Amazing Japanese Nail Art Ideas For This Christmas 2019

Christmas is a happy time for people to enjoy themselves and make the most of their time. With the holiday season and the advent of people ad guests including family and friends, coming in and out of the house, there is a lot of celebration going on.

With Christmas, you have a lot of time in your hand. Also, it is a great time to actually go out partying or having guests over. To make the most of it, what one can do, and with we, it is for the girlies, out there. You girls, can make the most out of out Christmas out if, by highlighting it with your nail art ideas for this Christmas 2019. It not only enhances your overall look, but you also look super stunning and gorgeous. Also, there are platy of opportunities to go crazy and/ or as you may creative. To make it easy on you, we have listed down a few of the best Amazing Japanese Nail Art Ideas This Christmas 2019.

White with a hint of glitter

White is the colour of Christmas. It makes a great base, and you can enhance the beauty of a simple white coloured nail paint. All you have to do is take a simple white coloured nail paint and bris hot on your nails entirely. You can also double the coat to give the right finish. After it is done, at the bottom end of the nail, add the glitter. You can use any kind of glitter. This is a very basic nail art design, and also very easy to do. it does not take much time as well. you can go through with it at any time. It is perfect for day time outing.


Blue with the white snow flakes

This is another great look. It involves the use of basically two colours, and a nail art brush also. All you have to do is take your blue nail paint and brush it all over your nail, now let it dry completely and do not touch it before it dries out. After that take a nail art brush and draw beautiful snowflakes. You can also, draw stars if you like or snowflakes too much. This is a great look. You can give a glossy finish by coating it with a transparent nail paint.


Bottle green with one nail golden

In this kind of look, all the four fingers are painted in the same colour which is bottle green, and one of the fingers, either the ring finger or the middle finger, are painted with pure golden colour, or glitter. You can also use tiny bots of golden stars. To coat your nail with a star, apply the coating of transparent glitter, and before it dries out, add the golden glitter stars, and then let it dry. This is look is super basic, but makes a terrific nail art idea. You can go for this one as the green is also one of the colours which is considered to be the theme of the Christmas.


Red and white lines

Red and white are two of the best colours in the theme of Christmas to be sued not just for your outfit, but also for nail art ideas. This is a very simple design and you can also use it even if it is not Christmas. All you have to do is paint your nails in the base colour which is white. Then take a nail art brush and draw diagonal lines leaving gap in between for the white colour to show. It will become a two-coloured zig zag design on your nails and will look great, just like the dress of a Santa Claus. An easy gig looks for Christmas.


Red nail paint with Santa belt design

This is a super cute design. In this design, what you have to do first s that paint all your nails red. Let them dry. After getting them dry, take golden glitter nail paint, and add it to all the nails, except in the ring finger. Make sure the glitter nail paint in golden, does not cover the entire nails, but just the bottom part, leaving the tip only red. After that take a nail art brash, and take a black nail paint, and paint the belt of Santa. It is super easy as you can see in the picture. Complete it with a buckle in golden colour. This is a great and very easy look for Christmas.


Silver nail paint with design on ring finger of mass tree leaf

This is another great design. In this design, what you have to do, is take your silver glitter nail paint, and colour all your nails in the same colour. After it is done, let your nails dry. After all your nails dry, take two red coloured road stars and stick them on your ring finger nail. Take two stickers of green colour which represent a leaf design and past them on both the sides. For sticking the, make sure the nail paint of ringer finger is wet while you tick them or else you could also use eyelash glue.


Red, white, silver, and Santa’s face nail art design

This is a great and very creative design for nail art idea on Christmas. In this you will be needing, three nail paints in red, white, and silver glitter. You might also need black colour, but only a tiny bit. All you have to do is, paint all your nails in red colour. Then take a white colour nail paint and draw a straight line on your nails, just at the tip. Then take the silver glitter, and draw a same line at the time, above or below the whet one as you wish to make a three-colour combo. However, for the ring finger, this goes differently. For the ring finger, you have to first take red colour, and only paint one fourth of your nail in red colour from the bottom. Then take white colour, and colour only the tip of the nail, on the top in white. Also take a little white colour, on the edges of the nail to make it look like a beard. Then add two dots in the middle to make eyes of your Santa. Then take white colour, and add right above the eyes where the red colour ends to make it look like the band of, he hats of the Santa. Make sure it is a thick coat.

Next, add a tiny nose also just to add the charm.


Green nail paint with a Christmas tree design on the ring finger

This is a creative design for people who want their nails to have the design of a Christmas tree on their nails in nail art. You need two shades of green nail paint for this, and also a few other colours for decoration of the tree to make dots. Like shown in the picture, colour all your nails in the darker shade of the colour except the ring finger. Colour the ring finger in light shade of green. After it is done, take a nail art brush and dw an easy Christmas tree by making a zig zag designs with the ZnS getting bigger reaching towards the end. After it is all dried up. take the nail paint of other colours, draw small dots on the edges of the tree to make it look like small ornaments are hanging on the tree.


Red, green, and golden layered lining nail art design

Another spur basic and easy to do nail art idea for chimes. All you have to do in this one is that get three nail paints. The three colours of the nail paints have to be in red, or maroon, dark green or bottle green, and glitter golden. As shown in the picture, all you have to do is, take each colour, one at a time, and draw a diagonal line through your nails, go for the same kind of thing for all the nails. This will make a great look and also look very pretty in a lot of dresses. If you use more colours, you can sue this style for more dresses in more colours also. So, try this one for sure.


Silver and Santa hats nail art designs for your nails

For this you need, four colours to get the job done. All you have to do is colour your nails silver. Let all the nails become dry. So, you have to wait for some time here. then get a nail art brush and paint Santa caps on your nails. It is very easy to do as you can see in the picture given below.


with that said, we hope this suggestion help you in getting the perfect nail art designs ideas for your Christmas eve. Have fun and a very merry Christmas.

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