perfect gift for your boyfriend if he loves to drink and be merry!

33. Personalized Mugs:

Bring the smile that you love on his face with this personalized cup of cheer.

34. DIY Matchsticks Box:

This mason jar turned into matchstick box is also a great Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend.

35. DIY Cufflinks:

Handmade leather cufflinks are always a great gifting idea for the man in your life.

36. DIY Candle Holders:

These candle holders are decorated with the hand painted twigs. Perfect for your candle light dinner with him this Christmas night.

37. Handmade Slippers:

Surprise him with these beautiful knit slippers.

38. Adorable Photo Frame:

Make a cute photo frame with a lovely printed message for your boyfriend.

39. Homemade Beard Oil:

You can make this beard oil in minutes and gift your man something that he will cherish for a long time.

40. Heart Shaped Hand Warmers:

Make these cute felt hand warmers in the heart shape for your boyfriend. A perfect Christmas gift!

41. Gingerbread Fudge:

There’s an age-old saying that the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach and it somewhat holds true even today, with just a minor change; the way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach, because, well, we all love to eat. Since Christmas is all about cookies and desserts, we’re sharing a popular recipe that will make you guy lick his fingers. While the fudge is sure to be delicious, what makes it stand out is the Christmas themed sprinkles.

42. Christmas Tea Tree:

If your boyfriend prefers tea over coffee or anything else, we’d recommend you making this Christmas tea tree for him. It’s such a simple tutorial as you just need a Styrofoam cone for the tree, some tea bags of his favorite tea to make the branches, and a glue gun to stick them all together.

43. Phone Cover:

With some iron-on transfer sheets and basic sewing skills, you can make a phone cover for your beloved. Trace and cut out the template provided, (pick the size closest to your boyfriend’s phone) and print out the image onto a transfer sheet. Iron the image on two pieces of leather, sew the side using a sewing machine, and cut out the excess.

44. Scratch Off Adventure Map:

If your boyfriend has a thirst for travel, inspire his wanderlust by making him this Scratch Off Adventure Map with your own hands. It is one of those gifts that will encourage him to see everything that America offers. Yes, we know that several such maps are available online, but this one would be extra special for your guy because you’ve made it especially for him. The tutorial and template are in the link above.

45. Snow Globe:

This homemade Christmas gift for the boyfriend is so mushy and romantic. I mean what could be more romantic for him than seeing your handmade gift every day on his bedside table? Plus, they are very easy to make and the materials required are super inexpensive. And most importantly, they look super pretty and Christmassy.

46. Custom Sleeping Eye Masks:

How awesome are these cute, custom eye masks? Don’t you think they’ll make a wonderful Christmas gift for your boyfriend? If you think eye masks are just for girls, then you’re absolutely wrong. Even guys need as much sleep as girls do, to function properly. You can opt for any design you want, but we think an initial monogrammed eye mask would be best for guys.

47. Instagram Picture Frame:

Since you guys are a couple, you must have shared several cute moments and some must be on Instagram too. So celebrate all those special moments (and more to come) by making your boyfriend this Instagram Picture Frame. Pick the best of his photos from Instagram and put it on this handmade frame. Since it’s a Christmas gift, how about picking some Holiday themed photos?

48. Etched Beer Glass:

If your guy appreciates his drink more than anything else, how about gifting him a glass etched with the initials of you both? Isn’t that romantic, as well as feasible? Since you’ll be using an etching cream for his tutorial, we’d request you to exercise extreme caution and follow all the precautions and directions mentioned on the bottle or instruction manual.

49. Santa Mason Jar Vase:

This one might look a bit cheesy, but there’s no denying that it’s absolutely cute and will definitely be appreciated. The tutorial is also simple and straightforward. Just coat any mason jar you can get your hands on with red glitter, leaving the top bare as you have to paint it white. Glue the ribbon in the middle and stick a mini wooden heart on it. Top the heart with golden glitter and you’re done. Now your job would be to fill it with your boyfriend’s favorite blooms.

50. Photo Transfer Art:

This one’s such a beautiful idea and is done with such perfection that your boyfriend will doubt that you’ve done it yourself. The tutorial includes step by step detail to get this art done, including the photo download. You just have to follow the tutorial to the T.

51. Flavored Vodkas:

This one would make a wonderful gift and a great return gift as well. After all, who can even refuse flasks of infused vodkas? The link features 3 wonderful recipes- chai vodka, cucumber tarragon vodka, and spicy citrus vodka, but if you know any better recipe, feel free to use it.

52. Gilded Notebooks:

You can never have enough stationery, can you? Especially when it’s handmade and gilded with a golden pen. It’s more likely that your boyfriend will treat this pretty looking notebook more as a showpiece than using it for scribbling notes. Feel free to customize the color combination.

53. Tie Clip:

How very cute is this handcrafted leather tie clip? Wouldn’t it make a super awesome gift for the love of your life? If you’re wondering how they got that pattern on the clip, they did it using a number and letter punch. You can check out the tutorial by clicking the link above.

54. Desk Marquee Light:

Marquee lights are not just for girls. Even guys love it equally and decorate their room with it, especially when it’s made by someone they love. So go ahead and make your guy a cute Marquee light in his favorite color. You can customize it with his nickname, initials, or even his catch-phrase.

55. Personalized Luminaries:

This got to be the most thoughtful homemade gift that you can give to your boyfriend, and it’s just so Christmassy. It may look a bit daunting to make these luminaries but you’ll be surprised to know how easy they are to achieve. Just ensure that you pick the best photos of your boyfriend, including his childhood pictures. It will definitely light up his Christmas in ways more than you think.

56. Camera Strap:

If your boyfriend has a soft spot for photography and never fails to carry his camera wherever he goes, fancify his equipment with a gorgeous camera strap in his favorite colors. We personally loved this geometrical pattern, which can be achieved even if you’re not very artsy. Even the methods mentioned are crisp and easy to follow.

57. Sunglasses Case:

How about sewing a cool sunglasses case for the love of your life? This gift won’t just be easy to make but is pretty inexpensive too. You can make it from the materials lying in your house. If you want the case to look a bit classier, use leather or faux leather instead of fabric. It will give store-bought cases a run for their money.

58. Love Coupon Booklet:

Take Christmas gift exchange a notch higher by making these professional-looking coupons for your boyfriend. You’re free to customize the coupon anyway you like. For instance, you can make ‘Coffee Delivery’ coupons or ‘Netflix and Chill’ coupons, just anything you like for yourself and your boyfriend.

59. Handmade Vinyl Record Books:

This would make such a wonderful homemade Christmas gift for a guy who’s into music, especially vintage music. These stylish notebooks are made using vinyl records and they look so awesome. Don’t think you won’t be able to find vinyl records now. There are plenty of stores that still stock these records.

60. Tiny Pool Table in a Tin:

If your boyfriend is a pool fanatic, (like most guys), he’s sure to be impressed seeing you put so much effort into making a miniature pool table. Whenever he’s itching for a cue, especially during the pandemic, when almost everything is temporarily closed, this mini pool table will keep him entertained. We’re also pretty sure he’ll show it proudly to his friends.

61. Wooden Bow Tie:

If you want to give your dapper boyfriend something fitting, make him this stylish wooden tie. Yes, we do agree that this project is a bit time and effort consuming, but the smile you’ll see on your boyfriend’s face when he opens the gift would be priceless.

62. Animal Memo Holders:

These DIY Animal Memo Holders would make a quirky and cool homemade Christmas gift for your boyfriend. He wouldn’t even know that these animals are made of plastic, once you coat them in golden paint. Don’t forget to paint the alligator clip with the same color too! As for the notes, you can scribble anything you want on them.

63. Holly Leaf Christmas Treat Boxes:

We shared a couple of yummy treats for you, so there must be something to present those delicacies as well. Hence, we got these gorgeous Holly Leaf Christmas Treat Boxes to gift all the homemade goodies you’ve baked for your guy. You just have to trim the box pieces and fold them along the score lines. Attach using a hot glue gun and decorate with anything you like.

64. Pinecone Fire Starters:

If you’re visiting your boyfriend’s house for a Christmas party, you can gift these Pinecone Fire Starters as a return favor. Let us warn you beforehand, this project is a bit complicated and involves melting wax on the stove also. If you’re a novice at making crafts or any such thing, we’d strongly suggest you steer clear of this idea.

65. Christmas Sign:

How perfect is this Christmas sign as a handmade gift for your boyfriend? As elaborate as this frame looks, it’s really very easy to make it. The tutorial includes everything, including the template of the reindeer. Now it’s up to you what kind of frame you want for his reindeer. Since it’s made of plaid, it would make a perfect addition to his farmhouse. So pick the frame and fabric/paper accordingly.

66. Mouse Pad:

This is one of those gifts that will remind your boyfriend of you, even when he’s working. It’s a stunning mouse pad with a geometrical pattern that will liven up his workplace. Purchase a plain black mousepad or of any color you like, grab your craft paint, paintbrush, and get started. Since there’s no template for this one, you’ll have to manage the artwork on your own.

67. Vintage Book Travel Organizer:

How incredibly clever is this travel organizer house inside the cover of a vintage book? You can either purchase a vintage book from a second-hand bookstore or use one of your own, provided the cover is as cool as the one in the picture. Make little sections inside by following the instructions properly and see your boyfriend get impressed.

68. Leather Cuff:

We can’t be the only one loving these homemade leather cuffs made from an old leather belt. It’s one of the fail-proof homemade Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend. The design featured here is plain and simple, but if you want, you can embellish it with anything you can get your hands on.

These are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends. Pick any of these gifts and make holidays more special for you and your love.

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