Christmas time is just in the corner. Many of us are starting to buy Christmas gifts and special Christmas hampers for our relatives and friends. Company employees are also starting to window shop for corporate Christmas gifts and luxury Christmas hampers for their colleagues and boss. Although gift-giving is one of the popular traditions of Christmas, we shouldn’t miss some special features of it. For example, immersing ourselves in the thru meaning of Christmas.

Watching Christmas movies is one we can do to keep the spirit of Christmas. There are no other movies than fabulous Christmas movies. Some holiday movies are quite convincing, but some are not. We combine a list of top Christmas movies of all time. Some best movies are listed below:

List of Top Christmas Movies for 2011

Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas (2011)

It is considered as the best Christmas movie for this year. It is such an entertaining film that discussed the Christmas travel problem that evolves into true romance. Teacher Emily Springer asked her friend, Charles Brewster to see her daughter at Harvard. They are unaware that Heather is with her boyfriend at Florida.

Christmas Returns to Canaan (2011)

When Bobber asked Briony to come and spend Christmas at Canaan. But Sarah, Daniel’s daughters stay away herself not wanting to see her late mother’s memory. Find out what will happen to the exciting movie of the year.

Lucky Christmas (2011)

This is the story of Holly, a single mom and who won from lottery ticket. Until, Mike wanted to see her ticket lottery prize. In the end, Mike realized that there are more serious things than money.

Annie Claus’ Year Off (2011)

It is all about the story of Annie Kringle, Santa’s daughter, who decided to stay in the real world. Until, she fell in love with someone. Then, she realized that he is the right man for her.

A Princess for Christmas (2011)

The story shares a naive, beautiful woman decided to take a Christmas travel with her relatives in Europe. Then, she unexpectedly fell in love with Prince in the castle.

Christmas Pageant (2011)

This story tackles to a director, who decided to organize a Christmas pageant. Is he going to succeed in the end? This is for you to find out.

Cancel Christmas (2011)

Find out the first Christmas movie of the year. Santa gives someone a point- to fix some bogus trait. This story will allow us a moral lesson. It will lead us the true meaning of Christmas.

Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! (2011)

This is a Christmas movie which stars Teddy and Amy whose finding a way to reunite to their own family and both succeed in their end. They enjoyed the Christmas with peace in their hearts.

Top Classics Christmas Movies

A Christmas Carol (1951)
This is one of the creative movies I ever seen. Miserly learns a lesson of his acts through the existing of the ghost of his ex-partner. It will teach a good lesson for everybody.

A Wonderful Life (1946)
A story that discuss the life of a businessman and inspired by an angel for what life ahead would be. This is perfect movie to watch for the whole family.

A Christmas Story (1983)
This is about Ralphie, a young boy and considers his gun as a perfect gift in the world. Until, Santa wanted him to realize that it such a big mistake for his entire life.

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (2007)
This is a very inspiring classic movie. Mr. Wilson used Dennis’ body to save the Christmas of the people around him. You will laugh and cry for this movie.

Any Christmas movies that you want to watch for will be surely great as long as you enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for, gather your friends and family to check the best Christmas movie of the year. Just enjoy and relax.